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Tips to Choose Your Femme Name

For some crossdressers, it’s a struggle finding suitable femme names, and femme names give them a sense of belonging and identity. It can be very hard for some people to find the right name because you don’t want your name to misrepresent what you are. You want something that symbolizes strength, femininity, and power. When choosing a femme name for yourself, you want to choose wisely. Picking a name that’s too feminine, and too soft can misidentify you as being female, while picking something too masculine will make you feel like an outsider.


Crossdressers can choose a femme name by looking for names from normal girls, celebrities, cartoon characters, and popular culture. You can also ask your parents what name they could have given you if you were born female, play off of your male name, or just use your initials/nickname as your femme name.


The objective of this article is to help crossdressers choose a femme name that fits their personality and style. Also, the article will introduce some popular and uncommon names for crossdressers to choose from.



1. Goals for choosing a femme name.


Your femme name gives you a sense of identity. You have to choose a name that best fits your style, personality, and what you want it to represent.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


So what are the goals that you should pursue in choosing your femme name?


It should reflect your style (e.g., pretty, cute, tough, dreamy, smooth). It should be what you feel best represents yourself.


It should reflect your personality (e.g., hardworking, strong-willed, friendly, moral person). Personality is the most important consideration in choosing your femme name.


It should be something that you can live up to or naturally possesses from your character traits. For example, if you are a sweet and innocent person, how about choosing the name Claire? Or choosing a name Stephanie if you are a flirty person.


It should be unique and different, especially when you introduce yourself to other people so they won’t get confused with other Crystal or Jessica in the room.


It should make you confident and happy when you hear it. Confidence is the key to success, whether in real life or work.


It should be easy to remember and pronounce. It should not be hard for people to read, spell through yours lips or say especially if they are native speakers.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


Initials as a femme name are also good as long as it is associated with you. For example, if your initials are JCD, you can call yourself Jessa.


2. Consider the type of person you want to be (for example, sweet or rebellious).


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


When choosing a femme name, think about what type of person you want to be. There are many aspects of creating a unique name, such as how it is spelled, short or long, and pronunciation. If you want your name to reflect your sweet personality, then go for names that end with ‘a’ (e.g., Bella). Names that end with ‘a’ are generally perceived to be pretty, gentle, soft-spoken, and sensitive.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


A short name is easy to type, spell and remember compared with a long name. Generally, names that contain 1 or 2 syllables are easier to spell than those with 3 or more syllables. A long name can be pronounced as one word (e.g., Carrie) instead of two words (e.g., Carry). If you want your name to have a greater impact on your introduction, go for a short name.


Names with the same pronunciation but different spellings in English are easy to remember and unique compared with other names with the same pronunciation (e.g., Taffy and Tammy). It is easier to pronounce when you introduce yourself if they know the name’s correct pronunciation. Names that rhyme or connect with other words relevant to you, such as your hobbies, past times, etc. (e.g., Chloe – ballet; Kelly – green). This makes it easier for people to remember you, especially foreign speakers because they associate your name with something familiar.


Choose a name that has some meaning to it. For example, Jane means ‘God’s gracious gift.’ Names with meaning are easier to remember and will have a deeper connection with you. It is always a good idea to select a name that positively associates with you, such as easy-going or smart. There are many ways to find out the meaning of your name. For example, go to Google and type in your full name followed by the word “meaning.”


It is also recommended that you choose a name that is not too common or rare. Lastly, make your femme name something you like and associate yourself with.


3. Make a list of all the names you like.


When choosing a femme name, it is also good to have a list of names that you are considering. Research by googling the name together with words such as “origin”, “meanings”, “variations” so you will know all the available options. You can also print out your list and start crossing off those names you think don’t fit you. If you want to find more creative names, read books, and visit websites. There are many sources online where you can find the meaning of your name, such as


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


If you want to go the traditional route, visit baby name sites such as and search for your preferred names. How about creating a list of names with a special meaning to you? For example, a close friend or family member’s name?


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


Another way is to make a list of all the names you don’t like. You can then use the list of negative words to help you create a list of femme names that are the opposite, e.g., Spartan, Dakota, Tennessee, Pollyanna.


4. Look up some femme names online and see what they mean in other languages if it interests you.


When choosing your femme name, you can consider what it means in other languages. If you are not fluent or don’t know any foreign languages, there is a website that will help you determine the meaning of names, and it translates to different languages: The best way to choose a name is if there’s a special reason why you like it. Why do you like the name? What is it about that name?


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


If there’s a character from your favorite book with your preferred name, then go for it. This will give you something to talk about when people ask you why you have this particular name, but they might even appreciate that you are honoring them or their work by using their name.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


5. Choose an appropriate gender-neutral name that you can shorten to a feminine name.


When choosing your femme name, you can consider using a gender-neutral name that you can shorten to your desired feminine name. For example, if your preferred femme name is Hunter, try shortening it or pairing it with one of the following: Starr/Star/Starrr, Skye/Sky, Rose, Lux. Alternatively, choose names based on your interests, such as Starbuck or Zella.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


-The point of this is that you want to tell people what your name is but still have it downplayed and not too masculine since masculine names attract unwanted attention.


6. Consider feminizing male names. Ex: Joe for Joetta.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


When selecting your femme name, consider feminizing male names such as Joseph to Joetta. Or, there are other variations that you can choose like Julianne (Julian/Jo), Tom for Tomasina (Tom/Ashely). The name should still be recognizable, but it will be less obvious that the person is a crossdresser/transgender.


7. Name of favorite celebrity- some take their favorite celebrity names.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


Another option is to choose a name from your favorite celebrity. For example, if you love the reality star Paris Hilton, you can name yourself after her or another celebrity you admire. Many people do this as a way of paying tribute to their idols, and it doesn’t matter even if the person does not have a transgender background.


8. A preferred color or gemstone can be used for your name e.g., Amber, Ruby, Jade, Pearl etc.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


Another way to choose your femme name is to consider gemstones or colors. Gemstones are used in metaphysics to represent certain characteristics of a person. For example, aquamarine is associated with calming and soothing, making it excellent for someone who’s always on the go. Meanwhile, the red garnet symbolizes bravery which can be perfect if you’re always facing new challenges.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


Many people are drawn to certain colors or gemstones because they are associated with positive traits that the individual likes about themselves. However, if you don’t like any of these options, choose something else! It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you find meaning in it.


Tips to Choose Your Femme Name


Using names that you like and have special meaning to you will help your transformation or probably transition because you’re content with it. If the name has a special reason, such as honoring someone or something, then other people might get interested in how or why you got this particular name. This will also help if someone asks about your chosen name. In the end, it’s up to you if you want to choose a gender-neutral name that can be shortened or masculinity to femininity. Just stick with something that will help transition smoothly and seamlessly. Other options include choosing celebrity names, color/gemstone, or random ones. However, if none of these work, then choose another name. There’s no right or wrong choice here because it’s whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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