Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


The current feminine beauty standards influence women all around the world. Said standards generally associate beauty with youth. It also affects crossdressers of all ages who want to look beautiful and feminine.


When it happens, it’s common to feel down even after putting on beautiful women’s clothes.


The feeling of being too old to crossdress causes low self-esteem and overall dissatisfaction.


It’s possible to look younger and match these beauty standards to a degree.


If you suffer from this kind of burden, this article may be able to help you.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


If you want to look younger for crossdressing purposes, you need to pay attention to these tips.


A healthy lifestyle is required in order to delay your aging, but that’s not enough.


To create a youthful effect while dressing up as a girl, you need to learn effective makeup application techniques.


Besides that, keep up with the current trends, review your skincare routine, and smile more, and you’re good to go.




In order to maximize your youthful and beautiful appearance, you shall follow all of these steps.


I’ll develop them in depth so you learn as much as possible about each one of them.


This way, I hope you can improve your self esteem and enjoy your crossdressing experiences even further.



1. Tips for Crossdressers-Try to live a healthier lifestyle


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


Most scientific researchers in the health field agree that your lifestyle influences the way you age.


By lifestyle, I mean the combination of your exercising, eating, and sleeping habits.


All of these factors are important in order to keep your appearance young as you get older.


Exercise is important in order to keep your organs working as they should and prevent your skin from gaining wrinkles and becoming loose.


Your diet is also important since some types of food have anti-aging properties.


If you balance your eating habits and adapt them to include this kind of food, your aging process shall be delayed.


Now, your sleeping schedule must be respected if you want to feel better.


A person who sleeps well has an immediate improvement in their self esteem, but it also helps them to age slower.


If you sleep too little, the stress is very likely going to cause your skin to get wrinkles and marks all over your face.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


A good tip to balance your diet is to think about each plate of food you eat for the main meals.


The ideal plate consists of a variety of foods that work together in order to improve your health and keep you young.


Aim to fill at least half of your plate with low-carb veggies, such as cabbages, onions, peppers, and cucumbers.


They are more suited for weight loss and anti-aging treatments.


To complement your diet, the other half of your plate should contain whole grains and proteins, such as wheat pasta and fatless meats.


Nuts and olive oil can be used to add flavor and textures to your dishes and a certain degree of variance to your diet.


It’s recommended to avoid processed foods and to drink more water.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


About sleep and exercises, you can try a physiotherapist in order to plan a healthy schedule.


Professional help is recommended, because they can help you understand the specific needs of your body.


Each person is unique, and these methods work differently with each one.


A nutritionist can help you with your diet, and the team of a gym can help you plan your exercises.


Everything is connected, and as soon as you start doing one of these things, the others will become easier to do.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


2. Tips for Crossdressers-Effective Makeup Application


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


Makeup is the best friend of the crossdressers.


A good makeup artist can do a complete transformation in a face using only makeup.


And if makeup is enough to make a man look like a lady, it shall be able to make you look a few years younger as well.


However, it would be best if you still learned the right techniques in order to achieve such an effect.


My goal here is to teach you these techniques so you can look younger with simple tricks.


◆ Conceal the features that make you look older:


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


This is the very basic premise of this method.


Well, you see, when we do MTF makeup, we try to conceal our masculine features.


Here, as the purpose is to look younger, you want to hide any marking on your face that shows signs of aging.


A good way to start is by brightening up the inner corners and dark lines below your eyes.


You’ll look healthy, well-rested, and younger by doing that.


Proceed by adding color with a pink, vivid blush.


Older faces tend to look pale and discolored, and this is a good way to avoid that.


◆ Avoid overloading yourself with makeup:


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


The foundation helps us to conceal imperfections and make our faces look smoother.


But if we don’t take care, it will take away all the natural brightness of our skin.


The tendency is to look one-dimensional and pale.


Sometimes, it may work well for younger people, but as we get older, the foundation starts to look heavy.


It enters through our wrinkles and sometimes gets bloated in a few areas.


Other things you must avoid using too much are blushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks.


The contrast they provide towards the foundation can make you look corny, slutty and older.


Try to balance the amount of makeup you wear and focus on covering the areas that make you look older.


If you suffer from discoloration, try a color corrector instead of shoving the foundation in the discolored areas.


It creates a more natural effect, making you look naturally younger.


3. Tips for Crossdressers-Stay tuned to current trends


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


If you want to look young, you should dress up in the same fashion the current youth dresses themselves.


If you crossdress thinking about what women used to wear when you were young, you’re making a mistake.


Even if you do a good job with makeup, the wrong clothes can give away your age.


The chances of looking corny as you do so are high, making it noticeable that you’re older than you look.


To stay in touch with current trends in terms of fashion, try to look around and see what young girls wear nowadays.


Look at people a couple of decades younger than you on the internet or in places you visit frequently.


Fashion magazines may also be useful since some of them have a certain influence on the trends.


After that, try out new outfits that match what you’ve seen.


It’s a finishing touch on your look that rejuvenates your overall appearance.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


4. Tips for Crossdressers-Maintain a skincare routine


Your skin is one of the first parts of your body to get old.


Wrinkles, discoloration, and looseness tend to occur due to its loss of elasticity.


As it’s a rather noticeable effect, you need to improve your skincare if you want to look younger.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


Drinking water is essential in order to keep your skin well-hydrated.


Speaking of things that you should ingest, vitamin C is also helpful.


It resupplies your skin with collagen, so it feels stronger and becomes more flexible.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


For skin care itself, you must avoid too much sun exposure.


It dries out your skin and can cause cancer.


So remember to use sunscreen more often to protect it.


You can clean your skin with an oil-based cleanser afterward since it’s very effective to remove the remains of sunscreen and makeup.


Before you sleep, use a moisturizer so your skin can rest moist and breathe at night.


It makes it both softer and brighter, which are both characteristics of young skin.


To finish the routine, remember to exfoliate a couple of times every week.


It helps you to get rid of old dead cells in your skin, allowing the newer ones to be seen.


All of these techniques should be applied together in order to rejuvenate and keep your skin young.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


5. Tips for Crossdressers-Smile more!


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


That’s as simple as it sounds! If you smile more often, people will tend to perceive you as younger than you actually are.


According to a German study, the temporary wrinkles created by smiles are difficult to tell apart from permanent ones.


As a result, smiling somehow reduces the aging signs visible on your face.


Of course, it’s effective as long as you keep smiling, so it’s not a very durable option.


You may want to apply this technique when you’re taking pictures or other kinds of static media, such as portraits.


If you create a social media profile for your crossdressing persona, make sure to use a smiling photo as your profile pic.


It tends to make you look more attractive and young.


Rejuvenating Tips for Mature Crossdressers


There’s no age limit for crossdressing.


But due to confidence and self-esteem problems, some of our sisters feel like they’re too old for that.


But thanks to a few techniques, they can overcome that.


Living a healthy lifestyle with proper skin care routines can delay your aging, and the right makeup can make you look younger.


That, in addition to a sense of fashion that matches the current trends, is guaranteed to make crossdressers feel young and powerful.


Do you have any preferred methods to rejuvenate your appearance?


Make sure you share your stories and opinions in the comments below!

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