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My First Time Presenting Femme at College

What is it like to present yourself as a woman in front of people who know you and whom you see every day? One thing is to go out en femme at night and interact with people you will never see again. Another very different circumstance is to dress up in broad daylight, in front of your colleagues. You never know how they will react.


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


I tried it last week, and the results surprised me. Everything I did as a cross-dresser this month led to this, which was a unique experience. I want to share it with my sisters and hopefully inspire them. So if you want to know more about it, make sure you read this article!



1. Deciding I should do it


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


This month was quite unique for my overall experience and personal growth as a genderfluid cross-dresser. It was the first time I went outside, in public, as a girl, and managed to spend a whole day en femme. These events helped me build confidence for what I now consider one of my most meaningful experiences. After I dressed up as a girl for a friends’ birthday a few weeks ago, I knew that I was ready. I came out to a few close friends on those occasions. But still, most people that saw me as Elise on that day didn’t know me as my male counterpart. I wanted a more intense experience. I wanted to show up in my college en femme and let people know that it’s part of my gender identity. So last week, I figured out it was time to do it.


2. Building confidence


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


I was afraid at first. I didn’t know what I should expect of my classmates, let alone the teachers. But I was determined to make my feminine side acknowledged by them. So I started to think about stuff that would encourage me. First, I made sure that my girlfriend and her roommates would stay by my side, as they study at the same university as me. Their company made it easy for me to cope with my shame and insecurities. Then I kept reminding myself that college students tend to be more open-minded and respectful toward trans people.


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


Think of that helped me to calm down and re-evaluate the risks. I felt like it would be safe to dress up this way and that my friends wouldn’t judge me. Besides that, most professors in my university already claimed to support trans rights. They also have been using neutral pronouns in an effort to be more inclusive. This is why support from allies is so important. It helps us to feel safe, encouraging us to be ourselves.


3. Getting ready


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


My plan was to arrive in time for lunch, as the university restaurant serves delicious meals. The problem is that I missed my first alarm, so I had to dress up in a hurry. I started with my usual shapewear, panties, and bra. Then I proceeded to wear a mixture of some of my masculine and feminine clothes because I was running out of time. I didn’t quite like the results, as my outfit felt loose a didn’t highlight my clothes properly. But I didn’t have the neither time or the courage to change into something more feminine, so I started doing the makeup.


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


I didn’t want to look too evident, so I used something rather basic. I’ve used some color corrector to help hide my five o’clock shadow, plus a bit of foundation and concealer to hide some flaws and do the contouring. I finished up with mascara and eyeshadow, with no eyeliner, plus some red lipstick and vouilá. To complete the look, I only had to put on my favorite wig and change my body language. Here’s a picture of the results:


4. The arrival


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


My first challenge was to arrive at the university. I was a bit late for lunch, and my girlfriend was already there with her housemates. They were waiting for me at the entrance to the restaurant. I wouldn’t make it in time by foot, so I had to call an uber. It was an awkward situation, as the app still had my male name on each. The driver was a bit confused and asked if it was me. I answered that sometimes it was, and he laughed a bit. I was a bit insecure by then but anxious and excited at the same time.


He drove me to college, and I met up with the other girls so we could have lunch. It was quite difficult to eat with a corset on, but I had success after a bit of effort. There, I interacted with a few of my colleagues, and everything was fine. I had the impression that some of them didn’t recognize me. I felt just like Clark Kent since I don’t have my glasses on when I dress up as a girl. But those who did notice were nice to me and seemed to be respectful. I wasn’t mistreated even once. I felt welcome there as who I am.


5. Overall review of my experience


My First Time Presenting Femme at College


It was worth the effort. I loved being treated as a woman in college and learned that I could do it whenever I wanted to. Unfortunately, my classes were interrupted. That was due to the professor feeling ill moments before they started. At least he is feeling better now and will resume the classes next week. My only problem was with my corset, as it was difficult to endure the compression after lunch. Nonetheless, here I feel safe and free to be myself, so I totally recommend you do this if you ever get the chance. I am most definitely going to do it again as soon as possible.


Sometimes, we cross-dressers have to be bold. We must have new experiences and discover more about ourselves in the process. Our insecurities will fade with time, and only the good memories will remain. I hope this will serve as a source of inspiration for our sisters, so they can find the confidence to expand their experiences. In the end, I want us all to fulfill our cross-dressing aspirations without being afraid to be ourselves. Did you find this to be helpful? I would love to hear your opinion and experiences as well, so make sure to leave a comment!





What do you think cross-dressers should remember in order to build confidence and be bold?


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  1. I’d say all three resp)onses to your “confidence quiz” apply. They are all true. I’m age 76, and I’ve experienced (B) absolutely. Of course (A) applies. And (C) will certainly separate your “false friends” from your genuine friends—albeit possibly to your surprise in terms of who’s whom.

    Some (many) will say it is really just a matter of style, but sexuality is extremely deeply-wired in all our psyches. It isn’t a little thing; it’s huge. How lucky young people are now to be somewhat less at the risk of life and death, than we of long ago. Even so, there is one giant elephant wandering about the room:Playboy magazine, searched not for models with big huge boobs, but rather for models with at least a 10-inch DIFFERENCE between their boobs and their waists—and that was not commonly found. It’s much easier for a male to disguise himself as a rather average middle-aged matron, then, rather than as a young dreamgirl. Now, I’m speaking generally here, rather than directing the following toward the “College Crossdresser” who wrote the article: Males usually have FAR bigger noses, too, so our unfortunate street-model may not be anywhere near as “passable” as he thinks He is passable according to the generosity of a wise but compassionate public, and that is rather sad. Dustin Hoffman is said to have broken into tears in the filming of Tootsie, as he realized a truth so many WOMEN know very painfully, and that is that their physical beauty and allure has a lifespan of only about 20 years. Depending how much women lean on physical beauty by itself for their confidence, that is unfortunate. (Not really, as Nature has reasons, and female beauty leads to pregnancy as its ultimate purpose.)

    It’s a good article, and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you very much for writing it.

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