Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


Among the crossdressing community, it’s common to find people with different kinks. The most common ones involve some kind of BDSM practice and a dominant figure. It’s not so different for crossdressers that enjoy being maids.


Fantasy is quite common, but yet many of us are unable to make it a reality. It’s not really because of a lack of people to serve. The big problem is that there’s much more to being a maid than just the uniform. Learning the right skills requires some time, and mastering all the aspects of the role. As it’s somewhat complicated to become a maid, many sissy crossdressers feel like they can’t live as maids. If that’s your case, this article will be perfect for you.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


Sissy maids are expected to be subservient and submissive to their superiors. The ideal maid seeks to be obedient above everything. She must respect her superiors and do all the tasks and housework they tell her to do. The uniform and the feminization process are also important but vary between situations.


This article will focus on helping you and other cross-dressing sisters to become perfect sissy maids. I’ll talk about the manners and behaviors you must learn, and give you some guidelines about clothing.



1. What is a sissy maid?


Well, this is a rather simple question. A sissy person, in short, is a man that enjoys dressing up as a woman and acting overly feminine. We can say that it’s a subcategory of crossdressers, that incorporates even more feminine behaviors and mannerisms. In most cases, sissy crossdressers act delicate and fragile but still sexy and sometimes horny.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


But what about the maid part? Well, things start to get a bit more interesting from now on. A sissy maid is a man that, besides dressing up as a woman and acting feminine, also likes to serve a superior. I’m using superior as a generic term because it can be either a master, mistress, or any loved or significant other.


It’s comparable to a role play, where the maid will make the superior happy and satisfied. It may include doing various housework, such as cleaning and cooking. In some extreme cases, role-play involves a certain degree of humiliation and even punishment. It’s up to you to know your boundaries and limitations.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


2. How should you dress up?


The first step to becoming a proper maid is to dress up like one. There are many ways to do that, so I’ll give you some examples and guidelines to follow. The most common outfit for sissy maids is the classic french maid outfit. It looks good and tends to be both practical and sexy at the same time. Regarding this outfit, you have some options as well.


For example, you can get it whole as one piece, which tends to be more expensive but practical. Or you can put it together yourself, spending more time but less money. Let me talk a little bit more about each method.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


◆ Buying the whole kit at once


It’s fairly easy to find maid outfits for sale nowadays. It’s a common trend among young crossdressers and sissy femboys, even if they don’t want to act as maids sometimes. As a result, french maid costumes are cheap and easy to buy. However, you must double check quality and size of what you’re buying.


Those cheap costumes may wear out twice as fast as standard quality materials, and each branch has its sizing chart. Quality costumes are more expensive but come with everything you need to become a maid. Here are some examples of good maid outfits if you choose to buy a complete kit:


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid




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◆ Assembling a kit yourself


It’s less practical than buying everything at once, but it may save you some money. Besides that, buying your own kit results in an unique outfit that suits your needs and fits you better. But to do that, you’ll need to buy all the components for your costume, and put everything together. Let me teach you how to do it.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


For the basic outfit, you’ll need a french dress, or at least a petticoat with a proper top. These are not difficult to find either, and can give you an idea of how to proceed. The classic french outfit has these in black, but the color scheme can vary according to your needs. In addition to that, an overbust corset works well with this outfit to give you a more feminine silhouette. It also helps you to keep a straight posture and behave more “in character”. On top of all of that, a white apron completes the look and accentuates the maid look.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


To enhance the effect, and look even more feminine and sissy, you can use some accessories as well. The first thing I can suggest, is a nice pair of stockings, and some sort of head garment. Whithe stockings, pantyhose, and fishnets are common options for the legs, while veils, tiaras and “cat ears” are often used in the head. By wearing a wig, your face looks more feminine, but some people prefer to keep their natural hair for the outfit. I’ll leave some useful links here with some recommended products.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid



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3. How to behave as a maid


Now you know how to dress up as a sissy maid, but to fully become one, you still must learn the proper behaviors. Above everything, a maid must learn obedience. This is the key attribute, as the others may vary according to your superior. To be a maid is to serve, and to do things as you’re told. This is the main point of the maid fetish in most cases, and I know it can be different sometimes. But I’m focusing on this definition since it’s the most common. My point is that once you learn how to listen and obey your superior, you won’t fail them as a maid.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


As I’ve mentioned beforehand, serving may involve a variety of tasks. As a maid, your superior will give you tasks, which you’re expected to complete. Most of them are related to housekeeping, so you may need to clean and cook for the person. In many cases, it also involves a certain degree of sexual control of the superior over the maid. Some may request chastity to some degree, or demand a range of sexual favors.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


Sissy maids are also expected to act and look feminine while serving their superiors. It’s up to you to get out of character while no one’s looking, as long as you do the chores you were supposed to. But your mistress may require you to keep in character while they’re observing. This way, taking part in feminine activities such as sewing and manicure are encouraged.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


4. Finding a master or mistress


Now, let’s head to the last part. You still need to find a person to serve. If you are in a relationship with someone, ask them how they would feel about it. If they are ok with it, you can start to explore this world and experience something you always wanted. And even if you’re alone, it’s still possible to find a dominant superior. Quickly looking it up on Google can bring up a lot of new information, and help you to find someone in your area. However, you must on the internet, and make sure any arranged meeting is safe and in an open area.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


5. Practical tips to improve your maid experience


◆ Think about the kind of relationship you want


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


Sissy maids engage in many different kinds of relationships with their masters or mistresses. Some dress up as maids for short periods of time, while others stay like that 24/7. The intensity of the tasks also varies, as does the power of the superior over the maid. In most cases, obedience is to be expected without questioning. But before you start, clarify the details with the dominant person so that you both enjoy the experience.


◆ Consider a safe word


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


The tasks and humiliation that eventually comes with this kind of role play may not please everyone. If you’re not enjoying the experience, then there’s no point in playing along, is there? It’s okay to have boundaries and not want to cross them. If you’re going to be a sissy maid for someone, but have some doubts about it, arrange a safe word for the relationship. It’s used to communicate your emotional state, and to let your dominant know that you’re uncomfortable. It’s generally used to interrupt the role play for the day or at least a while. Communication is important  to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable environment.


Tips to Become a Good Sissy Maid


So, as we’ve seen, a sissy maid is a man that dresses and behaves like a woman, and is submissive to its superior. Dressing up as a maid is something that has variations, so you can recreate the maid outfit in a way that is practical for you. Of all the skills a maid should practice, obedience is the most important, as it makes you a versatile maid. This way, you can fit with any dominant, as long as you enjoy it and be yourself.

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  1. I can’t stop dreaming of becoming a submissive sissy maid. I want to submit to a master, Universe give me the conviction to make this reality. ?

  2. I want to be a sissy maid. I have wanted this all my adult life. I will serve and obey my mistress. If you will have me.

  3. I love to be a sissy maid. I have wanted this all my adult life. I am on my knees waiting to serve.please be my mistress. You won t regret it.

  4. I need to serve my mistress as a sissy maid. I have a gorgeous pink sissy maid dress. With frilly pink panties and a sissy maid collar. I will be on my kness waiting for your reply. Sissy joey.

  5. Once you become a Sissy Maid you understand your place in society and your need to show respect for your betters.

  6. As a crossdressing man who is unable to go out and get a job. I often serve as my wife’s secret sissy maid. I do absolutely everything from doing the dishes, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, food shopping, cooking and even clothes shopping for her and I. While cleaning when she is at work, I often wear my French maid outfit with my 4″ stiletto heels and all of the body modifications parts that I have. Such as breast forms and hip & butt enhancers. And sometimes even a face full of makeup if I have time. She loves that the house is always clean and I love being the sissy maid that cleans it for her.

  7. I need to learn how to clean better. I need that kind of training for sure, even just for cleaning my personal space.
    I do like dressing as a sissy maid and I wish I had someone I could do it for. A couple would be best so I could learn to be more feminine but also so I would serve both a woman and a man.
    I’m not sure I want to make it a lifestyle though, I still do it mostly as a fetish, but I’d still live to be a sissy maid for someone during my time off and vacations.
    I’m honestly afraid I’ll never be able to live that fantasy.

  8. I have been a sissy maid many times overe the past 30 years or more. I was trained by the Muir Academy for Maids and have worked for my current mistress many times, I always dress is proper maid or femine cleaners uniform not silly frilly things but proper maid dresses with and apron or tabard depending on the dury I am doing at the time. After days work my current mistress will inspect the work as if it is not up to her standard I have to do it again and before I am dismissed I get punished with a riding crop. At least 6 strokes and as hard as madam feels is required for the error and I love it.

  9. I would happily serve a man, woman or couple as their live in maid. I am feminizing myself and have several maids uniforms I clean in. Hopeful that one day I will become a common ordinary maid to a new family. Seen as a female servant dutifully serving and performing her chores

  10. I need to be a woman to be in love with my man! I want to make him so happy, and satisfied.

  11. I want to be a sissy male maid for a we oman and man 24)7 and do housework and it made to

  12. I am a 57 yo M and I have drempt and fantasized about being a sissy maid and serving a dominant Mistress for a long time. I have my own pink satin French Maids outfit and I am still waiting and hoping for the opportunity to wear it and serve my Mistress and I believe I would be a good sissy maid and will do as I’m told.

  13. How do I get started. I seek a sissy sub to own and collar and train perfectly and meet with.

  14. I love to service my wife while I am dressed up as a frilly French maid. I love to go down on her and clean her with my mouth and love it when she uses my mouth as her toilet so I can swallow her pee. It’s so delicious. Then I get to clean her up again after cumming inside of her. I love the taste of my own cum. I dress as her maid every chance I get.

  15. hi misstress Hayes My name is patty cakes and I want to be owned and trained to be not only a maid but a total pansy that even young girls boss around.I wear my hair. long and full with cute lil bangs, and panties everyday, also I try to only wear tight women jeans, and want to start carrying a purse, but I’m to much of a scary cat or wussy. Its a total tun on for me to be with a misstress and every one sees me as her lil femme sissy bitch who just fawns over her mistress, while she degrades me or even spanks me, and has me dress her and do her hair while she goes out with real men. Which really drives home the fact that she don’t see me as a male at all, but only a little girlie boy that she gets to use , and humiliate while worship even more.

  16. I work as a Sissy Maid for two Mistresses. Becoming a Maid was one of the best decisions I ever made. Anybody who dreams about been a Sissy Maid should consider this, the more you do it the stronger the hold it as over you. The need to please your Mistress becomes overwhelming, the urge to do a good job and not disapoint her is a very powerful feeling.
    I know there is no going back for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Sissy Maid Nina

  17. I work as a Sissy Maid for two Mistress’s. It doesn’t have to be like in porn movies, where it’s as much about punishment and chastity than it is about actual service. A Mistress should be able to do all the things she wants to do while your hard at work doing the housework. That could be anything from relaxing in front of the TV to taking a nice long soak in the bath or even going back to bed. I’ve encountered it all, from been left in on my own while my Mistress goes out shopping to her even having sex in another room. Over time a strong bond forms between Mistress and Maid, a mutual trust and respect. I Love been a Sissy Maid and my Mistresses enjoy keeping me one.

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