Sissy Training: A Complete Beginner’s Guide


Unlock confidence and self-expression with our comprehensive beginner’s guide to sissy training.


Sissy Training





What’s sissy training, you ask? Well, if you’re here, you might have some ideas about it. But let’s clear up any confusion anyhow.


Sissy training is a transformative process that involves highlighting an ultra-feminine, drastically submissive persona.


For sissies, it’s a channel to locate, accept, and show off their authentic selves.


It’s not easy to find mediums for sissy training though.


Not when society is still, shall we say, narrow-minded. But just imagine it— just how liberating will it be to express your sissified self?


Many folks out there mistakenly think that sissy training is just about humiliation.


Absolutely not! It’s about finding power in being able to act without any inhibitions. Read on to learn more!


Understanding The Term “Sissy”


Sissy Training


Some people might flinch at the term “sissy,” — a reaction we get thanks to society’s tendency to paint it in the wrong light.


But here’s the thing: we’re not society. We’re the redefiners, and so we must call out this misconception.


Today, “sissy” isn’t a smear or an insult. It’s a badge of honor, a sign of courage and self-acceptance.


Sissy Training 


“Sissy,” in its purest form, refers to a man who drowns himself immense femininity. Why would a man want this?


Think of it like a man’s breather in a world that expects him to do manly things. Such include being strong in every situation possible.


And pretending to be strong is very draining and exhausting.


It’s a man’s way to just let go. To be more intuned with his feminine persona and to heal.


To discover aspects of himself without shame and fear. A sissy can even adopt alter egos to explore more.


Does it involve submission? Sure, it can. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all label. It’s varied and rare for every practitioner.


The Basics of Sissy Training


Sissy Training


Right off the bat, let’s address the elephant in the room: starting isn’t easy.


Heck, even I, with all my years of experience, look back on those initial, nerve-wracking steps. But guess what?


Nothing worth achieving comes easy.


Sissy training involves every feminine thing you can imagine. Femme behaviors?


Check. Femme clothes? Check. Femme thinking? Check!


Sissy Training 


The essence of sissy training lies in understanding that femininity isn’t a monolith— it’s a spectrum.


When you choose to be a sissy, you welcome the vulnerability and softness that comes with it.


But do not ever get this wrong— this “mellowness” also develops distinct strengths.


Such involves resilience and courage. They always go hand in hand, a part of the package.


Here’s a rundown of the absolute basics you must master first before progressing your sissy training:


Walking in heels

Applying makeup

Doing feminine poses or postures

Moving/Gesturing like a femme

Dressing up as a femme

Sounding feminine


The Role of a Dominant in Sissy Training


Sissy Training 


Although some sissies prefer to train alone, having a guiding hand makes the education much more enriching.


Not to mention the stronger bond you and your dom can cultivate. The role of a dominant in sissy training is much like that of a mentor.


They provide the structure, set the pace, and offer constructive feedback based on their vantage point.


No two doms are the same, either. Their responsibilities span across both physical aspects (i.e. grooming) and behavioral aspects (i.e. etiquette).


They don’t just teach though. Doms nurture— they care for and support their sissies.


If you decide to train with a dom, be sure that they make you feel safe. Most importantly, you should trust them without reservation.


Crossdressing with Roanyer


When I trained as a sissy, my dom was a very attentive man. But he was also strict when he needed to be.


He made me feel cared for and I wanted for nothing. He celebrated my sissy training milestones but also put his foot down when I was unruly.


It was such an unforgettable training, with lessons I carried over for years.


In sissy training, you’ll need all the support you need.


And what’s better than a personal cheerleader who also pushes and pulls your leash and tells you to behave?


Practical Tips for Sissy Training


Sissy Training


Immerse yourself completely in your new sissy identity to commemorate your progress!


I’m talking head-to-toe transformation. And so, here are some practical advice I’ve picked up from my very own sissy education:


Dress the Part


What’s the best and easiest way to welcome your femme side?


A closet filled with your favorite women’s clothes, of course! But don’t just get everything!


Get those that fit you perfectly. Only give space in your wardrobe for those that complement your body type.


Your garb should also reflect your femme personality.


To help you get started, I suggest starting with the basics: a nice pair of stockings, a classy little black dress, and, of course, a pair of shoes that make you feel like a queen.


If you don’t have money to splurge, invest time rummaging through thrift stores, online sales, and hand-me-downs!


Adopt Feminine Mannerisms


Sissy Training


Do you want to look like a sailor dared by his unfunny friends to wear a dress for laughs?


Of course not! Your clothes make up about 50% of your presentation, but your gestures and poise, oh— they will take that up to 100%!


How can you “adopt” these mannerisms? Simple! By observing and engaging with the women around you!


Research indicates that you subconsciously mimic those you interact with, so take full advantage of this science!


Take note of how your graceful lady friend speaks, moves, and expresses their thoughts and feelings.


Sissy Training


If you don’t have many women around you, you can always watch them move via the screen.


Why do you think Marilyn Monroe’s influence is still very much alive in the world of fashion and beauty?


Norma Jeane’s body language was just so captivating, so exceptional. Try and do her refined movements and see how they elevate your femininity! 


Develop Your Sissy Persona


Your sissy persona is your alter ego, the femme version of you. Be imaginative and bold while creating her.


What’s her backstory? Determine what she likes and dislikes and why. How do you want her to walk? Talk? Do a deep dive.


Once you’ve established your persona, everything else—  your clothing, behavior, and even your voice— should follow suit.


You can’t embody all women. But you can be your own kind of woman.


Sissy Training


Self-Care Rituals


Never underestimate the power of proper grooming! Aside from looking your best, you’ll also feel pampered.


Constantly remind yourself that you deserve to indulge yourself. Always remind yourself that you must care for yourself because you are worthy.


A perfect set of nails, for instance, can instantly bridge you to your sissy persona!


More Sources for Sissies-In-Training


Sissy Training


It’s time to dish out some quality resources to help you on your sissy adventure. Below are some of my trusty selections:


Blogs like Sissy Dream or Roanyer offer updated and practical tips and advice.


Books like “The Sissy Boy Syndrome” by Richard Green and “Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story” by Jacob Tobia provide an in-depth understanding of the sissy persona.


My personal favorite? “Sissy Training” by Madam Marguerite.


YouTube is another fabulous platform. Channels like Kat Surth’s provide video tutorials about sissy training and crossdressing.


And don’t forget the power of social media.


Groups on Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms offer a sense of community and a space to exchange experiences and ideas.


Dealing with Challenges and Criticism


Sissy Training 


Facing challenges and criticism is, unfortunately, a part of this journey.


We all have our own battles and it’s important to remember that every single one of them makes us stronger.


These difficulties shape us into the person we are to be in the future.


For internal challenges, self-doubt can be a fierce enemy.


There will be moments when you question your path or when the mirror seems to reflect a stranger.


But, my dear sissies, remember this: you’re not going through a phase, you’re experiencing growth.


Growth always involves breaking out of an old shell.


The external criticism— ah, the naysayers. It’s sad, isn’t it, how some people feel threatened by what they don’t understand?


However, the truth is, their opinions about your sissy journey are none of your business.


Your business is to focus on your happiness, and your growth. So, let them gossip, let them stare.


While they’re busy doing that, you’re evolving and stepping closer and closer to your most authentic self.


My advice to you— from someone who’s been there— is to surround yourself with positivity and support.


Join communities, read inspiring stories, and talk to like-minded individuals. Most importantly, always remember to love yourself.




Crossdressing with Roanyer 


Sissy training may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. You train because you want to discover every part of yourself and be your authentic self.


It’s not just about the pretty dresses or the glam makeup It’s celebrating your true self and letting go of the pressures surrounding your everyday reality.


This is not about change— this is growth. There will be challenges along the way, of course. But they polish you to be the best version of yourself.


Explore, learn more about yourself, and evolve!


FAQs about Sissy Training


Crossdressing with Roanyer



Who is involved in sissy training?


It includes you— a male-to-female crossdresser (aka sissy).


You’ll go through various practices to make you an ultra-fem, subservient to another party in sissy training, your dom.


Other participants are your support system. It can include your fellow sissies, mentors, and allies.


How do I start my journey with sissy training?


Acceptance is first. Then, identify your motivations and objectives. Doing so will make your journey smoother since you have a map you follow.


It’s also best if you find communities that cater to your questions and make you feel validated.


Your sissy training doesn’t need to be hardcore too! Cater your lessons to your preferences, comfort levels, and end goals!


Is sissy training related to crossdressing?


It is! But it goes beyond just wearing womanly ensembles. It’s an all-encompassing approach, with an underlining emphasis on being ultra-feminine.


This is in regard to grooming,  fashion, speech, gestures, and others.



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