Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


A complete crossdressing breast form guide on how to make silicone breast forms look natural.


Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


Breast forms are the most special accessories for any adult crossdresser.


I still remember the day I came to know about breast forms; I instantly had the desire to put them on, like a teen girl desiring boobs.


As a teen cross dressing boy, I, too, wanted to try on breast forms, wear different bras with them, and wanted to experience the feel of having big breasts.


In all innocence, I was attracted to the allure of breast forms like any other crossdresser.


Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


When I dabbled into it a little deeper, I came to know that there are various types of breast forms, each with different designs and styles, and there are specific ways to put on breast forms so that they look much more natural on our bodies.


So, in this blog, I am going to tell you everything about breast forms and tips to make a silicone breast form look natural.


So, let’s get started.



What are Silicone Breast Forms to Crossdressers?


As the name suggests, silicone breast forms are amazingly natural-looking boobs.


Silicone breast forms look so natural that the naked eye cannot even recognize them.


They mimic the look, feel, and movement of natural breasts.


Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


Many crossdressers are attracted to breast forms because they allow us to turn feminine without any discomfort or uneasiness instantly.


Silicone breast forms provide effective coverage, convenience, and usage, offering everything a crossdresser needs.


They boost our confidence and make us feel femininity not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.


Types of Silicone Breast Forms


Material of Silicone Breast Forms


When it comes to material, there are usually two types of silicone breast forms: one is filled with silicone gel, and the other one is cotton-filled.


Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


My personal favorites are silicone breast forms filled with gel, as they give me a more realistic feeling.


Silicone breast forms filled with gel provide a realistic jiggly movement, a realistic feel on touching and pressing, and their weight—OMG, I love it.


Design of Silicone Breast Forms


Speaking of design, companies like Roanyer provide a variety of designs to offer maximum comfort and style to crossdressers.


For example, there are round-neck breast forms with a lower neckline, and then there are turtleneck breast forms with a higher neck.


I like the lower neckline and rounder neck breast forms.


 Silicone Breast Form design


Furthermore, when it comes to design, Roanyer has East-West Shape breast forms for a more realistic appeal.


This doesn’t end here, as there are variations in the skin color of breast forms so that we can pick as per our skin colors.


The skin color options involve caucasian, natural, tan, and dark, and it’s so detailed that even the nipples of the breast forms look like real boobs.


Sizes of Silicone Breast Forms


Breast forms come in all types of sizes, whether you are a skinny crossdressing sissy who wants small A or B cups, or you are looking for a more hourglass figure for your drag performance and want something big like D cups or G cups; you can get it easily.


Breast form sizes


For crossdressing cosplayers, to bring fun to their character, there are very realistic sexy S cups, super large X cups, and extra-large Z cups breast forms also available.


For drag queens, to make a performance even more entertaining, ordering something like G cups is a good choice.


Mistakes Crossdressers Make with Breast Forms?


Not Picking the Right Size Breast Forms


I made this mistake the first time I bought my first pair of silicone breast forms.


Like an excited crossdressing girl, I just wanted big breasts to feel sexy and feminine, but that is a very wrong approach.


Picking the right silicone breast form size


See, we can have big breast forms, but choosing how big is very important.


Always choose the size of your breast forms keeping in mind your body measurements.


If you are a skinny sissy like me, don’t go with S cups or H cups; rather, opt for medium sizes like B cups, C cups, or D cups to have more natural-looking breasts.


I would highly recommend you to check out “Sizing Breast Forms for a Perfect Fit” to understand how to pick the right size of breast forms to make them look natural.


Wearing the Wrong Bra


Choosing the right bra is something that we all crossdressers struggle with in our initial days.


Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


Most of the time, we either pick the wrong bra size or the wrong design, which makes our bosom look so unrealistic.


To make breast forms look natural, it’s very important to wear the right bra according to the outfit and the design of our breast forms.


Wearing Breast Forms with Wrong Dress


This is another common mistake that many of us make.


As crossdressers, we should be very conscious about our dressing style to appear more feminine and make our breast forms look natural.


For example, wearing a cut-sleeve top or spaghetti strap dress might not be a good choice, as it exposes the sleeve lines of the breast forms.


I have seen so many sissies make this mistake; make sure you don’t do that.


Not Concealing Breast Forms Well


Concealing breast forms is very important if you want to make your breast forms look natural.


Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


Avoiding breast form concealing can ruin our whole feminine experience.


You don’t want people to tell you “Nice breast forms,” right?


So, make sure you conceal the edges, borders, and bold lines.


For example, I conceal my breast forms’ neckline border with a necklace or chokers.


I always wear breast forms that match my skin color and add a touch of makeup to make it more realistic.


6 Tips to Make Silicone Breast Forms Look Natural


Buying Quality Breast Forms


My advice to you is to always buy silicone breast forms from stores that specialize in catering to crossdressers, like Roanyer.


Another tip to make silicone breast forms look natural is to choose the ones filled with actual medical or food-grade silicone.


There are also cotton-filled breast forms available in the market, which are usually lighter and cheaper, but I wouldn’t recommend them if you are going for a more realistic approach.


Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


Yes, silicone gel-filled breast forms are a bit more expensive, but they feel a bit heavier as if you have real boobs.


OMG, honey, the feeling of carrying that weight on my chest is so awesome.


The silicone breast forms filled with gel bounce; they squish like real breasts when someone touches them and have so much more believability and a natural feel to them.


So, first off, my tip to make a breast form look natural is just to opt for the silicone filling.


Concealing Neckline and Hiding Seams


The next tip to make silicone breast forms look natural is to conceal the neckline and seams of the breast forms.


I have seen some girls trim off the top portion of their breast forms.


I would say if you don’t like the turtleneck breast form, just go with a round-neck T-shirt-style breast form.


Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


Both the turtleneck and round neck have their benefits. Do wear a choker necklace to hide the top seam, but that’s not a big deal.


I wear chokers anyway.


Breast forms also have edge seams on the shoulder portions as well as just under the bra area.


So, my next tip is to wear something that can actually cover the edges.


For example, when I wear a spaghetti strap dress, I hide the shoulder edges with my hair to make it look natural.


If you don’t have long hair, wear a T-shirt, honey. The bra covers the bottom seam of the breast form.


Matching Breast Forms with Skintone and Makeup


The next tip to make breast forms look more natural is to match them to our skin tone.


First of all, I make sure I am buying the breast form that is closest to my skin tone and then match the edges with some kind of powder foundation.


Tips to Make Silicone Breast Form Look Natural


Personally, I use SheGlam powder foundation. Powder foundation makes the breast forms look more textured and realistic, pretty much whatever you’re using on your face as your base makeup.


Also, continuing it down to the breast forms is my advice to you, girl.


Always Wear a Bra


Yes, honey, always. Breast forms are just like natural breasts, and my bra gives them a better and rounder shape and keeps them in place, which gives me a lot more cleavage.


Roanyer crossdressing


I like wearing a bra with my breast from all the time.


Also, when we wear a bra, and our bra lines are visible through clothes, it makes the bosom even more natural and sexy.


Maintenance of Crossdressing Breast Forms


How to Store Silicone Breast Forms


Once I remove my breast forms, I place them in a safe storage space.


If the breast forms come with storage boxes, make sure you store your breast forms only in those storage boxes for maximum safety.


Roanyer crossdressing


One more thing that we should keep in mind is storing our breast forms at room temperature, as silicone is very receptive to temperature, and hot temperatures might damage it.


So, store your breast forms carefully at room temperature.


When to Avoid Wearing Breast Forms


I know, honey, you don’t want to take those lovely tits off your chest, but we have to take care of them, right?


So, avoid wearing silicone breast forms when you are going to sleep, doing some heavy work or lifting, or anything that could potentially harm the material of the silicone breast forms.


Roanyer crossdressing guide


Also, keep your breast forms away from sharp fingernails, sharp-edged jewelry, etc.


How to Clean Silicone Breast Forms


To keep our breast forms forever sexy and natural, washing is very important.


I wash my breast forms after every time I wear them.


In silicone breast forms, we tend to sweat a lot, so after you are done with your crossdressing session, always wash with lukewarm water and mild, non-perfumed soap.


Roanyer crossdressing guide


After that, smoothly rub them with a soft cloth, rinse them in cold water, and then pat dry on a clean towel.


Usually, breast forms come with washing instructions, so make sure to follow them with care.




My breast forms are very special to me, almost as if they are part of my body and not just an accessory. I am sure a lot of you also feel the same.


This is justified, too, because breast forms make us feel feminine and boost our confidence as crossdressers.


So, it becomes very important for us to wear breast forms in such a way that these silicone breast forms look natural on our bodies.


Roanyer crossdressing guide


Following simple steps like buying the right size breast forms, wearing the correct bra, styling better, and concealing edges can really make a difference and make our breast forms look as natural as if they are real boobs.


Caring for breast forms is also very important to maintain the allure of breast forms for the long term.


So, make sure you follow my tips when wearing breast forms and treat your breast forms like real breasts. Until then, slay!


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