Breast Forms:Your Selection Roadmap


In crossdressing, few elements hold as much transformative power as breast forms.


These discreet and ingenious creations are not merely accessories;


they are confidants in your journey of self-expression.


Breast Forms 


Breast forms, quite simply, are prosthetic items designed to emulate the natural appearance and feel of breasts.


They are meant to help individuals achieve a more feminine silhouette.


More than this, they enhance both the physical and emotional aspects of crossdressing.


For many, these forms represent the bridge between one’s authentic self and the desired outward presentation.



Things to Consider When Choosing Breast Forms


Breast Forms 


In selecting the perfect pair for your crossdressing exploration, it’s crucial to have a deeper understanding of the factors involved.


This is essential as they can greatly enhance your overall satisfaction and comfort.


Material and Realism


Breast Forms 


Breast forms are manufactured from a variety of materials.


Here are the most common:


Silicone Breast Forms: Perhaps the most popular choice among crossdressers, silicone breast forms mimic the suppleness and texture of real breasts.


They have a lifelike appearance, a comforting weight, and a natural bounce.


They are excellent for a convincing transformation.


Foam Breast Forms: Lightweight and breathable, foam breast forms are a practical option for cheap but still comfortable wear.


While they may not replicate the tactile authenticity of silicone, they are ideal for casual or everyday use.


Gel-Filled Breast Forms: Gel-filled breast forms strike a balance between silicone and foam.


They have a realistic feel but are also lightweight.


Selecting the suitable material hinges on your priorities for realism and comfort. Silicone forms are the benchmark for feel and appearance.


They are best for special, in-person occasions.


Meanwhile, foam or gel-filled forms are suitable for daily wear and photoshoots due to their comfort and reduced weight.


Other breast forms include latex rubber, cotton, and Pal’s (natural mineral oils plus polymers).


Size and Shape


Breast Forms 


Achieving an appropriate fit is pivotal for ease and aesthetics.


You need to choose breast forms that are proportionate to your body to be passable.


This is unless you’re after an exaggerated look or a specific character’s body type.


To determine the correct size, measure your chest circumference, the area just below your natural breast line.


Then refer to the manufacturer’s size chart.


This ensures a snug fit without unsightly gaps.


Take note, too, that your purchased breasts can look smaller or bigger depending on the clothes and styles you match them with.


Breast forms usually come in the following shapes:


Your Selection Roadmap


Triangle shape for a perky and youthful look.


A teardrop or oval to mimic the traditional shape of natural boobs.


The helix asymmetrical breast forms are akin to the oval but with a more pronounced roundness.


Heart-shaped breast forms feature an upper extended part close to your armpit and chest.


Weight and Comfort


Your Selection Roadmap 


The weight of breast forms directly impacts your comfort, especially during extended wear.


Silicone forms tend to be heavier, closely resembling the weight of natural breasts.


Foam, cotton, and gel-filled forms are lighter.


Attachment Methods


Breast Forms 


Breast forms can be attached using various methods, each with distinct advantages.


The primary methods include:


Adhesive: Adhesive breast forms offer secure, seamless attachment.


They look natural when mounted and are great for strapless blouses or dresses.


They are also favored for their stability.


Bra Pocket: These forms easily slide into specially designed pockets within your bra.


You can attach and adjust the forms easily.


Breast Forms 


Attachable Straps: Some breast forms feature adjustable straps for versatile attachment.


Wearable breast forms: This is the best choice if you’re keen on wearing your breasts on excursions and fun activities.


Some forms come with an extended neckline and half-torso designs to blend with the rest of your body seamlessly.


Budget Considerations


Of course, breast forms are not free, so establishing a budget is a must. While quality and realism matter, there are cost-effective options that maintain authenticity.


For complete beginners, start with foam or cotton forms.


They are easy to manipulate, store, and maintain.


When you get more savings and experience handling breast forms, work your way to more durable forms.


Breast Forms 


The Breast Forms Market


Now that you know what to expect in your breast forms journey, it’s time to introduce reliable sources and avenues for acquiring these transformative accessories.


Here are some esteemed brands you can trust:


Breast Forms


Roanyer: Roanyer caters to everything crossdressers and transwomen will ever need.


The site offers breast forms from A to Z Cups.


The Breastform Store: As its name suggests, The Breastform Store offers crossdressers and drag queens with whatever breasts they want.


The site boasts an extensive catalog of high-quality products, too.


Dress Tech: Dress Tech’s site offers users a price filter to keep them within budget.


There are many breast forms and accessories you can pick from this store. 


When searching for breast forms, specialized crossdressing stores and online retailers offer several advantages.


These outlets provide a more inclusive and understanding shopping environment, reducing potential discomfort for shoppers.


More reasons to consider them are as follows:



Specialized stores are staffed by experts who can guide you in selecting the most suitable breast forms.


They take your body type, preferences, and budget into account.


These stores typically stock a wider range of breast forms.


More stocks means you can find options that align with your specific requirements.


Online retailers allow discreet shopping from the comfort of your home.


Meanwhile, physical stores offer private changing rooms and personalized assistance.


DIY Solutions


Your Selection Roadmap 


If you’re facing budget constraints or just want to try how breast forms may look on you before buying, innovative do-it-yourself solutions can be a lifesaver.


Rice-Filled Stockings is a simple solution that involves filling a pair of knee-high stockings with uncooked rice.


Knot the ends securely to create homemade breast forms.


The weight and texture provide a basic yet functional alternative.


Gel inserts designed for shoes can be repurposed as breast forms.


They are affordable and readily available at most stores.


Be sure that they are clean and sanitized before use.


While these DIY solutions may not replicate the realism and comfort of professionally made breast forms, they serve as a practical stopgap for those with limited resources.


How to Take Care of Your Breast Forms


Breast Forms 


After getting your hands on your breast forms, it’s vital to have the knowledge of how to properly care for them.


Especially if you’ve purchased an expensive pair, you need to get the most out of your investment and extend their longevity.


Cleaning Your Breast Forms


Regular cleaning is vital to keep your breast forms looking and feeling their best.


Use a mild soap or specialized cleaner and lukewarm water to gently cleanse them.


Pat them down with a soft, lint-free towel, or let it air dry.


Avoid using harsh chemicals, alcohol, or abrasive scrubbing materials, as they can damage the breast forms.


Using any sharp objects and putting them in washing machines is also not recommended.


Storing Your Breast Forms


Store your breast forms in their original packaging or in a soft, breathable pouch to protect them from dust and direct sunlight.


Avoid placing heavy objects on top of them, as this can deform their shape over time.


Breast Forms 


Handling Your Breast Forms


Always handle your breast forms with clean, dry hands to prevent dirt or oils from transferring onto the silicone surface.


Use gentle pressure when attaching and detaching them to avoid tearing or damaging the adhesive surface, if applicable.


Other tips:


Avoid high temperatures, as excessive heat can cause the breast forms to warp or lose its shape.


Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, and store them in a cool, dry place.


Regularly inspect your breast forms for any signs of wear, tears, or damage.


If you notice any issues, address them promptly to prevent further deterioration.


If you use adhesive to attach your breast forms, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for adhesive replacement.


Over time, adhesive effectiveness may diminish.


If you have multiple pairs of breast forms, consider rotating their usage to extend their lifespan.


This prevents one pair from experiencing excessive wear.




Buy Now! 


From understanding materials, sizes, and shapes to considering attachment methods and budgets, you now possess the knowledge to pick and deal with breast forms with confidence.


Bear in mind that the world of crossdressing welcomes diversity, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.


Your choices should reflect your preferences, needs, and budget.


So, embrace your unique journey, express yourself authentically, and let your inner confidence shine – because the right breast forms are out there, waiting to be found by you.


FAQs About Breast Forms


Breast Forms 


Are silicone breast forms the only realistic option?


While silicone breast forms are known for their exceptional realism, they aren’t the only choice.


Foam forms are lightweight and breathable, suitable for daily wear.


Gel-filled forms provide a lifelike feel without the weight of silicone.


The key is to match your choice with your priorities – silicone for authenticity, foam for comfort, and gel for a compromise between the two.


Can I sleep with my breast forms on?


It’s generally not recommended to sleep with breast forms on.


While they are designed for extended wear, overnight use can lead to discomfort and potential damage.


The pressure and heat generated during sleep can affect both your breast forms and your skin.


How do you prevent skin irritation from adhesives when using breast forms?



Start with clean, dry skin.


Ensure your breast forms are also clean.


Apply the adhesive sparingly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


If you experience irritation, remove the adhesive gently, using a specialized adhesive remover if necessary.


Allow your skin to heal before reapplying.


Consider using silicone gel sheets or hypoallergenic tapes as an alternative to traditional adhesives, as they are gentler on the skin.


Are attachable strap methods secure enough for breast forms?


Attachable strap methods can be secure, depending on the design and quality of the straps.


Some breast forms come with adjustable and sturdy straps that offer reliable support and stability.


While straps are often secure for everyday wear, adhesive, bra pocket, and wearable forms are usually preferred for more rigorous activities to ensure your breasts stay in place.


What if I can’t afford silicone breast forms?


Foam breast forms are cost-effective, offering comfort and a lightweight feel.


Gel-filled forms provide a compromise between realism and affordability.


Additionally, consider exploring DIY solutions, like rice-filled stockings or repurposing gel inserts.


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