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Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home

I’m sure you know how important our hairstyles are when we get dressed up in our female alter egos. Something that I wasn’t very conscious of before I began dressing was my bangs. That little bit of hair around our forehead can be quite tricky to get right.


When we buy a wig, we’re all trying to figure out which color, length or style is best. One problem is that wigs often come with bangs that need some styling. Sometimes the bangs are too long or too thick and need to be trimmed. Taking the scissors to hair that won’t grow back is a potentially dangerous and nerve-wracking thing. I am terrified of ruining my favorite blonde wig with a poorly thought-out styling cut or two.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


The good thing is that if we do this properly; the bangs on our favorite wig will be perfect forever. We can also use clip-in bangs if you’re too worried about making permanent changes to your wig collection. Having well-styled, well-cut bangs is important for framing our face; well-cut bangs can make us appear more feminine, with a smaller, softer face.


Let’s look at 6 different ways of styling your bangs to get the best possible results. We can trim, brush or curl them; we can even use different clip-in bangs to get the ideal feminine style for our face. Follow some of these steps and you’ll instantly have the fringe you desire to enhance your femininity.



1. Different bangs for types of faces


The first thing to do here is to try and figure out what shape your face is. There are a lot of different choices here: oval, round, heart, square. You can find some detailed information about this in our articles about choosing a wig.


I have good news for those of us lucky enough to have an oval-shaped face; almost any of the styles of bangs listed below will work for you!


● Round shaped face


Thick, side-swept bangs


Those of you with a round-shaped face, you’ll want to consider some thick bangs. Brushing them to the side to create a swept look is very appealing. Some side-swept bangs can give the appearance of a slightly elongated face; making your face appear less circular. It’ll cover most, but not all of your foreheads, enhancing your femininity.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


A rounder-shaped face can also mean that you’ve got a more curved forehead. Look in the mirror and you’ll see that your forehead curves backward towards your hairline; check your profile and you’ll see. This is quite a masculine feature and thicker bangs will cover it and mask your true hairline. Exposing some of your foreheads is alright; we want to try to give an illusion of elongating your face.


How to cut


To get this look there are a few things you’ll need to do with your hair.


  • First, you need to take a triangular section of hair which would be at the front of your head. One of the front corners of this triangle should be where your parting is located. Pull 2 finger width portions out diagonally so they overlap. Hold the hair in-between your fingers, just like at the salon or barber, and cut straight a straight line along with your finger.


  • Keep brushing out a section of hair from the triangle and as you use your fingers as a guide, make diagonal, straight, consistent cuts from right to left. When you’re done with this step, your bangs should hang below your eyes. Then take a bit of hair from the left side of the triangle and repeat the same process, but with the opposite angle. When you’re done with both, use a hair straightener to pull the hair flat.


  • Finally, using sweeping brushstrokes, brush your new bangs to the side. You should be left with lovely think bangs that cover most of your forehead; you have probably left a bit of your forehead visible just above one eye.


Here is a video that can tell you how to cut thick, side-swept bangs.



Long curtain bangs


You could also go for longer bangs that fall farther; down the sides of your cheeks and leave more of the middle of your forehead exposed. The cool thing about this look is that the bangs will be longer and frame your face more. It’ll cut down the roundness of your face and accentuate your cheekbones. I really like this look, but it can be difficult to perfect.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


How to cut


  • Start by combing out a thin, wide section of hair at the front of your head. It should be maybe one inch in-depth, and the hair needs to be long. Something that’s different about this style is that you’ll need a center parting in the bangs. While keeping the center parting, brush out your hair to chin length. Make one trimming cut straight across all the hair.


  • Now check the center parting and, using your fingers as a guide, make diagonal cuts from each side toward the center parting. The longer end of each cut should be on the outside.


  • Once you’ve got a length and angle that you’re happy with, make a few texturing snips. You do this by holding the scissor upright and making some small cuts about half an inch into your bangs. Blow dry your bangs, brush them out and you’re done.


  • Remember, these are meant to be longer than other styles of bangs. The ends should fall well below your cheekbones; you can brush the ends of the bangs backward and have them blend into the rest of your hair.


This video can show you how to cut long curtain bangs



● Long shaped face


Straight-Across Heavy Bangs


If you have a longer face, you should probably be using your bangs to frame your face to make look smaller. A longer face could have a very prominent forehead, perhaps a widow’s peak; either one can be easily covered with some properly trimmed bangs.


You should try styling your bangs to be thick and straight. The ends of your bangs should end up resting just below your eyebrows, completely covering your forehead.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


How to cut


  • To get these style bangs you will need to start with a triangle of hair at the front of your head again. It’s best to have a center parting for this style, so start by brushing out a center parting, and then create your triangle and brush it out and down over your face. The peak of your triangle should be located about halfway between your hairline and the crown of your head.


  • Brush out your bangs until you have enough hair to cover your whole forehead. When it is all straight and brushed out, pull the hair together so that it comes to a point just in front of your nose. The shape should look like a small cone or seashell.


  • Gently twist your hair where you’re holding it at nose height 180 degrees, or back to front. Snip off the hair just below the twist, let go and brush out your hair again. You’ll probably notice that the hair along the outer edges of your bangs is a bit longer than the middle, this is by design. The twist you made is an easy trick to create a more rounded framing of your eyes.


  • Next, you can check the length; repeat this until you get the correct length for you. Be careful that you don’t cut off too much.


The following video will teach you how to cut straight-across heavy bangs.





This is a fairly rough description, you’ll probably notice that your new bangs will need some tidying up. There are a few ways to do this, but before you do brush out your bangs to cover your full forehead. If your bangs are slightly uneven, you can trim them little by little using your fingers as a guide. You can also try to blow dry your bangs as you use a curling brush to curl the tips of your hair backward toward your face.


I wouldn’t try to do much layering with this style. Same with cutting some fringe into your bangs. Both risk subtracting volume and density from them and once those are gone, it is very difficult to compensate.


● Square shaped face


Brow-Grazing Fringe Bangs


A square or rectangular face can be a tricky one to match with a hairstyle. Chances are you have a very broad forehead and a straight hairline that runs parallel with your eyebrows.


The best hairstyles to use with this shape of face are ones that would soften the hard, angular features. Your hair should also look to add some volume around the top of your head. The same principle applies with your bangs; you want to be able to add some volume to your hair to deemphasize sharper features by hiding them.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


The best style of bangs is very similar to the thick straight style that those of us with longer faces use, just with some slight modifications.


How to cut


  • As mentioned above, start with the triangle of hair. You won’t need as much hair, but you might want to have the triangle start with a wider base. Brush out the hair you’ll use for bangs so that it is all straight and extends just past your nose.


  • As with the previous method, gently twist the hair around and cut it off just under the twist. Because these bangs are meant to be slightly looser and airier, the twist doesn’t have to be as tight. Continue this until you’re at the desired length, I think the best length for this style would end just above your eyebrows.


  • Once you’ve got the length to your liking, you can make some small alterations to even out the ends. This style and your face shape don’t require your bangs to be thick enough to conceal your whole forehead. Brushing the bottoms to have a slight sweep to one side, curling them under or letting them fall naturally are all fine ways to complete this styling.


● Heart shaped face


Wispy Fringe Bangs


If you’ve got a heart-shaped face consider yourself lucky. You likely have a narrower jawline and some softer features. There is also a great style for your bangs.


You will want to use your bangs to mask the wideness of your forehead when compared with your jawline. You can do this by having bangs that are more concentrated to each side of your forehead; perhaps keeping a parting in the middle. You could do a lighter, wispier style with some fringe.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


This way of styling your bangs would be a light, wispy style with a fringe. To start, you don’t need as much hair to begin as the other styles.


How to cut


  • So, no big triangle of hair; just a section of hair about an inch deep when measuring from your hairline and as wide as the irises in your eyes. Brush out your bangs down over your face, make sure they are easy to handle, light and straight. Using your blow dryer or hair straighter can help with this. Once you’ve got the hair brushed, it’s time for you to start cutting. It’s important to remember that you should not cut these bangs straight across.


  • The middle needs to be the shortest and the sides the longest. Start cutting little by little keeping a consistent angle from the middle down to both sides. When you’re done with this step, your bangs should be long enough to fall below your eyelashes. Now you’ve got to cut some more but from a much different angle. Hold the scissors upright and make some small snips, about half an inch to an inch, into your bangs. This texturizing technique is called point cutting and will add light airiness to your bangs. Be careful here, you don’t want to cut too much hair with each upright snip of the scissors.


  • Finally, use a comb to finish off the style by combing out a small part of your bangs and spreading them out over your forehead. You should be able to see your forehead through your bangs. It is up to you how much of a parting you’d like or a more consistent spacing.


Here you can see how to do it correctly.



2. Clip-in bangs


● Pros of clip in bangs


Clip-in Bangs are wonderful! The biggest advantage of clip-in bangs is that you don’t need to stress about ruining an expensive wig. You can also buy a selection of clip-in bangs for the same wig and style them differently depending on what sort of look you’re going for on any particular day. Personally, I recommend clip-in bangs; you just get some very good value and less stress about styling.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


There are a few things to be aware of though. Obviously, you want the bangs to match the color of the wig. If the wig and the bangs come from different brands or websites, there might be some slight differences. Clip-in bangs can be sold in a range of lengths and precut styles. You’ll need to find bangs that are suitable for the look you are trying to create. These are both reasons to go and buy your wigs and bangs in person. You might even get some free assistance with styling them at the shop if you’re lucky. Otherwise, try to find a trusted supplier online. I personally prefer to buy wigs on Amazon.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


● Preparing to use clip-in bangs


So how do you wear clip-in bangs?


It’s quite simple. The first thing you’ll need to do is to wash and blow dry them to make them a bit easier to handle and cut.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


The next thing I would do is to find the correct positioning for the bangs on your head.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


Remember that while some clip-in bangs will come restyled, they will need to be altered to fit. This is why finding the best spot to clip them into your hair or wig is essential. You’ll be using the same spot each time you wear them and trimming the bangs to a length that fits when they’re attached there over and over.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


● Attaching your clip in bangs


The degree of alterations you make is completely up to you. Just follow the styling tips above to create the look you want. Once you’ve found the correct spot to clip them in and done some suitable trimming, it’s time to fasten them in for real.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


Put your wig on first; wigs with center partings work the best with clip-in bangs. Secure the long hair from the wig with some temporary pins to keep it behind your ears. Make sure that your wig is secured securely to your head. Now place the bangs on your head, on top of the wig and gently secure them in place with the attached clips. There should be one at the apex and two smaller clips on each side.


Crossdressing Tips to Getting the Best Bangs at Home


After clipping the bangs in, give them a final brush through. Use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush. Nothing too coarse, you don’t want to be pulling hair fibers out of your bangs.


Once it’s all snugly in place, you can unclip the hair from the wig and let it all fall naturally into place. Chances are that it isn’t going to look perfect right off the bat. Gently blend the hair from your wig and the bangs together. This will take some practice; just go gently and look in the mirror as you do it, you’ll know when you’ve got it right. When you’re happy with the look, you’re all done!


Here you can see how to wear clip-in bangs.



Feminine hair is a very important part of dressing up. Without it, we won’t feel like our girly transformations are complete.


It’s nice to be able to just pull on a wig and feel complete. Not all wigs are perfect, and there is always room to add some panache. Some well-cut bangs can really enhance your hairstyle and therefore, your overall look. Just take a good look in the mirror, plan your style and be careful when it’s time to pick up the scissors. I’m sure you’ll do a great job; enjoy your new hair and your new bangs!



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