Introduction to Rings and Earrings for MTF Crossdressers


Although the world is learning to appreciate and love crossdressers one day at a time, it is significant to most male crossdressers that they appear as feminine as possible. One of the most important aspects of femininity is jewelry. And what better way for a crossdressing man to appear as feminine as possible than to wear the right kind of rings and earrings?


However, if you are a male beginner crossdresser, you may find it difficult to know the right kind of rings and earrings to complete your look, as well as how to add jewelry to your dressing effortlessly.


If that sounds like you, then this rings and earrings guide is for you.


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


Perhaps you are thinking that you don’t really need to style your look with jewelry whenever you crossdress.


And that is where you go wrong.


You see if you really want your outfit to pop and feel luxurious against your skin, then a pair of fabulous earrings and rings will do it for you.




I know that you could be a bit concerned about jewelry, especially if you don’t have any piercings on your body.


But guess what? There are a variety of earrings that you can rock as well without having to pierce your ears. Keep reading this guide to find out more.



1. Shopping for earrings as a crossdresser (man)


Picture this. You have finally decided to accessorize your looks with jewelry from now on. Where will you start?


Do you go for statement pieces or simple earrings? Will you buy patterned earrings, or do you prefer loops?


Should you match the earrings with the outfit or with the hair? There are so many factors to consider that you would likely get overwhelmed.


However, with this simple guide, you will be able to choose the right kind of jewelry that will bring out your personality in the best way.


2. Piercings vs. Clippings


As a crossdresser man, should you pierce your ears, or should you put on clippings?


The truth is, the answer to this entirely depends on you and your personality.


There is no wrong choice. Here are a few details about piercings and clippings to help you make the best choice.


1. Piercings


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


In order to wear piercings, you need to get your ears pierced, whereby a needle gun is used to make tiny holes through your earlobes or other locations on the ear so that you can wear earrings.


Some of the pros and cons of ear piercing include:




Piercing your ears can increase your confidence and make you appear more feminine


• Earrings are excellent for completing stylish looks


• Ear piercings are a form of self-expression


• Piercings are used to express some cultural traditions


• Ear piercings allow you to wear any type of earrings




• One may develop an allergic reaction if they wear earrings made from certain types of metal, such as brass or nickel.


• Some people develop an infection after piercing their ears in the form of swelling, redness, discharge, and pain.


• If pierced with contaminated equipment, one may pick up blood diseases such as HIV, tetanus, hepatitis B, and C.


• One is always at risk of having the earrings ripped out accidentally or on purpose if they get into a fight.


2. Clippings


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


If you really don’t want to pierce your ears, then clippings are the safer option.


Clip-on earrings are worn by attaching them to the ears.


This is done by applying pressure on both sides of the ear lobes.




• Clippings are very convenient because they are easy to put on and can be quickly removed.


• With clip-on earrings, you do not need to endure any piercing or pain.


• Unlike piercing earrings, clip-on earrings are safer because they don’t risk infections or allergic reactions.


• Clip-on earrings are easily available in most stores.




• Clippings can easily be stolen from your ears, especially if you are in a crowded area


• Some clip-on earrings may press the ear lobes too tightly, thereby making one feel uneasy or uncomfortable around the earlobes


• Clip-on earrings are limited in size because they cannot hold too much weight, thereby making it difficult to find bold statement clip-on earrings.


3. Crossdresser earring options


Here are some of the best earring options for crossdresser beginners.




Introduction to Rings and Earrings


One of the best earrings for crossdressers, especially after piercing the ears, are studs.


Studs are convenient and manageable because the fastener goes straight into the earlobe, thereby reducing the risk of irritation.


A stud earring is usually small in size in the form of a tiny gemstone or a dot. It is also possible to wear stud clippings.


They typically come with magnets that one places behind the earlobes in order to hold the stud earrings in place.




Introduction to Rings and Earrings


If you have always admired dangling earrings, then as a crossdresser, you will fall in love with hoops.


Hoop earrings vary in shape, size, and the type of metal.


The great thing about hoop earrings is that they go with almost every type of outfit and do not attract any unnecessary attention.


Hoop earrings come in the form of clippings as well.


Most women have hoop earrings, which makes these earrings to be associated with femininity and style.


Therefore, as a crossdresser man, you can never go wrong with a pair of fancy hoop earrings.




Introduction to Rings and Earrings


Chandelier earrings are long, dangling, elaborate earrings made of crystals, gemstones, beads, and many more.


If you are looking for bold statement jewelry, then chandelier earrings will do just fine.


4. How to wear the right kind of earrings?


Selecting the right colored jewelry is important (rings and earrings).


Color matching is a problem that some crossdresser beginners tend to face.


The skill of matching the color of outfits and jewelry is the key to exuding feminine energy.


And it is actually a simple trick. All you need to do is match similar colors together.


Here are some color matches of clothes and jewelry that you can never go wrong with. They include:


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


• Earth-tone jewelry with earth-tone clothing


• Pastel-colored earrings with pastel-colored clothing


• Jewel-toned earrings with jewel-toned clothing


Another great tip that may come in handy is using complementary colors.


Certain colors always go well together, and if you combine the clothing with the jewelry, you may come up with an amazing look.


Here are some of the best complementary colors that you can combine. They include:


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


• Red earrings with a green outfit and vice versa


• Yellow earrings with a purple outfit and vice versa


• Blue earrings with an orange outfit and vice versa


In case you feel that you need more help with color matching or finding the right complementary colors, a color wheel/scheme can really come in handy.


5. Knowing when to rock bold statement earrings


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


If most of your outfits are simple or single-shaded, then bold earrings can help to add color and vibrancy to your outfit.


Statement jewelry is the kind of jewelry that instantly attracts the attention of others.


Bold statement earrings are usually large, colorful, and shaped in a unique way to attract attention.


If most of your clothes are dark, bold statement earrings can transform your look most simply.


However, statement pieces can be overdone and ruin the entire look.


So whenever you are rocking bold statement earrings, remember that less is more.


This means that one statement piece will do. Do not overwear statement earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.


One bold piece is enough to add some plush to your outfit.


6. Knowing when to pair earrings with the hair or outfit


When wearing a bold-colored outfit, you can pair it with hoops, studs, or Huggies to compliment your look.


However, if you decide to wear a bold necklace with the outfit, wearing big earrings as well may overdo the look.


In such a case, a small pair of rhinestone earrings will do.




The type of hair you wear will also determine the type of earrings you put on.


If you are rocking big afro-style hair, then large earrings can act as the perfect bold accent piece for your outfit.


If you like to keep your hair short, try teardrop, chandelier, clusters, or dangle earrings to compliment your style.


Since hair tends to frame one’s face and give you a softer look, the dangling earrings will make you more attractive with short hair.


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


If you are into curly long hair, then a pair of gorgeous hoops, studs, or clusters will bring out your beauty.


Remember that long hair may cover your ears and hide your earrings.


This is why big hoops or studs are best for long hair in order to keep you looking glamorous and stylish at all times.


7. Introduction to rings for crossdressers


Now that you have decided to wear rings as a fashion statement, how will you find the right kind of ring that will make your hands appear more feminine and delicate?



Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying rings:


1. Understand the type of hands you have


As a male crossdresser, the chances are high that your hands are larger compared to the average female.


The goal is to make your hands appear more feminine by finding the right-sized rings for your hands.


If you have large hands, do not buy thin, dainty rings because the size of your hand will overpower the ring and make it look out of place on your fingers.


Instead, if you have a large palm, buy rings that are thicker and larger. This way, they will fit right in with the size of your hand.


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


Also, I recommend that you go for big rings with a wide band.


This is because they look like statement pieces and make your hands more attractive.


2. Pick the right type of metal


There are so many metals to choose from when buying rings. Some of the best include:


Sterling Silver


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


This metal is whitish, and the rings are usually very affordable.


The great thing about Sterling Silver is that it is easily bendable to conform to the shape of your finger.


And you can always polish it to keep it looking shiny at all times.




Introduction to Rings and Earrings


If you are buying a ring with a narrower band, gold is the perfect option for you.


Gold rings are very durable and always hold their shape well.


Although they are costlier, gold rings will always have an attractive luster.


Stainless steel


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


Rings made from stainless steel are excellent for crossdressers because they are affordable, look like silver, and very durable.


If you prefer rings with wide bands, stainless steel rings are a great place to start.


Introduction to Rings and Earrings


Are you ready to find the perfect rings and earrings for your ears and hands?


Well, I recommend that you check out online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.




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