How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser.



How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


As black femboys, we are laden with challenges that range from skin color discrimination to inadequate clothes that fit us as black boys who love feminine luxury. In this article we explore the world of black femboys.

Our black femboy fashion aesthetic and the trends that we continue to perpetuate have an invaluable impact to our communities.




Embracing authenticity as a black femboy


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


To be able to enjoy every bit of being a black femboy means that we are always ready to embrace our authenticity.


  • Self-Empowerment


Embracing who we are as black femboys is the key to a strong sense of self.

 Embracing our authentic black femboy selves gives us self-expression and acceptance of our identity.

Only then are we able to see our uniqueness in masculine and racial identity?

Self-expression and self-acceptance are the gateway to embracing our authenticity.



As black femboys who are forever fascinated by make-up and accessories,

we receive so much joy from defying societal expectations of what it means to be black and a femboy,

thus, we defy expectations of gender roles and heteronormativity.

Defying social expectations of what it means to be a male black person of color who loves everything feminine is part of our authentic ingredient.


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser


  • Femboy Visibility and Representation


As black femboys, we foster the visibility that comes with the LGBTQ+ community including the space that it takes to be represented.

When we put away our masks and embrace our black femboy identity,

we inspire other black femboys who share similar experiences to be authentic in who they are.

This visibility helps in the cultural enrichment of black femboys adding more vibrancy to society.


  • Change Advocacy


When we embrace who we are as black femboys, we embrace our joys and plights which lead to more acceptance and empathy for gender and racial diversity.

We are able to shed light on the race and non-conforming gender expressions that lead to our oppression.

This way, we are able to shed light on the issues that black femboy endure thus fostering social change for a more inclusive and progressive society.


  • Authenticity gives room to appreciate the diverse femboy space


When we reject our black femboy identity and shroud it in shame, we know we can never fully embrace others like us.

Thus, we adore embracing our authentic black femboy personhood because embracing who we truly are gives us the grace to embrace and accept many others like us who defy societal expectations.


How to Be a Center of Attraction as a Black Femboy


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


Here are five ways we carefully orchestrate and place ourselves into the spotlight, be it in our own company or in public;


  • Black radiant femboy skin


As black femboys, we undisputedly own one priceless trait: good skin.

As black femboys, we embrace our chocolate skin and make it the center of attraction by giving it meticulous care through skin care routines such as moisturizing and exfoliating.

We can also dive into the world of make-up, where colors such as golden, neutral, olive, and deep undertones have long been attributed to merge best with black skin.


  • Hair Color and Styling


For a more red-carpet celebrity moment as a black femboy, sometimes we embrace the striking power of hairstyles such as afro or beaded hair to give us the striking semblance of a black femboy.

We are never shy to experiment with changing our hair colors into purple, or even blue, as bright colors accentuate a darker skin tone better.

Guaranteed we play hairstyles and hair colors well; we never miss being the center of ogling gazes.


  • Eccentric Black Women Fashion


There is something about being a black femboy that almost always draws us back to our black sisters.

In this case, we borrow many ideas from black women’s fashion to make us stand out as femboys while attributing our creative fashion choices to the feminine origins of black culture.


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


  • Exercise and Keeping Fit


As black femboys, we never miss out on the eye-catching effects of having a healthy and fit body.

While all bodies are beautiful as they are, however, as black femboys,

we focus on exercises to grow our thighs and butt while slimming our waist because a femboy with thicker thighs is the goal.

Exercises such as squats, Bulgarian splits, and lunges give us the reward of toned and fit bodies that keep all attention glued to us wherever we go.


  • Individuality in our black femboy choices


Whether we choose to go bold in our fashion choices or go gymnastic in our bodies as black femboys,

as a rule of thumb, we know that our individuality sets us apart.

Individuality, where we understand that every lifestyle or fashion choice is unique and beautiful for us,

makes us stand out as we radiate authenticity and power.


Fashion tips for black femboy to try


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


These fashion tips for black femboy include;


  • Crop tops and Jeans


We never miss out on a colorful crop top and a vintage pair of jeans if we want to feminize our look as black femboys.

We can top this with white sneakers because vintage and white make our skin pop as black femboys.


  • Baggy pants and snug sweater


Sometimes, we jump into the enviable world of snug sweaters and crop tops with baggy jeans for a chicer aesthetic as black femboys.

We often switch these with skirts and jeans for a more casual yet feminine black femboy look.

Baggy pants and snug-fitting tops give us the feminine quality we love as femboys.


  • Dresses and Boots


As black femboys, skirts, and boots go a long way in giving us the sexy next door girl aesthetic.

Black boots, for instance, add an extra edge to our overall look, while dresses make us elegant.

For a bold aesthetic as black femboys, dresses, and boots catapult us into the galaxy of black femininity that we enjoy as a form of comfort.


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser


  • Go for floral and patterned outfits


We love the unique and stylish effect that floral and patterned clothes have on our outfits.

For instance, flowing floral skirts bring our feminine qualities, as pleated and patterned clothes give us a sophisticated femboy style.


  • Accessorize for final touches


As black femboys, we love finishing our outfits with accessories such as loop earrings, gold necklaces, rings, and hair clips.

Other hair accessories, such as headbands and bows, add to the feminine edge.

We always remember experimentation is vital when looking for black femboy fashion tips.


Factors to consider when choosing black femboy outfits


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


There are a few factors to consider when opting for black femboy outfits.

They include the following;


  • Femboy Fashion Aesthetic


Understanding our fashion aesthetic helps us look good and confident, knowing what works well with our bodies.

Our aesthetic can entail the clothing visuals that give us a feminine edge such as either light or dark makeup and this will be a different aesthetic for everyone.

Even so, knowing which fashion aesthetic works best for us and our bodies are factors we do not downplay when choosing our black femboy aesthetics.


  • Outfit Color


When choosing our femboy outfits, we bear the significance of the color.

For instance, while we may choose from different colors, we also go for those that look best on our bodies.

For example, we can go for black outfits if we want a slimming effect and opt for bright colors to make a black statement,

just as we opt for feminine colors like pink to exude a soft presence.


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


  • Outfit Cost


We often care for the outfit price when revamping our wardrobe as black femboys, as having a budget is something we cannot miss.

We usually habitually compare outfit prices from different stores to ensure we get the best.

Also, we are never short of DIY ideas as a way to cater to outfit costs in our black femboy journey.


  • Clothing Fit


We also consider whether we want our outfits to fit or be baggy.

We love snug outfits such as tank tops, while at times, we love loose and baggy mesh tops.

As such, we tend to also focus on materials to get the perfect fit for black femboys, and consequently,

cotton and silk go a long way in validating our fashion tips.


Five trends you can observe in black femboys


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


Explore these five trends to discover ways in which black femboys are making an impact on the world at large.


  • Increased Media Representation


Black femboys are often underrepresented as the typical femboy is usually represented by white or Asian, skinny archetypes.

However, with increased visibility, blacker femboys are seeing a rise in representation as racial stereotypes are being uprooted from GLBTQ.

Spaces like r/blackfemboys on Reddit continue to foster the much-needed representation that we need as black femboys.


  • Black Femboys in Technology


While not adequately visible, we are positive that the rise of black femboys in technology is an upcoming trend.

Technology is for everyone, and black femboys in the coming years will occupy the vital digital space by creating black femboy avatars and black femboys tech enthusiasts as companies continue to take a progressive stance on gender and sexuality.

The possibility of the next CEO being a black femboy is not far-fetched.


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


  • Black Femboy Chat Communities


The realm of black femboy chat is becoming a ubiquitous space that helps femboys become visible and accepted within the community and ourselves.

Black femboy chat communities embrace the expectations and stereotypes that come with gender sexuality and identity that we deal with on a daily basis as black femboys.

For instance, YesiChat is a femboy chat community that black fanboys all over the world can join.


How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 



As one of the most commonly used Apps, viral hashtags such as #femboyfriday are not hard to miss.

This TikTok trend of femboys gives black femboys a sense of belonging by showcasing how sexuality and femboy identity are not the same.

Overall, this trend is serving its higher purpose of squashing black femboy stereotypes and expectations, which black femboys dearly need.


  • Femboy Artistry


Femboys are some of the most creative individuals in the world today.

From painters to artists, black femboys will continue to positively change the entertainment and education spaces with their artistry to change the world. Jaden Smith is an example to watch out for black femboys fostering the trend of black femboys in artistry.


Challenges facing black femboys


roanyer crossdressing


Black femboys face a host of challenges in our day-to-day lives.


  • Systemic Racism


The archetypal image of a femboy is an Asian or white boy who is skinny and is regarded as dainty and angelic.

Due to black historical roots, black femboys sadly still face racism and discrimination based on their skin color because,

even worse, nobody wants to see a black boy being soft and feminine.

It is a deep-rooted issue that black femboys have to deal with.


  • Discrimination


As black femboys, we are not immune to discrimination that stems from the community at large expecting us to conform to societal standards of what it means to be black and a boy.

As black people, we are generally expected to be hardy, but this can feel different for us black femboys.

We are discriminated against for being soft, yet we are black, just as we are discriminated against for being feminine.


Roanyer crossdressing


  • Finding fitting femboy clothes and outfits


Because most clothes are made with the heterosexual dynamics of masculinity and femininity in mind, finding femboy clothes can be daunting.

For instance, as femboys with larger back muscles, we have to opt for larger-sized feminine sweaters just as vintage jeans do not fit.

As a result, we often opt for DIY options if we want to experiment with many styles, although we all know this process can be tiring.


  • Mental and Psychological Problems


The overall impact of discrimination and alienation that black femboys face can be daunting to our mental health.

On average, LGBTQ individuals report more negative psychological outcomes, with black respondents reporting 54%.

Hence, black femboys should be a protected population from mental issues stemming from black discrimination.




How to Embrace Authenticity as a Black Femboy Crossdresser 


We are always the center of attention because of our eccentricity and authenticity.

We add to this authenticity by being conscious of our fashion choices while taking good care of our skin and bodies.

Also, we are proud to be part of the black community, and thus, we drive trends that foster our visibility in the domains of technology, entertainment, art, and education.

Because of the challenges that we face as black femboys that can be rooted in how others view our skin and sexuality, we are aware that individuality is the key to our liberation, and we do not shy away from it.


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