9 Easy Exercises for a Feminine Appearance


Are you looking to stay fit while filling up those hips? Did the lockdown turn you into a coachwork?


Did you spend many nights eating your favorite high-carb, high-calorie comfort food?


Do you want to get right on track while achieving a more feminine-looking body?


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


In this article, I’ll guide you through some basic exercises compiled in a workout to shape your hips, slim your waist and gain a little flexibility!


These workouts will work wonders if you are going through hormone replacement therapy, as they will help you develop your curves, getting you closer to the female body you always dreamt of!


Also, it will aid if you are on a waist-training corset program.


And the best part is that you can do it all in the comforts of your home without spending any money!


A simple mat or blanket will do!


So grab a bottle of water, and let’s get to it!



0. Cardio! Cardio! Cardio!


Sorry to break it to you, but before we continue, I recommend visiting the doctor to ensure you can exercise without any health issues.




Don’t push yourself too hard, and don’t try to do anything that doesn’t feel right.


You’ll learn how to differentiate muscle pain induced by training from joint pain produced by doing the exercise wrongly:


Stop and ensure you do it right to prevent injuries.


Constancy, dedication, and patience are keys to keeping you on track; not everybody responds the same way to exercise.


Nonetheless, you’ll feel healthier and better doing everyday tasks!


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


Remember to stay hydrated at all times! Our bodies can’t function without water, as it helps eliminate toxins that are produced by training, so keep your bottle of water nearby!


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


If you want to shape your body, some cardio is mandatory.


Be mindful of your limitations and start slowly.


Do some cardio the way you enjoy it the most, a walk, grab your bike, go for a run, take a hike, practice some choreography tutorial, and dance; the important thing here is to prepare your lungs to keep the oxygen flowing while you exercise your muscles.


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


If you are here because you are a crossdresser/transgender/non-binary and want to feel extra excited about working out, slip on some proper panties (More on How to Choose Panties for Crossdresser/Trans(MtT)/Non-binary here), some biker shorts under your clothes if you are training in a public place, or go all the way with your favorite leggings and sports bra to feel extra girly!


This sure will help you keep in mind your motivation: achieving a feminine body.


Remember to warm up before putting your body to the test!


Here’s a quick and fun warm-up you can do without any equipment by the lovely Pamela Reif, be sure to check out her YouTube channel for more amazing workouts!



1. Leg Extension


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


This exercise is aimed at enlarging all your butt muscles. With one foot on the floor, you raise the other leg.


You must keep your butt tight and firm, ensuring your muscles are working out.


I recommend doing 30 repetitions with each leg. The following video can show you how to do leg extensions.



2. Deep Squat


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


The ever-present squat.


There’s only one reason I would put you through this: it works.


Simple as that. You’ve got to be careful doing this exercise as you may injure your knees.


To prevent this, ensure your kneecaps stay behind the line drawn by your feet when aligned with your shoulders.


When you’re ready, lower your body as low as possible and push back up.


If it’s too hard on you, do it only halfway.


It is better to exercise slowly and steadily, making sure the muscle is working out.


Start with 10 reps and add 5 to each set if you can take it.


Here you can see how to do it correctly.



3. Lunge


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


This exercise works wonders in shaping your butt and burning thigh fat!


To prevent injuries, remember to keep your kneecap behind your foot.


With your feet together, take a step forward and lower your body.


Then, return to the initial position and repeat the movement with the other leg.


Do 30 repetitions with each leg for a set. Here’s a video to see what it looks like!



4. Burpee


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


This exercise combines all the muscles on your legs with some cardio.


We will do our own iteration, combining jumping jacks with deep squats.


To perform the jumping jack, stand with your feet together and your arms close to your body, then jump, open your legs and raise your arms, land your feet at shoulder length, perform a deep squat, jump again, and return to the starting position.


We are not doing any push up to prevent biceps from developing in a manly way.


Instead, this exercise is focused on enlarging your hips and burning fat throughout your body!


Start with 10 reps for a set and add 5 as you deem fit. Here you can see how to perform a jumping jack.



5. Glute Bridge


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


Glute bridge is an amazing exercise that isolates most of the muscles of your butt, making sure they work almost exclusively.


Many variations of it focus on more specific parts, but for starters, lay on your back on the floor (use a mat or a blanket to avoid hurting your bones), put your feet at shoulder length with your soles on the ground, and then raise the lower part of your body and go back down slowly.


Do 20 reps for a set. Make sure the butt muscles are the ones compromised on the exercise. Check this video for a clearer understanding.



6. Bicycle Crunches


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


Staying down on the floor where you are, lift your legs and keep them in the air, then move one leg, trying to touch your knee with your chest, return your leg to the starting position and do the same with the other leg.


Repeat this movement alternately 30 times with each leg.


You can add your arms to develop further side abs that will help you achieve an hourglass figure, but if you do, remember to stretch very well after a workout to prevent the waist from getting thicker.


Do this by touching the back of your head and moving the elbows towards the opposite knee.


You can also keep your upper body on the mat to focus on the rectus abdominis region. Watch this video to see how this exercise is done.



7. Reverse Crunch


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


Reverse crunches focus on the lower set of abs, and it’s extremely effective at it.


Laying down the floor, raise your legs keeping your thighs perpendicular to the ground.


You can put your hands behind your butt if it hurts your backbones. In this position, raise the lower part of your body, directing your knees towards your chest, hold a second, lower your body back down, and repeat the process 20 times.


Remember to do this by controlling the movement at all times, which is essential for the exercise to work as intended.


In this video, you can see how to do it.



8. V-Up


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


This exercise is the most difficult on the list. It puts to the test the whole abdominal region.


To do it, lay down on the floor and extend your arms and legs, keeping them in the air, then raise them so they are perpendicular to the ground.


Try to touch your toes with your fingers.


Don’t be too hard on yourself; it will hurt like hell at first. Do as many reps as you can.


If you can reach 10, perfect! But if you make it only to 5, or 3, or just 1, it’s OK.


Make sure that the ONE you do is well done. If you can’t reach 10 reps per set, repeat exercise 7 or 8, whichever you feel more comfortable with.


Here’s an explanatory example.



9. Legs and Abs Stretch


To finish this workout, we must stretch.


Stretching is fundamental to keeping your muscles flexible and developing correctly, besides preventing cramps and pain!


There are a lot of yoga poses you can start with.


We’ll start with the downward dog:


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


Lay on the floor facing down, put your soles and hands firmly against the ground, and raise your buttock in the air.


Calmly controlling your breathing, hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds, and feel your hamstrings and calves stretching.


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


Next, you will stand up, place your feet at double shoulder length, and try to touch the ground with your hands.


Do it slowly and feel the tendons in your leg burning a little; be careful not to hurt yourself.


With your hands as low as they can be, move them toward one leg, hold the position for 20 seconds, and move on the other leg for another 20 seconds.


9 Easy Exercises for Crossdressers to Achieve a More Feminine Looking Body


To wrap it all up, we will stretch out our abs by lying on the floor, facing down and placing our hands on the ground next to our waist, and raising the upper part of our body, calmly breathing, feeling our muscles stretching.


This is called the cobra pose in yoga. Hold it for 40 seconds.


Here’s a short routine to stretch all your leg muscles.



Summing up, you can do this workout from exercises 1 through 8 and consider it a set.


Start doing it once, 2 or 3 days a week, and increase frequency as your muscles and stamina improves while shaping your body to look even more feminine! Always remember to stretch when you finish working out.


This workout is designed for people who haven’t done anything physical in the last months or a couple of years.


If you are a bit of a gym worm and this is too easy for you, I would love to know how you would raise it to the next level!


Accompany this routine with healthy eating habits, and you’ll feel the changes quickly enough.


Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated with lots of water (Don’t overdo it either! Every extreme is bad).


If you are looking for more workouts aimed at growing your butt, slimming your waist, and burning thigh fat, check Pamela Reif’s YouTube channel; she is adorable and has different levels of workouts, pick the one you like and time to sweat!)


That’s all, dearies! What do you think? Is this workout suitable for you?


How many times do you train? Did I miss any must-do exercises for your butt?


Would you like part 2 of this? Let me know in the comments below.


Tina Munova.


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  2. I was able to think of a couple extra really simple workouts to add to this list that I can feel working specific muscles I like. Such as the calves and butt.
    For the claves I decided to stand square with my shoulders and lift all the way up on my toes and back down. I did that 30 times also
    The for the but I just did “butt squeezes” were I stood at shoulder length, and simply tightened my butt. Almost no movement involved, but you really do feel the burn. I did that 30 times.

  3. Im currently using this workout everyday! I makes me feel so much better! And my bike rides are getting easier each day. I keep cutting times on trails that I thought I had peaked at. I guess that’s what happens when you go from never working out to trying to be fit.
    I do have a question though, do you have a more advanced version of this set?
    Or, are there any exercises in this set that would not be good with weights? Leg extension obviously seems like a bad idea because of the use of arm, but lunges, does the dead weight add to the tension in the legs. Squats, could you lower your arms instead of extending them to add dead weight to the drop?

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