Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa



Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa


Over the recent decades, people around the globe have been traveling to try out and become accepting of cultural differences to encourage inclusiveness.

Africa, with its numerous cultures and traditions, has actively made room for this wave of change, mainly due to the high number of crossdressers who flock there by choice.

We find many bright people, beautiful places, and the togetherness of friendly individuals with unique cultures in Africa; thus, it is a dream destination.

This article, discusses crossdressing in African culture and the best crossdresser destinations to visit in Africa.

We will also provide a complete package for crossdressers who travel to Africa so that they can enjoy themselves.



Overview of Cross dressing in African Culture


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa


Here is an overview of crossdressing in African culture;


Traditional Gender Roles


African communities have an extensive history of various ways to show gender, often recognizing something more than just a boy and girl.

In African culture, we knew men had supreme power, where they led during wars and made critical decisions.

Society involved them in important matters, and women were to submit to and care for children.

Due to these gender roles, some women crossdressed so that society could see them as men and hence involve them in critical matters affecting society.

The practice also made some men dress as women to avoid going to war with fellow men.

Most members of the LGBTQ community in Africa found themselves using fashion as a way of expressing their identity and interacting with others without society judging them.


Ritualistic Practices


Some of our African villages include dressing like the opposite gender in our spiritual and special event practices.

In our African culture, we made the ceremonial practices of crossdressing during the loss of our loved ones.

People often dress up like the opposite gender during ceremonies to feel close to their past family members or to bring out certain types of power.


For instance, in Angola, Omasenge was a unique diviner who people knew for crossdressing as a woman and engaged in activities like women.

In most cases, Omasenge crossdress when seeking divine intervention and spiritual guidance.

Another instance where we see crossdressing as a ritualistic practice is in Kenya through the Mugawe, whom people knew as the Meru ritual leader.

Mugawe would crossdress when seeking spiritual intervention, conduct himself as a woman does, do all the women’s chores, and sometimes marry other men. Society accepted all individuals who crossdressed for spiritual practices without discriminating against them.


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa


Modern Influence


Cities in Africa are changing due to urban growth, evolution, technology, and world connections.

The emergence of technology, such as media, makes it possible for individuals around the globe to learn and familiarize themselves with diverse cultures.

Also, the interaction of most of our individuals in Africa with others in the world brings the emergence of different cultures, which we accept and embrace within the community.

Modern influence also brings out more open-minded individuals, breaking old ideas about men being more muscular than women.

The emergence of crossdressing has led to equality, where we see men and women as equal individuals.

This has caused more people to accept and see crossdressing individuals in different places where they can be with others.


Legislation and Human Rights


While things are getting better, it’s essential to admit that some African countries hold old-fashioned ideas and laws about how people express their gender.

Many of us in different countries have laws and rights that shield us from discrimination, abuse, and violence.

For instance, some countries across the globe ban discriminatory practices, arguing that they are contrary to their values and traditions.

Some countries with strict laws against crossdressing as gender identification and self-expression are Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Uganda making them not to be among the best crossdresser destinations to visit.

Knowing the laws in some countries is vital while crossdressing to ensure we do not land on the wrong side of the law.


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Community Support


There is this sound sense of assisting us as crossdressers, where we feel loved and appreciated in some African communities.

Most groups support the idea of acceptance, providing a safe space for people to reveal their gender identity without fear.

Despite the occasional pleasant occurrences of crossdressers being appreciated in some African communities, we still face challenges, such as society treating us poorly and mistreating us, subjecting us to violence, and making judgment calls on us, which leads to discrimination in accessing basic needs.

Knowing and solving these problems within the community support group and other human rights organizations is essential.




In certain African countries, individuals receive education about various gender identities, so everyone recognizes the value of inclusion and diversity.

For instance, different websites in Africa teach individuals how to understand more about crossdressers and the LGBTQ community and how to approach them or handle such situations.

This is the notion of fighting against stereotypes and enhancing acceptance, where most African media show diverse gender roles positively ease society in accepting us better.

Also, through education, many regions have emerged as the best crossdresser destinations to visit.


Things to Consider When Visiting Africa as a Crossdresser


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Here are things to consider:


Choose Destinations that Recognize Crossdressing


It is important to note that not all locations and countries in Africa are safe for crossdressers because beliefs and cultures differ.

Therefore, we should select locations we know are accepting and have different approaches to understanding gender.

Remember, when we travel to Africa in inclusive and inviting places, there will be no discrimination against us; this implies that we shall enjoy our time and visitation.

In choosing our areas of interest in Africa, we can visit well-publicized cities and locations because they are generally lenient and hospitable.




Given that weather conditions in Africa differ from what we are used to living with, it is critical to think about the climate and culture of people when generating our outfits.

In this case, we could choose clothes based on local dress norms and reflect on our personality.

For example, few African people consider walking around in short clothes normal, while a majority see it as a taboo.

Thus, we should avoid packing revealing clothes and those accessories that reveal skin to feel comfortable.

We need to know who we are but dress decently, especially around those who cherish old-age practices.

The right dressing and packing can also go a long way in lessening unwarranted attention.


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Analyze Local Laws and Customs


We should investigate the laws and customs in the African country we want to visit before our trip.

However, with modern technology and the internet, we can search for any information online that helps us know which countries we can or cannot visit in Africa.

For instance, in Sudan, the government prohibits crossdressing and being a member of the LGBTQ community.

Those caught breaking these laws face imprisonment and the death penalty.

However, it’s also essential for us to analyze the kind of information we obtain, especially on the internet, since it can have us thinking that they might arrest us the minute we land on African soil.

Knowing about our area will make it easier to deal with problems and avoid worse issues that could occur while we are there.


Travel Documents


As crossdressers planning to visit Africa, it’s essential to have travel documents such as VISA from the African country we are planning to visit.

In countries such as Rwanda and South Africa, it may be easier for us to acquire visas as crossdressers since these are countries with liberal laws that recognize LGBTQ rights.

Other countries need a name on our boarding pass and a gender marker that goes hand in hand with the government identification card.

The good thing about visiting Africa is that most countries are aware of third gender classification or non-binary; hence, we will not find many challenges like hiding who we are and expressing ourselves when traveling.

However, we must communicate with the embassy staffs in the country we are planning to visit to know the procedures and requirements of visiting the country.


Respect Cultural Sensitivities


Cultural sensitivity is one of the most essential aspects to analyze when choosing places to visit in Africa as crossdressers since not all cultures appreciate and embrace our culture and ways of expressing ourselves.

When we celebrate who we are, it’s essential to be mindful of the feelings and practices of local people to ensure peace and harmony prevail in the area or country.

Knowing and following cultural rules makes the experience better and more respectful.


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Connect with Local Communities


As crossdressers, we can contact nearby LGBTQ groups or organizations in the country we plan to visit to seek advice on what we should know about the country and its take on crossdressing.

With advanced technology and the internet, it’s easier to connect with the local communities in our countries; hence, we do not need to pre-visit the country we plan to visit.

Connecting with local communities can give us essential information about the area, help us out, and join us with people who share our interests.


Be Mindful of Public Spaces


It may be legal to be a crossdresser in the country; however, if we are not mindful of the public space, we might upset individuals within the society who are against our norms and practices, making us vulnerable to harm.

Knowing our surroundings and being careful can help make an enjoyable experience.


Language Skills


Although it may be a negligible factor to consider while visiting Africa, we should learn some common words in the local language that will enable us to interact well with individuals from Africa.

With advanced technology, the internet is helpful since it offers various languages and translations of what some words mean.

We can learn common local phrases to help us talk easier if it’s hard to master the country’s national language.

This helps with talking and interacting with the local community and shows respect for the local customs.


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Accommodation Choices


Choose places to stay that are famous for being accepting and not judgmental.

Look for hotels or guesthouses that are friendly to LGBTQ people so we can feel better during our stay.

When traveling with our partners, we must analyze accommodations for diversity and inclusion.

People’s reactions to crossdressing can be very different in different areas.


Safety Precautions


It is so easy to find ourselves in a situation we would never encounter if we were more careful.

Therefore, we should pay attention to where we are, the landmarks, and other geographical sites and make sure our safety comes first.

Even though many places are splendid, and we can get carried away in admiration, it is essential not to be lulled into a false sense of security; things could take an ugly turn at any moment.

For instance, while going out on a date or to have fun, ensure to visit cross-dresser-friendly restaurants and bars to avoid putting our lives at risk.


Travel Insurance


We should also make sure our travel insurance covers any health or legal consequences of gender expression in the destination country before we go traveling.

If some of us do not have travel insurance, we should be careful and avoid anything illegal that may get us into trouble.

For instance, we may find ourselves on the wrong side of the law in the African region we are visiting; hence, we should have travel insurance that will give us extra safety and a feeling of security.


Best Crossdresser Destinations in Africa


Roanyer crossdress 


Here are the best crossdresser destinations to visit in Africa:


Nairobi, Kenya


It is one of the largest cities in Eastern Africa, with varying opinions and cultural diversities.

Nairobi, therefore, helps create an atmosphere that sets it as one of the best cross-dresser destinations to visit people within Africa.

There are specialized LGBTQ-friendly bars where we can meet people of similar interests, and there are gatherings for crossdressers in the city.

We can also go to the Big Five safari drive since Kenya is a diverse place with lots of fun activities.

Kenya is one such country that welcomes its visitors, but then we should be careful about which part of the country to go to since all areas are not friendly towards crossdressers. Kenya is a country where the LGBTQ community is illegal.

Still, at the same time, we as crossdressers can visit that place and not feel unwelcome because, despite being a tourist site, no one will discriminate or judge us.


Cape Town, South Africa


We know Cape Town accepts LGBTQ+ people since the place has always been a very vibrant and diverse environment with features that attract all kinds of people, making it one of the best cross-dresser destinations in Africa.

In Cape Town, we can enjoy the same rights as individuals of other sexes without fear of judgment and discrimination since discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation is illegal within the country.

The city is a friendly place for crossdressers, with many establishments that are good for LGBTQ+ groups and fun events.

Cape Town offers Manhattan, Table Mountain, and other incredible sites to enjoy visiting the country.


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Tanzania is moving forward with rights for LGBTQ people, and Dar es Salaam is becoming more welcoming, making it one of the best crossdresser destinations to visit in Africa.

Also, countries such as Zanzibar, Rwanda, and Kenya that border the country offer the most remarkable destinations for us searching for the best crossdresser destinations to visit in Africa.

The city also has a variety of landscapes, such as Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Natron, and wildlife with various unique cultures that might attract and enhance our stay in Tanzania.

The city’s mix of old and new things makes it a nice place to be, and although the country’s government has not legalized the LGBTQ community, it’s a welcoming country where we can enjoy ourselves and create memories.


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Windhoek, Namibia


Since there are people with various beliefs and cultural practices in the central city of Namibia, Windhoek is a suitable place for crossdressers to visit.

The city’s significant diversification and the acceptance of various lifestyles make visitors happy.

The country is home to magnificent sceneries like desolate and burnt-sienna desert landscapes, offering fantastic scenes.

Furthermore, one simply good thing about Namibia is that the government does not condone discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation, which makes this place safer for us to seek where the best crossdressers are within Africa.


Kigali, Rwanda


In Rwanda, there are also movements forward with LGBTQ rights, and Kigali, the capital, illustrates this development, making it one of the perfect crossdresser destinations to visit.

It also has several incredible historic landscapes, including Golden Monkey Safaris, the best African crossdresser destination where we can have both wildlife and cultural experiences.

The fact that the city has a friendly aura and open-minded philosophies makes it an appropriate place for crossdressers to come around.


How to Plan for Your Trip to Africa as a Crossdresser


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Those of us planning to visit Africa need to plan our trip carefully rather than abruptly visiting a destination of choice.


Here are tips on how to plan for our trip to Africa as crossdressers:


Pick a Place


First of all, we should do proper research on the places that are dear to us and find out in which country our visit will be most appropriate because Africa is made up of many countries.

Some refuse our culture or even beliefs because they view the world differently.

We should also find out the local laws, different cultures and how much people assume crossdressing for informing where to go.


Choose Time


The selection of the timeframe in which to visit Africa as crossdressers will be crucial for our journey.

Africa is not an exception when it comes to summer and winter seasons.

As such, the summer seasons which we usually view various panoramas escape withdrawal and tourist sites are more favorable periods in this season for movement and adventure.

The best months to visit Africa are June, July, November, and December – these latter will be good for seeing all the beauty of it.


Best Crossdresser Destinations to Visit in Africa 


Seek Help


We can use travel websites and groups of LGBTQS to get insights from people who have visited the places we want to go.

The comments and reviews made on travel websites are accurate because people review and write things about their experiences.

This will help us establish if the country is safe to visit, and their trip can provide some useful advice or recommendations.


Book Your Tours and Lodging


Thus, we need to determine whether we will discover and make an individual journey in the direction of our destination or if we will need a tour guide or travel agent who could help us realize where each place is.

Some of us have friends and loved ones in Africa willing to let us tour those regions with them.

Since this could be our first trip to Africa, we may need to learn about the places; therefore, I suggest making reservations for tours and accommodations.

This will help us stay and have the most memorable adventures without fear of losing our way or being kidnapped.


Roanyer crossdress 


Organize Travel Medication 


Before we leave, let’s visit travel hospitals and clinics at least two months prior to detailed checkups and vaccinations including typhoid malaria hepatitis A yellow fever.

We may discover that the vaccine recommendations differ from country to country; therefore, we should ensure we get the vaccine from the country we visit.


Book a Flight 


Once we have confirmed and are sure of the best crossdresser destinations in Africa, we can book our flight to the destination of choice.

However, it’s essential that we know the flights may be expensive, especially for those of us who come from faraway countries.

We should book the flight earlier to avoid a last-minute rush, and the price increase since flights to Africa have limited carriers.

While booking, ensure that the airline flies to our destination to avoid booking or visiting a country we did not intend to stay.


Roanyer crossdress 


Analyze the Currency


Before we travel, it’s essential to understand how the currency in the country we visit works.

Also, let’s plan and decide whether to deal with cash since it’s hard to find ATMs everywhere we see.

We should ensure the exchange rates are in our favor to enable us to spend less money and have more activities to do while visiting the country of choice.

While touring the country, we also need to learn about the transport choices in our area and their safety features.

This knowledge can help make travel easier and safer.




Ropanyer crossdress 


There are many places in Africa, considering the various cultures and perceptions of nature, where crossdressers who desire environments that uphold an open-minded attitude can visit.

From noisy urban life in Cape Town to the rich cultural atmosphere of Marrakech, Africa gradually begins talking about different manifestations of gender. ‍

We have to understand the unique problems or options each location gives us.

By looking into local rules, talking with individuals from our community, and respecting cultures, we can make sure we have a happier time exploring since there are many best crossdresser destinations to visit.

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