Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


The art of crossdressing, like any other form of art, requires the right tools and materials. Skill is quite important, and practicing leads you towards perfection. But what we buy for our crossdressing sessions also affects the final result. With that in mind, MTF crossdressers spend hours online trying to find the perfect items to feminize them. The options are endless, and you may end up lost and unable to find what you want. I will give you some shopping tips.


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


You need to pay attention both to the products and the stores themselves if you want a proper shopping experience.


The price and quality of the items may vary, so my recommendation is for you to buy different items in different stores.


It would be best if you compared the advantages of each one, including shipping and return policy, in order to decide which of them is the best one for your situation.




To help you and other crossdressing sisters, I’ve reunited a list of essential items for Mtf crossdressers and stores where you can find them.


I’ll talk about their importance and the advantages of each store, as well as give you some suggestions.


Make sure you read it and check out as many stores as possible.


The options are almost endless, but these are the best online shops for your male-to-female transformation.



1. Shopping Clothes in general


The one rule about feminine clothes for crossdressers is simple: The more, the merrier.


Way before I started my crossdressing journey, I dreamed about a full wardrobe of dresses, tank tops, and skirts.


The problem is that men tend to be taller and larger on average than women, so it’s a bit more difficult to find something that fits as it should.


The good news is that in recent years the market of plus size feminine clothing grew strong.


As a result, most MTF crossdressers can now find suitable outfits online. These are the stores I recommend:


◆ Amazon


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Known worldwide as one of the most complete department stores, Amazon has a huge selection of clothes available in a wide variety of sizes.


It is suited for many tastes and body types and is quite cheap as well.


They have a broad return policy that allows you to get a full refund on their products within 30 days of receiving them.


The quality of service is great, and shipping is fast.


This being said, I consider Amazon one of the best stores for purchasing feminine clothes, especially if your goal is to expand your wardrobe as soon as possible.


◆ Shein


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Shein has become quite popular in the East during the last two years.


Shipping takes a couple of weeks on average, but it’s worth the wait.


They have a good variety of products and many options for plus-size outfits.


The material surprised me in a good way the first time I bought a dress from them, as it’s of very good quality.


The return policy seems to work well, and customer service is also ok.


But the biggest advantage seems to be the accessible prices. It’s an affordable way of expanding your female wardrobe, so go for it.


2. Shopping Makeup


Buying makeup tends to be a little tricky. If the products are of poor quality, you may end up with an allergy.


It ruins your skincare routine and lasts for a shorter amount of time.


The idea is to choose products from renowned brands that are less likely to harm your skin once you apply them.


Here are my recommendations:


◆ The AVON website


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


They make good quality products for an accessible price and are known worldwide for their makeup products.


Easy to find in most countries, AVON products are a good way to get started with crossdressing.


The affordable prices allow you to buy enough to practice and improve your skills safely.


As for downsides, I can only think about their return policy, which is a little restrictive.


It’s not a big deal for me, but some people may be disappointed.


◆ Fluide


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Fluide launched in 2018 and gained my trust despite being no more than three years old.


They are focused on queer identities, with products aimed at every gender expression.


Their variety of products got me as well, as many skin tones can benefit from their products.


The quality is very good, and the fact that they are a cruelty-free company is a huge bonus for me.


The downside is that they don’t currently support either refunds or returns but offer direct customer support instead.


3. Shopping Wigs


What is a crossdresser without a wig? That’s more than essential in order to feminize your appearance.


I know short-haired women are also beautiful and feminine.


But to boost the effect of your transformation, you shall hide your masculine haircut. With that in mind, I recommend these stores:


◆ Roanyer Wigs


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Well-known for its realistic silicone suits, this company is now expanding its line of products.


A while ago, they released a series of high-quality wigs in a variety of shapes and colors.


They ship worldwide, with outstanding customer service and package tracking.


The prices are accessible, and the products durable, so I recommend you to check out the Roanyer wigs here:


◆ Uniwigs


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


With a huge variety and many categories of wigs, this store has one of the most complete wigs catalog online.


Many colors and styles are available, and they sell wig accessories as well.


If you plan on buying their wigs, remember to take care of them, as the prices here are a bit higher.


Treat them as investments, and try to save these high-quality ones for special occasions.


Since they allow returns and have a standard delivery time, it’s worth a shot if you want to try out a new haircut.


4. Shopping Shapewear


Looking for something that increases your curves and feminizes your figure?


Chances are you may be after a corset, a gaff, pads, and anything that makes your shape closer to a female one.


Shapewear boosts a crossdresser’s transformation in many ways, so I have store suggestions for these items as well.


◆ Glamour boutique


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


They sell a wide variety of cross-dressing-related items, which include a selection of corsets.


You may find hip pads and gaffs there as well, and their range goes from laced lingerie to stiff compression garments.


I haven’t bought anything from them, but close friends of mine have.


They ship overseas from the United States and accept returns. Great products and customer service.


◆ Roanyer Corsets


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Also focusing on crossdressers, and expanding their business, Roanyer now also sells corsets and hip pads of various sizes.


The store has many different types of corsets, and each one is better suited for a certain situation.


From comfort to stiffness or flexibility, you can choose based on your parameters and find the perfect one for your needs.


They are also affordable and of a great quality.


5. Shopping for Breast forms and suits


Feminizing your chest and creating a cleavage can improve your self-esteem and make you more attractive.


It also increases your chances of passing. Besides that, silicone products can do so in a more convincing way.


The stores in this section are the best for buying silicone breast forms and silicone body suits.


◆ Roanyer Breastform


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Here’s where Roanyer shines the most. Even though they have a variety of products, silicone garments are their specialty.


The details are rich, and their vest-like breast forms are comfortable and intuitive.


Many cup sizes are available, which makes the Roanyer products suitable for most body types.


To satisfy the needs of even more crossdressers, they have silicone body suits that cover the whole body.


It provides an instant appearance of smooth and shaved skin, as well as a good cover for your shapewear.


To take things to the next level, some models include lifelike replicas of female genitals, making you feel even more like a woman.


For those who want a facial change, realistic masks are also an option.


Roanyer is simply the biggest company in the silicone business, and the variety is amazing.


◆ The Breast Form Store


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


If you happen to be looking for adhesive breast forms, you should try this store.


They have a variety of forms that work like that and other useful accessories as well.


For example, you can buy pocket bras or bras that are designed to hold these forms.


They sell special tapes and other stuff to help you take care of your forms as well.


You may also find some vest-like forms, but they are a bit more expensive here.


6. Shopping Footwear


A common problem that many crossdressers face nowadays is that female footwear tends to be available in smaller sizes.


A big biological difference between males and females is the size of their feet, with men having to wear bigger shoes.


With that in mind, crossdressers should double-check the sizes and measurements used by each store.


Converting sizes isn’t so difficult once you get your measurements right.


But each manufacturer has its size chart, so make sure you check it beforehand.


Anyways, these are stores in which you may find suitable shoes for your crossdressing experience:


◆ Crossdress fashion


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


They have a decent selection of shoes in larger sizes suited for transgender people and crossdressers.


It includes quite a lot of options, to be fair, and the prices vary according to the quality of the products.


You may find something that fits both your style and foot size for an affordable price.


Shipping covers most countries, and is free in the US soil if the order exceeds $75.


The return policy is reasonable, and made-to-order items can be purchased as well.




Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Shoecup offers a variety of plus-size footwear and has categories for crossdressers and drag queens.


Their prices are slightly lower than the previous store, but the quality is comparable.


The collection includes shoes for many different occasions, even bikini contests, and punk goth events.


They have boots, stilettos, and heels, which may be enough to complete the look of many different crossdressers worldwide.


Another advantage is that they have the pink label collection from Pleaser in stock.


This collection was designed for trans people and crossdressers and will fit perfectly on your feet.


Shipping, returns, and customer service are of standard quality.


7. Shopping for Underwear and Lingerie


I can assure you most crossdressers dream of having some kind of feminine lingerie or underwear to use on a daily basis.


It’s a discreet way of experiencing femininity and allows you to feel quite comfortable.


Besides that, the sensual side of crossdressing is improved a lot with the right type of underwear.


However, buying this kind of item can be risky, so extra care and discreet packaging are needed.


I want to help you experience this kind of sensation without going through embarrassing situations.


So I’ve chosen these stores based on both discretion and practicality.


◆ Xdress


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


If you’re looking for comfort, I highly recommend this store.


They have an awesome set of lingerie designed for male bodies that still look feminine.


They are quite comfortable and fit most male sizes, all of that while looking delicate and sexy.


There you can find their sets composed of panties and bra-like tops.


Lots of gender-neutral options are available, including lace corsets and other types of underwear.


It’s recommended for those who want to sneak a feminine garment into everyday clothes without the need for tucking.


They ship worldwide as well, but there are a few things to keep in mind about the return policy.


Re-selling underwear and intimate clothing such as panties is illegal so most shops won’t exchange these items.


However, for first-time customers, they offer a refund for up to two items in their first purchase.


◆ Crossdressing closet


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


They offer a good variety of crossdressing items as well. It’s possible to find lingerie in many sizes, and the plus size section might fit most average-sized crossdressers.


They sell gaffs for tucking and comfortable masculine panties as well.


This store is better for those who want complete feminization and need lingerie to accommodate breast forms and hide their manhood.


Sock and lace corsets with a certain degree of compression are also good options they offer.


About delivery, they have discreet packaging. That’s good for crossdressers who want to avoid embarrassing situations, and they ship globally.


They also have a broad return policy, but shipping fees are non-refundable.


8. A word about sizing before shopping for crossdressing items


Now that you know where to buy each one of these items, I want you to be aware of a few things before you finish your purchases.


As sizing varies from store to store, it’s wise to ask them for a size chart.


Most of these stores are crossdressing-friendly and won’t mind sending you their feminine charts.


Some might as well send you a conversion table for male measurements!


For those more generic stores, please create a new email account with your crossdressing name and use it to ask them.


Also, consider that different countries use different measurement systems.


It’s worth doing a little research and looking at a couple more charts.


Shopping Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Once you have the charts and units handy, take your measurements to compare and find out which size might fit you better.


I always use my “largest” measurement as a parameter, and it tends to work.


This tip is especially important if you’re buying stuff from a place with poor customer service or restrictive return policies.


Lastly, I want to point out that we’re in the holiday season, and many of these stores are having their annual sales. It’s worth checking it out.




These are the stores I consider to be better suited for MTF crossdressers.


They supply you with useful items to complete your transformation.


Each store has its specialty, and the ones I cited here excel in the categories in which I’ve mentioned them.


But some stores, such as Roanyer, can provide you with multiple items.


Depending on what you need, buying multiple items from the same store can help you save some money on shipping.


But sometimes it’s better to get the best each store has to offer.


It’s a different situation for each crossdresser, and it’s up to you to know what you need.


Try to take your measurements and compare them with the right charts before buying anything.


It helps you to avoid frustration and makes it easier to return something that eventually doesn’t fit.


Happy holidays, and happy shopping! Want to share with us where you buy your stuff?


Tell our sisters how you purchase your crossdressing outfits in the comments below!

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  1. I have been wearing women’s clothes for 2 years now, and panties for the past 18 years. And I want to go shopping for a couple more
    plus size dresses, undergarments and shoes.I also need help putting on makeup, and choosing breasts forms. When I told my girlfriend that I belong in women’s clothes she agreed to help me in making arrangements for my reassignment surgery.

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