Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


Nowadays, we all have a cell phone that helps us manage our daily tasks.


But as you well know, this incredible piece of technology is also our most accessible source of entertainment.


That’s why today’s post is one dedicated to your work breaks or chilling time!


This is a list of the most amazing MtF content creators on Tik-Tok!


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


This rather recent social media app has taken the world by storm, specifically during the early stages of the COVID pandemic.


And certainly so, because it is so much fun!


Besides, it is very easy to train the algorithm, so you will have your timeline full of things you love in no time!


Find out with me the best gender bending TikTokers!



RuPaul’s Drag Race


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


On top of our (unordered) list, is of course our famous Queen with the official account from the show.


On this account, you can follow the latest news of the show as well as interviews and behind the scenes!


In case you aren’t familiar with the show, I suggest you give it a chance.


It’s the most amazing drag contest ever! We are all in love with many if not all of the queens that are featured on the show!


If you are a fan like me, follow the account and let the algorithm do the rest!


Cristian Dennis


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


Cristian Dennis is an absolute queen and influencer. On her account, you will find fun and useful videos alike.


You can take on many tips from this account and add them to your daily routine to look your best!


There are also tons of fun videos that I’m sure you can relate to! She’s a true heroine of visibility that inspires thousands of fans.


Be sure to take a peek at her account! She also has a YouTube channel where she shares her beautiful singing!


Envy Peru


Envy Peru is the stage name of Boris Escobar, a Peruvian drag queen, actor, model, and makeup artist.


Even though he was born in South America, he has been settled in the Netherlands since he was four, where he won Drag Race Holland where he got most famous.


On his TikTok account, you will find many fun and transformation videos.


Also, there are some makeup tricks that he shares with all his followers! Be sure to check it out!


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


Sugar and Spice


Don’t be alarmed! You are not seeing double! Cooper and Luca are twins and both queens! Sugar and Spice are their alter egos and all are very fun!


These creative brothers/sisters are absolute stars and you can follow their daily adventures on their account.


They also share beauty and fashion tips that are always welcome. Especially from them! They have the sexiest and cutest outfits ever!


Heidi N Closet


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


Speaking of RuPaul’s show, we have a season twelfth participant.


Heidi N Closet is Trevien’s artistic name, a wonderful drag artist, and Miss Congeniality.


On her account, you can come across useful makeup techniques and tutorials to help you get started in the drag world.


There are also tons of fun videos of a drag queen’s daily life and behind the scenes of her photoshoots.


If you want to know what the life of a glamorous and successful queen is like, follow her account and find out!


Plastique Tiara


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


Representing the Asian continent, we have this stunning Vietnamese Queen.


Plastique Tiara is a gender-bender artist that will blow your mind!


You wouldn’t believe that kind of makeover is possible unless she shows us how it’s done.


This Queen deserves you to check her account. She’s such an inspiring artist that I’m sure you will become a fan very quickly!


She also shares some of her beauty and makeup tips so you can look your best when dressing to the nines!


Peachy Bunny


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


If you are into nerdy and feminine things, I’m sure you will adore her! She/He is non-binary and does the most adorable cosplays ever!


There’s not one geeky waifu you can think of, she hasn’t paid due homage!


And a worthy one at that! Peachy also shares her tricks to achieve such results and I think you will find them very useful!


She also has other social media accounts you can follow her. Don’t let her pass under your radar!


Online Kyne


Top 8 MtF TikTok Accounts to Follow!


Last but least, the beloved Math Queen Kyne! She first became known for her participation in Canada’s Drag Race show, but that was only the beginning!


Queen Kyne went on to combine two of her passions on her TikTok page!


She became a huge success with her math tutorial while in drag! An original idea that attracted thousands of followers!


Her videos are very fun, especially if you love math or are struggling with a subject for your exams!


Be sure to check her on TikTok and other social media!



These are the funniest and most interesting TikTokers that I thought you would love to check out!


As I told you before, the algorithm of this social app works amazingly well.


This means that if you are interested in any of these creators, just by following them you will have endless recommendations of similar accounts.


Please, let me know in the comments below if you know of any other creators like these! Take care!



Written by Tina Munova.

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