Tucking : Crossdressing Guide to Hiding Male Parts Easily


To me, crossdressing is a form of art, so we can practice and perfect it. Male crossdressers generally want to achieve a seamless feminine appearance. And of course, doing that involves hiding your “male parts”, in a process known as “tucking”. But how can crossdressers do that with efficiency without hurting themselves?


There are many techniques out there, with different difficulties and advantages. The most known methods are conventional tucking and concealing the area with loose clothes. But if you want to achieve the greatest level of effectiveness and realism, I recommend the use of fake vagina pants.


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


With so many options, crossdressers can be confused, or unable to choose. Each person might find one method that suits their needs and budget, making it something even more personal. So, with that in mind, I’ll explain each one of the methods, and point out what are the advantages and disadvantages that we can find.



1. Loose clothing


As I said, you can use loose clothes to try and hide your masculine shape. The goal here is to wear something that won’t possibly mark your crotch, letting the silhouette of your masculine parts be visible. It’s the very opposite of outlining your figure, but if you choose the right outfit, you can still keep some very feminine curves.


My main tip here is to loosen your bottom, around that specific part of your body that you want to conceal.


With that said, I want to reinforce: Avoid tight pants such as jeans and leggings!


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


What you are looking for are rounded dresses, t-shirts and rounded skirts.


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


Give preference to the larger ones, as rounded as possible. This way, you can still use something that outlines your top figure, while your bottom is concealed and feminized.


The main advantage here is that it’s a cheap method, involving only the choice of the right outfit for your body type. The disadvantage comes from the fact that it ends up limiting your options of clothing. Also, it wouldn’t hide a surprise erection at the wrong time (and this happens more often than you might think).


2. Tucking (Tape or Gaff)


Well, to simplify, tucking consists of hiding your male genitals between your legs, creating the illusion of the absence of a penis. There are two main methods that are quite different in terms of difficulty, comfort and price: Tucking with tape and tucking with a gaff. With that in mind, I’ll explain the differences between them.


2.1 Tape method


It consists in taping tour male parts in place, preventing its outline to show when you dress up. It seems easy, but there is a set of rules you must follow to avoid being hurt by this method. As it depends on the taping, you’ll be putting your well-being at risk if you do it wrong.


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


● Step 1: Shave all of your pubic hair


It’s very important to do that, since the tape will pull them off if you don’t, and it hurts a lot!. To shave with more efficiency, do that during a shower, and apply hair conditioner on the area you want to shave. Also, avoid rubbing the area with your towel, because it irritates your skin. Instead, use the towel to press the region repeatedly, yet gently, until it’s completely dry. To add a finishing touch, apply some baby powder.


● Step 2: Secure the head of your penis


After you shave, secure the head of your penis, to avoid harming it. It’s recommended to wrap it with toilet paper, but you can also use a piece of soft cloth or even specific pads for that.


● Step 3: Reposition your genitals


Start by pushing your testicles up, and fitting them inside your inguinal canal (An “empty” area above them). At the same time, pull your penis backward, between your legs. It will serve as a support for your testicles. Then, all you need to do is secure everything in place with your tape of choice.


Keep in mind that the type of tape is important! I like to recommend medical adhesives (which allows your genitals to “breath”) or blue kinesiology tapes.


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


Avoid strong duck tapes, such as the famous “silver tape”. They are very sticky and almost certainly going to hurt an area of your body as sensitive as this one.


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


After your crossdressing session is done, you’ll want to take off the tape, but stay calm. To remove the tape from your genitals with safety, soak the whole region with warm water. Then, gently peel off the tape to untuck. This method is very effective to hide your male parts, concealing the “volume” in your panties, but taping might make it difficult for you to pee.


2.2 Gaff method


A gaff is a piece of shapewear designed specifically for tucking. It compresses and smoothens the surface of your crotch, allowing you to wear tight-fitting clothes in a seamless and sexy way. It includes swimsuits and lingerie in general, but you’ll need to tuck first (even though it doesn’t require you to use tape).


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


If you follow the same safety procedures as the previous method, you won’t have any problem, but make sure to take good care of your gaff. To preserve your gaff for a longer time and keep it usable, give preference to cold water. You can hand-wash it, but if you prefer to use the washing machine instead, make sure to set the cycle to gentle. The use of a mesh washing bag is also recommended, but do not use any kind of bleach! Let it dry naturally, by dripping or flat-drying, and avoid using a dryer.


The main advantage of both tucking methods is that they are very effective and useful for feminizing your masculine features. It allows you to use tight-fitting outfits without getting clocked, greatly increasing your chances of passing. However, it comes with a few disadvantages. The tucking process takes some time to be mastered, making it a little difficult for beginners. It’s also not very beneficial to your health, and doing it wrong can hurt you.

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3. Fake vagina pants


This method uses a realistic pair of silicone pants resembling a female vagina. It’s more effective than a simple gaff because it recreates the exterior part of female genitalia while hiding your male parts. You can get separate pants that will only cover this region or complete bodysuits that can cover up your whole body. Some options have penetrable vaginas and urination pouches to make peeing easier.




Before you order one, you’ll need to take some measurements. Measure the circumference of your legs and the width of your hips and waist. Choose the model according to the measurements to ensure it fits your size.


Crossdressing Guide to tucking


3.1 Steps to wear fake vagina pants


Step 1: To wear the product, wash it first with water, and let it dry. I recommend you do this to make sure it’s clean and won’t cause any allergies or irritations in your skin. Apply baby powder inside and outside the pants to make it slip easier and reduce friction.




Step 2: Now, hold it open with both your hands, so you can fit your legs inside. Slip one of your legs inside, followed by the other one (one at a time).


Crossdressing Guide to hiding mle part


Step 3: Pull it up and wear it like a normal pair of pants, until it reaches your hips. You may need to adjust its position to blend with your body,  so it can create a seamless effect. If you choose one that includes a urination pouch kit, make sure to fit your genitals inside of it, in a way that you feel comfortable.


Crossdressing Guide to Hiding Male Parts Easily


These silicone pants also require special care to be preserved. They are quite realistic and strong enough to be stretched, but be gentle to avoid tearing it apart. Wash it on a regular basis, but let it dry naturally. Avoid using a hair dryer or something similar because the heat can harm it!


3.2 How to care for your fake vagina pants


Make sure to store it properly as well, so you don’t risk deforming its shape. Carefully lay it flat in its original box since it’s easy and safe to be stored there. The box is discreet, and you can hide it with the rest of your cross-dressing stuff, so don’t worry. Keep the box closed to preserve your privacy and prevent dust from gathering.




The main advantage of this method is the realism it provides, as well as convenience and safety. It’s also quite fast, being able to feminize and fill up your crotch with simple steps. The only downside is the price, as it’s a bit more expensive than the previous methods.


As we can see, tucking increases the realism for crossdressers. It makes it even harder to distinguish them from cis women, as it hides one of the most defining features. The methods vary in terms of costs, efficiency and comfort, so it’s up to each crossdresser to decide which one suits their needs. Make sure you aren’t hurting yourself because crossdressing is supposed to be comfortable.

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  1. I am a closet crossdresser and enjoy dressing in basques pvc knickers and dresses and suspenders and stockings with pvc panties but also have a penchant for asphyx bondage combined with above.

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