Top 8 Support Groups for Crossdressers


Navigating life as a crossdresser can sometimes feel isolating and challenging, especially when certain societal pockets still cast a shadow of judgment.


Expressing our true selves can seem daunting for many of us on this journey.


 Top 8 Support Groups for Crossdressers 


However, the silver lining is the growing number of support groups assisting crossdressers.


These groups gracefully guide individuals through their journey, helping them tackle challenges head-on.


From trans-focused groups and drag queen collectives to cross-dressing support communities, these groups offer a safe space.


They’re places to seek advice, understanding, and genuine support.


In this article, we are going to talk about cross-dressers’ support groups and the benefits of these support groups.


I will also provide you with a list of the top 8 support groups for crossdressers that you can contact when you need any help in your crossdressing journey. Let’s begin!



A Gender Agenda (AGA)




A Gender Agenda (AGA) in Canberra champions the rights and needs of crossdressers, intersex, transgender, and gender-diverse individuals.


With a commitment to fostering understanding and bridging gaps, AGA focuses on education, advocacy, and peer support, bringing people together to tap into the power of shared experiences.


Support Groups 


With a legacy spanning over a decade and a half, AGA has emerged as a beacon of support for the TGD+I community, an unparalleled role in Australia.


Furthermore, AGA offers training sessions and organises various events for its members, ensuring a vibrant and supportive environment.


For an in-depth look into their activities and mission, visit A Gender Agenda’s official website.


Atlanta Gender Explorations (AGE)


Support Groups 


Atlanta Gender Explorations, known as AGE, stands out as one of the most inclusive and diverse gender support groups.


Regardless of your gender identity—crossdresser, transgender, drag artist, androgyne, bi-gendered, female-to-male,


male-to-female, and so on—AGE welcomes you with open arms.


The sole prerequisite for joining is a personal or close connection to exploring significant gender-related matters.


You can contact them via email to get in touch or learn more about their initiatives.


Brisbane Crossdressers and Budding Trans-people


Support Groups 


Regarded as one of the most vibrant groups for crossdressers and transgender individuals,


this group frequently arranges online and in-person meetups, fostering inclusivity among those with diverse gender identities.


Beyond these gatherings, they also host parties specifically for crossdressers and transgender individuals,


ensuring everyone can mingle, enjoy, and express themselves in a welcoming environment.


Carla’s Social Club


Support Groups 


Carla’s Social Club is an organisation for celebrating all forms of femininity. Whether you are transgender or a crossdresser,


this club welcomes those who embrace and openly express their feminine side.


Situated discreetly in San Jose, California, this safe and private haven is not only transgender-owned but also boasts


the distinction of being the only trans-operated boutique and social club on the West Coast.


As it functions as a membership-based social club, there is an associated fee.


For more details, it’s best to contact them directly.


CDI-NYC’s Cross-Gender Community


Support Groups 


Based in the heart of Manhattan, CDI-NYC’s Cross-Gender Community is dedicated to aiding trans individuals and cross-dressers to confidently embrace their femininity.


Renowned for their inclusive approach, they host weekly dinners catering to the TG and cross-dressing communities,


ensuring every participant feels safe and warmly welcomed.


For further details, you can reach out to


Additionally, a wealth of information can be found on their official website.




Support Groups 


Depend is a commendable voluntary organization in the UK that offers support, guidance,


and information to those acquainted with or related to a transsexual individual.


They’ve curated a nurturing space where individuals from the gender-diverse community can connect,


share experiences, and gather valuable insights.


Known as one of the UK’s premier support groups, Depend ensures professionalism in its approach.


Visiting their website is highly recommended for a deeper understanding of their initiatives.




get now! 


Tri-Ess is an international support and social group for straight (heterosexual) crossdressers and their partners, spouses, and families.


This organisation has provided over 50 years of cross-dress service!


They believe in the ideology of gender expression and encourage people to express their gender diversity.


You can check out their website for more info.


Milwaukee LGBT Community Center


Support Groups 


The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is dedicated to its mission to cater to the unique needs of the LGBTQ community in the Greater Milwaukee area.


With a focus on anti-violence initiatives, promoting healthy relationships, and offering counselling and financial coaching,


the organisation strives to create a safer and more inclusive environment.


Their website provides all the necessary details to learn more or get involved.


The Benefits of Crossdresser Support Groups


Support Groups 


Support groups serve as a helping hand for crossdressers, guiding them through the intricate journey.


Beyond a safe space, these groups offer a genuine sense of belonging and understanding.


They provide an environment where individuals are not only accepted but deeply understood,


a stark contrast to the misunderstandings of the broader world.


Support Groups 


Joining such a group can significantly ease one’s path as a crossdresser.


It instills a feeling that there are individuals genuinely looking out for you.


This support becomes particularly invaluable for those just starting their journey, dealing with uncertainty, dysphoria, or feeling overwhelmed.


In essence, support groups boost confidence in one’s gender identity.


They empower individuals to challenge societal biases surrounding crossdressing and proudly embrace their authentic femininity.


How to Navigate Crossdressers Support Group




The initial step is to reach out to the support group via their social media channels or by writing to them through mail.


After this, here are a few things you can do to get the most out of a support group:


First, be very honest about your gender identity and seek the required help.


Don’t isolate yourself.


Communicate with other people in the support group and try to learn from their experiences.


Support Groups 


Nobody likes being judged, right? In gender support groups, you’ll come across people with diverse opinions about gender and sexuality,


and it’s essential to respect those views without judgment.


Strive to learn and gain deeper insights into gender and sexuality by listening to the elders and those experienced in the group.


Don’t only take from the group; contribute by offering help and encouragement to other members.


Many people leave support groups once they’ve found their footing.


However, considering that most of these support groups are non-funded organizations,


stay involved to support others who may need guidance just like you once did.


Final Words


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The assistance these support groups provide is invaluable to the journey of a crossdresser.


It’s heartening to observe that such support groups have proliferated across various countries, ensuring that assistance is available whenever needed.


They offer a secure environment to delve deeper into understanding their gender, personal style, and overall identity.


Whether through online forums or real-life gatherings, these support groups function in varied ways.


Identifying the group that resonates with your needs is crucial to maximize the benefits.


With the apt support group, crossdressers can discover a community that offers understanding and acceptance,


making them feel wholly embraced.


If you’ve ever been a part of such a support group,


we’d love to hear about your experiences.


Do share!


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