Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


For some people, it takes time to find out who they are on the inside.


They may not discover their true selves until they reach a more advanced age.


As a result, late crossdressers face some struggles since they want to look sexy and feminine despite their age.


It is possible to achieve that and look attractive even after you’re past your teenage years.


However, some of them don’t know the methods and techniques that would allow that.


If that’s your case, this article may help you.


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


In order to look sexy, a crossdresser must build up enough confidence so they have the courage needed to try out new clothes and techniques.


Lack of confidence may prevent you from doing what needs to be done.


It would be best if you remembered how beauty standards change so you can keep up with new trends all the time.


It ensures that your outfit matches what’s considered to be sexy nowadays.




In order to help you understand the basics, I brought you four tricks that help crossdressers look sexy at any age.


They are basic techniques, in essence, but are good enough to suit most crossdressers.


I’ll talk and develop each one of them so everything is as clear as possible for you to understand.



1. Tips for Crossdressers at Any Age-Take your time to build up more confidence


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


Some scientific studies have shown that confidence and success are correlated.


That’s because confident people are more likely to take risks and unlock more opportunities.


But it doesn’t stop there, as the correlation between confidence and attractiveness has also been found.


You may use a similar logic here, as confident crossdressers are more likely to try out new techniques and practice more often.


This way, they have higher chances of adapting to new trends and dare to experiment with new outfits.


They constantly refresh their visuals in order to find what works best for them.


This process requires that you learn from your mistakes.


This way, it leads confident crossdressers to perfection.




As we can see, confidence is a key to improving your skills and making you look more attractive in general.


But how does a crossdresser achieve such a degree of confidence?


It’s not an easy task, but these are some useful tips that may help you become more confident:


◆ Take it slow


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


Each person has different needs, and it’s okay to start slow.


It isn’t easy to create confidence all of a sudden, so it’s okay to start slow.


A good tip is to go out partially dressed or at night in order to make it harder for people to tell that you’re wearing women’s clothes.


It may take some time, but you can dress up a little each day until you’re fully crossdressed.


It gives you time to adapt and feel more comfortable with your outfits, increasing your confidence.


◆ Set some crossdressing goals for yourself


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


A good way to keep track of your progress is to set up a few goals for yourself as a crossdresser.


It can be almost anything, from learning a new kind of makeup to going out in public while crossdressing.


You may start with a few basic goals and gradually progress to more advanced stuff.


Each time you achieve a goal, you’ll feel fulfilled and confident.


It’s a rewarding sensation that works as a confidence exercise.


◆ Practice your posture and speech


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


These are two things that many crossdressers tend to be insecure about.


Even though they nail the look, their voice and body language can give them away as crossdressers.


My tip is to set a goal for yourself about these two features, and not only about makeup.


A good way to train your voice is through the use of voice training apps or with a phonoadiologyst specialized in transgender people.


And you can work on your body language by wearing heels and shapewear to straighten your posture and feminize your walk.


These are sometimes seen as little details, but they have a rather big effect on how you are perceived.


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


To maximize both your confidence and sexiness, I recommend you pay attention to these details, practicing as much as you can.


2. Tips for Crossdressers at Any Age-Keep up with modern trends


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


As I’ve mentioned, what’s considered to be sexy changes from time to time, as do the beauty standards imposed upon us.


This way, what used to be sexy a few decades ago can now be seen as corny and out-of-date.


What I mean is that if you’ve been crossdressing for a while, the techniques you learned when you were young may now be obsolete.


In order to keep yourself as a sexy crossdresser in modern times, you need to adapt to the new trends.


Sometimes, for men, it’s a bit difficult to follow up with feminine trends, but  I have a few tips to help you with that.


◆ Pay attention to your surroundings:


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


What do women your age wear? Go out to shop and look around.


If you’re young, you may see what girls from your school or college tend to wear to parties and in their free time.


Look at what kind of outfit they use in pictures that they post on social media, or to go out with their friends.


If you are a mature crossdresser, pay attention to your female workmates and friends, and try to discover what they wear on formal occasions.


If you keep up with all of the situations I’ve mentioned, you’ll find out how women your age dress up to feel sexy nowadays.


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


◆ Read female fashion magazines:


They tend to include commentaries about the most recent trends and sometimes influence said trends.


This is a rather common method of keeping up with trends, especially among teenagers.


But you can find magazines directed to mature people as well, with many fashion tips that will prevent you from looking corny.


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


I understand that, sometimes, it may be difficult to dress up this way.


Even more, since the pandemic prevented us from going out too often in the last two years.


To help you even further, here are two videos from experts:




3. Tips for Crossdressers at Any Age-Start a diet and do more exercise


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


As we get older, our body tends to get out of shape and become less sexy.


But this may also happen to young crossdressers who are going through puberty.


That’s because unbalanced hormones can lead to weight gain and skin problems such as acne.


Well, the beauty standards associate soft skin and a slimmer body with the concept of female sexiness.


So, in order to fit these standards, a good diet and a little exercise could help.


The objective is to ingest fewer calories and to drink more water.


Both of these options can reduce the amount of body fat in your abdomen and soften your skin.


To boost the effects and achieve more satisfactory results, talk to a nutritionist and go to a gym.


As a bonus, it makes you healthier and allows you to live longer. But don’t push yourself too much.


Keep in mind that people exist in various shapes and different sizes.


Besides that, the current beauty standards are almost impossible to achieve.


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


You must learn how to love yourself as you are and remember that you can be sexy in your way.


But if you want to enhance your appearance with this method, you can start with the exercises showcased here:



4. Tips for Crossdressers at Any Age-Learn the differences between what’s sexy and what’s slutty


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


When dressing up in a sexy way, the first thing we think about is our cleavage and how much skin we’ll show.


However, we must avoid being seen as a slut.


If we exaggerate features we find to be sexy, it may look rude, vulgar, and unpleasant to the eye.


You’ll need to understand how to avoid this kind of situation in order to look sexy, no matter your age.


Even if you’re a young crossdresser, showing off too much skin or an exaggerated cleavage can ruin your image.


You need to aim for a balance in order to look sexy without being vulgar.


My tip is to go for a better silhouette instead of showing off as much skin as possible.


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


If you combine a good corset with a pair of hip pads and breast forms, you’ll achieve attractive curves and a sexy silhouette without being slutty.


It’s also recommended that you pay attention to proportions.


For example, choose hip pads and breast forms based on your weight and height instead of choosing the large ones.


Being out of proportion makes you look less sexy and is the ultimate slutty move.


So, in order to be a sexy crossdresser, pay attention to that and dress accordingly.


If you run out of ideas, you may find some inspiration here:



This article revolved around giving you some tips to be a sexy crossdresser at any age.


Of course, each person is unique, so these tricks may be adapted to better fit your situation.


But at its core, the rules are the same for everyone.


It would be best if you built up confidence, stayed tuned to the latest trends, and reached a balance in your outfits to be attractive.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to preserve your femininity and youth as well.


It allows you to look as sexy as possible no matter how old you are.


If you found this article to be helpful, tell us how!


Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


Keeping Yourself Attractive: Tips for Crossdressers of Any Age


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