Men in Lingerie: The Secrets to Hacking this Trend



Men in Lingerie


The world of crossdressing is ever-evolving, challenging norms, and redefining boundaries.

And one such trend that has been making waves recently is men in lingerie.

The trend is characterized by men, like myself, breaking free from traditional gender stereotypes.

We are boldly exploring our sense of style, expressing ourselves relentlessly through intimate apparel.

So, in this deep dive guide, I will unravel the secrets to hacking this trend, offering you insights, tips, and a comprehensive guide for men looking to embrace lingerie fashion confidently.



Understanding the Trend


Men in Lingerie


Men in lingerie date back to the Victorian era.

One thing that was common during this era, however, was the intricate design and the qualities of the fabrics used in making the lingerie.

They mostly used velvet and silk.

The trend has once again gained popularity, with most of us exploring the different lingerie options available out there.

Nowadays, we don’t just use lingerie as a fashion statement, we use it to challenge societal norms and express our truest identity.

Therefore, the trend signifies a shift towards inclusivity and self-expression, fostering a more accepting and diverse society.


Collection of Men’s Lingerie


Men in Lingerie


You can never miss a collection of your liking, especially with men’s lingerie.

This is because the collections are diverse. What’s even good, despite the diversity in these collections, you can never miss something stunning.

A lingerie that brings out your creative juices when it comes to styling and also, radiating your sexiness.


Here are some collections you might want to explore or add to your wardrobe.


Men in Lingerie




With bras, you can never go wrong. Among my ensembles for crossdressing, you’ll never miss a bra at the top of the list.


Bras offers us the freedom to make a choice that complements our journey to femininity.

For instance, bras like Crossdressers’s Curvy Signature Lace Bra are stylish and come in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs.


This means you can always find a pool of styles ranging from subtly sensual to bold and daring.

As such, we men in lingerie should always aim to try all possible bra options with different textures and styles before settling for a fit that meets our unique persona.




If you need to sprinkle some charm and allure to your crossdressing, then bikinis are your go-to solution.

More specifically, bikinis help us, men in lingerie, to embrace a sleek and modern look.


To add on, some bikinis like the High Elastic Bikini – black are tailor-made to ensure you meet comfort and style all at once.

Honestly, you don’t want to be wearing a small bikini or an oversized one, do you?

Always remember to settle for a perfectly fitting bikini.


Men in Lingerie




Do you ever wonder how other mtf crossdressers, femboys, and transgender women were able to achieve that hourglass waist or shape?

For most parts of my earlier days of transitioning, this question kept playing on my mind.

Surprisingly, I was looking too far all that time, yet the answer to it was simple. Corsets.


With a corset, you can change your look over time while at the same time meeting consistency.

When laced up, you’ll be able to spot a difference in your natural waist size.

Or even more, with the right size corset for your figure.

As such, find the perfect size, one that isn’t too loose or too tight.

Some corsets like the Jacquard Lace-up Bustier Top Fashion offer size adjustments and also come in various colors.

They are a great option.  


Gaff and Panty


For men in lingerie, gaff and panty are a must-have crossdressing accessories.

Put simply, you have to pair a lingerie with either a gaff or panty, to get that ultimate feminine look.


Gaff and panties are special types of compression underwear available for us as mtf crossdressers, femboys, sissies, and transgender women.

Options like Men Hiding Gaff Panty work to minimize the appearance of a crotch bulge and can work as one of the major ways of tucking and hiding our bulge.


This means they are a great choice for tucking, regardless of your identity.

So, whether you’re choosing to wear one when killing it at a party, dinner with friends or just dashing to the corner store, gaff and panty do just that.


Men in Lingerie 




If you are anything like me, and you are always looking forward to turning up the heat on a special occasion, then fishnets are your go-to assets.

They are produced with a sheer design that only serves to reveal just enough to keep your partner wishing for more.


While this unique lingerie is sufficient to spice up any outfit, it subtly triggers an element of excitement.

If you are wondering how you could get a perfect fishnet to hand in hand with your lingerie.

Check out Roanyer’s varied fishnet collection.


Body Stocking


Nothing gives us a more feminine figure than body stockings. They work to give us a curvier figure.

Although they are a good essential for men in lingerie, they can always be a downhill asset when worn poorly.


For small crossdressers, you may opt for body stockings that are small in size but not too small.

Whereas, for those crossdressers with bigger bodies, a bigger stocking is your ultimate choice.

But body stocking options like the Lace Floral Fishnet Bodysuits boast a stretchy material making it perfect for most of us.


Admittedly, it’s a thin line, and by so, knowing your body size saves you from the aftermath that accompanies either a loosely fitting body stocking or a tighter one.


Choosing the Right Lingerie


roanyer crossdresser 


Are you a crossdresser who just wants to wear panties or do you want to don a complete lingerie set?

While you’re still at it, it is important to note that, settling with the right lingerie will go a long way with you feeling sexy and comfortable.


Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of choosing the right lingerie as far as your comfort and sexiness are concerned.


Roanyer crossdresser 




To us as crossdressers, fabric matters a lot.

As such, it is no surprise that selecting the right fabric is key to feeling comfortable and confident in lingerie.


Always opt for materials like silk, satin, or lace, which not only feel luxurious against the skin but also exude an alluring charm.

At best, soft and breathable fabrics ensure a pleasant wearing experience, making it easier to seamlessly integrate lingerie into your wardrobe.


Roanyer crossdress 


Size and Fit


When it comes to size and fit, I like to always think of myself as an empath.

As such, I try to identify with what I appreciate by wondering what it might feel like to wear such a sexy, fitting, and alluring lingerie set.

Or, simply put, exploring my feminine side.


With that in mind, I believe that just like any other garment, the right size and fit are essential for a flattering look.

Keep in mind crossdressing doesn’t express any type of preference in sexual attraction, whatsoever.


As such, it is prudent if you can avoid overly tight or loose lingerie.

And instead, settle for pieces that accentuate your body’s natural lines.


Building Confidence


Men in Lingerie 


For most of us crossdressers, we need to build our confidence when going out in our true identity.

As we penetrate through the social stereotypes and break the societal norms, one step at a time.


While this could be overly stated, on an individual level, you don’t want to feel like a square peg in a round hole.

It’s tragic! What’s the essence of donning sexy lingerie when your confidence is flattened?  




Men in Lingerie 


Self-acceptance means an individual acceptance of their attributes, whether positive or negative.

In other words, you must be able to shoulder your attributes regardless of the direction they take.


The journey of embracing lingerie begins with self-acceptance.

With that said, you must understand that there’s never a one-size-fits-all definition of masculinity or femininity.


In truth, you’re instead compelled to embrace your unique style and identity and let go of societal expectations.


Baby Steps


Men in Lingerie 


If you’re new to the world of men in lingerie, take baby steps. I know what it feels like when fear of missing out starts creeping in.

I can vividly remember how my crossdressing journey began. And I still had to take one step at a time.


You can start with subtle pieces like silk boxers or lace trunks.

Alternatively, you can start with bodysuits, bralettes, camisoles, and of course, strapless.


But over time, you could pitch your experiments with more elaborate designs as you become comfortable.


It’s important to remember that the key is to go at your own pace and enjoy the process of self-discovery.


Styling Tips


Men in Lingerie


Your styling tips can either be the make-or-break moment for your crossdressing experience.

As such, doing it to the book or at least, to your preference can be so satisfying.

That means, your MtF transformations as either a crossdresser, sissy boy, or a femboy, have to involve styling.

You have to choose your style and stick to it.


Incorporate lingerie into everyday outfits. Don’t limit lingerie to the bedroom.

What’s more, specifically for intermediate crossdressers, try exploring with peek-a-boo lace details under a crisp white shirt for a subtle yet impactful statement.


Mixing and Matching


Roanyer crossdress 


Mix and match pieces to create unique and personalized ensembles.

To give you a classical example, combine lace briefs with a classic button-down shirt or layer a sheer bodysuit under casual attire for an unexpected twist.

If you try it out, be sure to get the ‘aaaws’




Roanyer crossdress 


As I wind up, it is important to realize that men in lingerie are and will always be a trend that goes beyond the fabric and lace.

In fact, it’s a movement towards acceptance and self-expression.


As we navigate this murky landscape of fashion, it is important to point out that confidence and authenticity are our greatest assets.


So, fellow men in lingerie, go ahead, hack the trend, and wear your lingerie with pride.


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