How to Become a Feminine Man: Fashion & Personality


You must have realized, whether on social media or in pop culture, that femininity in men or feminine men is becoming increasingly common and popular.

For example, a man wearing lipstick or having conventionally feminine habits is very common.

We are living in times where femininity in men is seen as a very attractive trait, and suddenly, feminine men are the top choices for some women for various reasons.


How to Become a Feminine Man 


Most of us want to explore our feminine side but fall short in various places because of a lack of knowledge and awareness.

In this blog, I am going to tell you how to become an attractive feminine man, how to live like a feminine man, and

what these ladies are looking for in feminine men. So, let’s get started.



What is a Feminine Man?


Look, there is no exact definition of a feminine man.

There are various choices we make in our daily lives that lead us to be called feminine or girly men.

I love it when someone calls me girly.


How to Become a Feminine Man


The first personality trait of a feminine man, which women find very attractive, is that we don’t support the toxic alpha male culture.

We are more compassionate, caring men, and we embrace our femininity.

Another aspect is we, as feminine men, prioritize self-care and beauty.

Now, there is a degree to it; for example, some feminine men just like being clean-shaven,

some of us take it one step further by doing makeup, and others, like me, also crossdress.


Again, it’s not just one thing that makes us feminine; it’s various aspects of our lives that make us attractive, feminine men.

Let’s understand some of these aspects.


How to Live Like a Feminine Man?


Remove Body Hair


How to Become a Feminine Man 


When discussing femininity in men, body hair plays a very important role.

As feminine men, we should remove all our body hair, starting from shaving our beards, waxing our hands, legs, and torso, to trimming our crotch area.

Average guys these days may retain some body hair, such as on their chest, legs, and arms, but we, as feminine men,

take it one step further by maintaining a smooth, hairless body to achieve a more feminine appearance.


Wearing Makeup


How to Become a Feminine Man 


Another aspect that we, as feminine men, love is makeup.

A man wearing eyeshadows, lipsticks, and some blush embodies femininity.

As feminine men, we should at least apply some red or pink lipstick and blush on our cheeks to appear more feminine;

that’s the basic step we should take to make a statement.


How to Become a Feminine Man 


Honestly, some women find it very attractive and cute.

Not only should we wear makeup, but we should also know how to apply makeup and be familiar with all the makeup trends and brands.

This demonstrates how connected we are with feminine things.

Imagine having a conversation about whether Jeffree Star is the best makeup artist or if it’s Nikita Dragun with the girls at a party; cute, right?

These are the things that make us more feminine and girly.


Prioritising Self Care


How to Become a Feminine Man


We, as feminine men, prioritize self-care more than anything else.

For instance, many of us follow a feminine workout routine to enhance feminine attributes like slim waist and bubble butt.

I follow a feminine skincare routine to maintain radiant, feminine-looking skin.

I make sure to visit the salon twice a month for my routine manicures and pedicures.

As feminine men, we should dedicate a significant amount of time to our self-care because

this can enhance our femininity and make us appear more attractive in a sexy, feminine way.


Wearing Feminine Clothes and Scents


How to Become a Feminine Man 


No feminine man wears dull and boring colors.

Feminine men like to live a very vibrant, rainbow-like lifestyle, and this should be reflected in our clothing as well.

Beginning with colors, we, as feminine men, should wear soft, girly colors like pink, light blue, red, etc.,

along with feminine patterns like florals, polka dots, sheer, etc.


It’s very important for us to keep up with the latest feminine fashion trends to stay

connected with the feminine fashion world and discuss outfits with our girlfriends.


What further enhances our femininity is how we smell.

While masculine men might typically favor scents like cedar, we, as feminine men, should opt for floral and soft fragrances.

Yes, honey, how we smell says a lot about our femininity.

So, the next time you go out, don’t choose anything dark-colored;

instead, wear something feminine, like a floral top, and pair it with a feminine scent.


Expressing Emotions


How to Become a Feminine Man 


One of the best qualities of feminine men, which makes women kind of want us, is our emotional maturity and expressiveness.

We don’t believe in the destructive habits of suppressing emotions.

For example, I cry a lot, and it makes me feel good and feminine.

I express my emotions freely and receive compliments from women for being so honest and expressive.

Actually, expressing emotions showcases our kindness and maturity, which are very attractive traits.


And I know there’s a segment of society that might call you weak for being expressive and feminine, but honey, that’s not true at all.

Being expressive is not a sign of weakness; rather, women see it as very mature and understanding.

A man who is in touch with his emotions is likely to be more understanding of others’ emotions,

too – which is incredibly attractive to most women.


Why Women Hate Alpha Male Culture?


How to Become a Feminine Man 


To all my Andrew Tate fanboys here, are we living in a wilderness where we have to go hunting?

No, right? Then why do these so-called alpha males behave as if they are some kind of animal,

acting all tough and protective in front of girls? Women don’t want that.

All they need is a really compassionate and caring man with whom she can talk and feel comfortable sharing her feelings.


Alpha Males are Toxic


How to Become a Feminine Man


The 21st-century modern woman wants a modern man who listens to her, can support her,

loves her, and stays with her for life, regardless of whether he’s conventionally feminine or masculine.

However, today’s alpha culture has turned many masculine men into nothing less than “fuckboys”.

This is the biggest red flag for a woman: a “fuckboy”.


Alpha Males are Aggressive


How to Become a Feminine Man 


Listen, boys, you don’t need biceps and a six-pack to impress a girl.

In fact, women actively dislike guys who try to be overly aggressive and arrogant.

That’s why feminine men like me get along with girls more easily.

We, as feminine men, understand women, maintain a very soft and calm demeanor, and can even be her bestie at times.


Are Feminine Men Attractive These Days?


How to Become a Feminine Man 


Yes, most definitely, among all the types of men today, such as toxic alpha males,

bad boys, and jocks, I believe we feminine men are the most attractive.

In fact, men like us often gain instant popularity on social media.

We, as feminine men, are unique in our own way; we have a high emotional quotient, we look cute,

we can gel up with both boys and girls, and we are naturally very loving people.

Most feminine men are open books, and we radiate a very fun-loving vibe with our feminine attitude, styling, and fashion.


Lady boy


In fact, the way we carry ourselves, the way we prioritize self-care, and our personality development

show our disciplined and mature side, which makes us the most attractive among all men.


Do Women Really Like Feminine Men?


lady boy 


There are all kinds of women out there; some like us, and some simply do not favor feminine men.

Some want to be friends with us, and there are many other women who see us as their perfect romantic partners.


For example, my ex-girlfriend was very dominant, and we were together because she liked my sissy submissive side.

Being a feminine man, I am part of so many girl gangs, both online and offline,

because my feminine personality makes them feel comfortable and like one of the girls.

We engage in girls’ talks, discussing fashion, relationships, and everything a woman wouldn’t usually discuss with a man.


Not only that, but feminine men are also very good partners;

we don’t have fragile male ego issues, and women appreciate that.

We are connected with our emotions, prioritize conversations, and support modern women in taking the lead in relationships.

For instance, most feminine men, including me, wouldn’t mind being a house husband and letting our partners

do all the traditionally ‘manly’ things, and women, especially forward-thinking ones, love these types.

So, yes, I can confidently say that women do love feminine men.




lady boy 


We are not living in a hunter-gatherer society, so there’s no point in being overly macho, aggressive, and arrogant towards others.


Femininity in men is the need of the hour.

Every man should prioritize self-care, experiment with feminine styling and fashion,

express emotions freely, and live life as a soft-hearted, sweet, feminine man.


Wearing soft pastel colors, removing body hair, and maintaining a feminine skincare routine can really help us connect with our femininity.

Trust me, honey, in this day and age, a feminine man with zero male ego is a complete man because he can be a best friend to their partner,

contribute to the relationship, and is always there for a conversation rather than being aggressive and arrogant.


Let me know what feminine traits you have as a feminine man. Until then, slay!

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