Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out(MTF Transformation Tips)


Cross-dressing has its ups and downs, like anything else in life. We have a lot of fun while en femme. But as we follow some specific feminization routines, it’s common to feel bored with our outfits. It may also be difficult to stand out as most of our sisters have a similar sense of fashion. But if you still want to look unique, these outfitting tips may help you.


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


You must stay away from the cliches and set free your creativity. Experiment with bold stampings and innovate with colors, so you can stand out as a crossdresser. I’ll teach you how to do all of that and even more, so stay tuned and read this article till the end!



1. Use something that favors your body type


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


Both men and women have a wide variety of body types, and all of them are valid. But it’s common for crossdressers to try and feminize their silhouettes. It’s valid as well, but feminizing clothes tend to be quite limiting. You must leave this work to shapewear and seek outfits that favor your body type. For male-to-female crossdressers, it means one should highlight their most feminine features.


If you feel like you have a nice chest and a convincing cleavage, try shirts with larger collars that allow you to show it. If you have a thin waist, use paddings instead of shapewear, combining them with a crop top. Now, if your femininity relies most upon your legs, keep them shaven and visible! It’s a matter of identifying what you can use as an advantage in your body type. And as these features are unique for each person, you’re more likely to stand out while en femme.


2. Avoid the cliches


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


There are so many cliches when it comes to cross-dressing, and if you want to stand out, you must avoid them. There are two main reasons for you to do that. First, cliche outfits are often outdated compared to fashion standards, and dressing like that may give you away as a crossdresser. The second point is that most of these cliches are generic outfits that won’t help you look unique. Instead, you’re most likely to blend in with the crowds near you.


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


A few of those cliches are well known, and I have mentioned them in articles before. Take, for example, black outfits, round skirts, and opaque stockings. They do bring some advantages for crossdressers and help us look more feminine. But if you keep repeating the same techniques over and over, you won’t be noticed as a unique crossdresser. Instead, you’ll be only replicating the same old techniques as everyone else. I want you to exercise your creative side and try to make your outfits reflect your own personality.


3. Play with different prints


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


About personality, there’s hardly anything as expressive as stampings and prints when it comes to fabrics. Vivid colors are great, but they can be bland and lack personality. To look unique, you need some sort of combination based on your own individuality. You can use it as a parameter to choose the print you want in your clothes. I’ll give you a few further examples to inspire you.


● Flower prints


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


Flower prints are good for you if you want to convey an idea of delicate femininity. Pink and other pastel colors will help you to look more innocent when combined with this kind of pattern. This is a good combination for outfits such as dresses and skirts, one that will make you look unique. For cross-dressing purposes, try patterns with smaller flowers, as big ones may neutralize your curves. However, if you´re a tall cross-dresser, try something larger to keep things to scale.


● Stripes


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


Stripes are pretty popular with today’s youth in varied colors and outfits. So you might as well increment your outfits with this kind of pattern. However, as it’s common nowadays, it would be wise to avoid saturated colors. Try designs with three or more colors of your choice, as it helps you stand out. Just keep in mind to avoid horizontal stripes, as they make you look chunky and less feminine. Instead, try vertical ones to look slender, or even diagonal stripes to highlight your curves.


● Checkered patterns


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


From cottage core to hipster communities, checkered patterns are pretty popular. Even so, they help people to look distinguished. I’ve seen some crossdressers using this kind of print before, each one in a unique way. The good thing about checkered patterns is that they are pretty varied, being suitable for many different styles. Such variations are perceived in the size, shapes, and colors of these patterns. Crossdressers may benefit from larger squares on a skirt, as it highlights their hips, while smaller patterns on a shirt help you look more formal.


● Geeky prints


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


This is a way of showing off what makes you happy and what things you’re interested in. It can be a print of a character you like, a movie, a band, or even a celebrity. The important thing is to incorporate your tastes into your outfit, making it a bit more unique for you. I call them geeky prints because this tactic is often associated with geeks. They often seek to show their own unique styles and personalities. Besides that, cross-dressers like us can use such elaborate prints to conceal traces of shapewear. It did work when I tried.


4. Use colors that help people notice you


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


If your goal is to stand out and look unique, you must dress up in a color that draws attention to you. But using an outfit made out entirely of this kind of color is a cliche. Because of that, I recommend you add hints of them to your outfits. A good example would be combining primarily black clothes with a red scarf during winter or a sun hat during summer. Darker tones are beneficial for cross-dressers, as it helps you outline your curves and boosts the effect of shapewear. But you still need something to act as a focusing point that draws attention to the rest of your unique style.


5. Do not underestimate footwear


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


What you wear on your feet is also essential! Many of us fail to realize that and miss an excellent opportunity to make our styles more unique. Most of our sisters visit footwear shops once in a while to buy new stilettos, heels, or flats. These, however, can easily fit into the cliche category as well. They are good at feminizing our appearance. That’s a fact. But still, these shoes are overused and saturated, so you aren’t going to look so unique on them.


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out 


Instead of that, try out something that speaks to you. The rule of thumb for footwear is to skip feminine stereotypes and experiment with something new. In the case of cross-dressers, the size is also important. That’s because most women’s shoes come in smaller sizes and may not be comfortable to wear. This is yet another opportunity for you to try something out of the usual. Something more androgynous, per se. It may allow you to dress up and endure staying en femme for longer.


6. Choose the right wig


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


After all of that, the last thing that should concern you is your hair. A standard or trendy haircut will only make you look ordinary. You need, once again, to draw some attention to yourself. You don’t want to look as bland as other girls, let alone other crossdressers. You can dye your hair in several different tones to escape the monotony and get a bold haircut. It doesn’t even require you to let it grow since it’s more common for women to have short hair. But if you do want longer hair for further feminization effects, choose a wig.


One of the most significant advantages of being a crossdresser is that we can easily change our haircuts. Wigs let you completely transform your head in seconds with new hair color and style. And You don’t have to worry too much about it since you can change bay whenever you want. The possibilities are endless, to say the least. So, of course, you can find something unique that both pleases you and draws some attention for being unmatched.


7. Try the latest silicone products


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


We try to compensate for what we lack in many different ways. For crossdressers, it means that we attempt to mimic a feminine body, which includes breasts and larger hips. The vast majority of our sisters start with simple techniques, such as using stuffed bras and simple paddings. But the results are pretty basic and are rarely convincing enough to help you pass as a woman, let alone to look distinguished.


Creating Unique Outfits to Stand Out


If you want to look unique, you should invest in quality silicone products to make it happen. Realistic breast forms, for example, look just like the real thing, and many sizes are available. Choose the right one for your build, and it will be hard not to notice you. On the other hand, Silicone bodysuits take realism to a whole new level. They allow you to use revealing clothes by hiding your shapewear with a seamless transition. These items will make you look stunning and unique, improving your overall experience as a crossdresser.


It is difficult for us to look unique and distinguished when we are out there en femme. If we keep reproducing cliches and stereotypes, we’ll look generic and empty of personality. It affects cisgender women as well. But it is a much more common problem among crossdressers. That’s due to our standard feminization methods. But you can overcome that by putting aspects of your personality into your outfits. Do you understand what makes you unique, both as a person and a crossdresser? We would love to hear about your individual experience, so make sure to leave us a comment!




What do you think is the unique feature that has the most impact on a woman or crossdresser?


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