How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


We crossdressers are always looking to express our feminine side in any way possible. This might mean adding fresh new accessories at the end of an otherwise plain outfit. Or knowing which shoes match our OOTD, especially when it comes to crossdressing outfits and upscale styles. We crossdressers like putting our feminine sides out on display. And with the Y2K fashion craze, it’s impossible not to. The Y2k fashion has become an increasingly prevalent trend amongst the mainstream once more. It’s back just two decades after making its first appearance at the turn of the millennium.



1-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


For crossdressers, young and old alike, knowing how to rock Y2k fashion is a great way to refresh your wardrobe! Comfy, casual, and makes you look good. Emulating the y2k fashion style will surely get you the attention you deserve and need. Y2k fashion trends include wide-leg denim jeans, ribbed cardigans, miniskirts, velour tracksuits, and funky accessories. This fashion trend is unique and innovative in a way that you’ll rock no matter how old you are.


Having a Y2k wardrobe means we have an arsenal of both clothing and accessories at our disposal. If you’re feeling particularly futuristic now, there are plenty of ways to pull it off. Today, we’ll be looking at unique ways crossdressers can pull off this futuristic look today in 2022!



1. What is Y2k fashion?


2-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


The fashion of the year 2000, or Y2k fashion, was all about wearing clothes that related to a revolution of sorts. Much like how crossdressing is a testament to the revolution in gender nonconformity. If you are struggling to choose a new look, one aspect of Y2K fashion you may want to consider is the modern-inspired items. A lot of crossdressers are looking at this style and strongly considering it. Many find it to be a lot more practical and comfortable than the other options that are out there. Y2k fashion for crossdressers is something comfy, fun, and flirty.


3-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


So, how can crossdressers rock Y2k fashion? Y2K fashion for crossdressers is something we can all get into for different reasons. For those who love a comfy vibe, why not try velvet track pants or chunky heels that aren’t only insanely comfortable and stylish! And for those who like to add a little pizzazz in their clothing, bedazzled denim jackets are perfect. Either way, it’s a wonder to indulge in the best of the bygone era while adding in a modern twist through Y2K fashion.


2. Wide-Leg Denim Jeans


4-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


A popular style of denim worn during this time was the ultra-wide leg jean. They make quite a statement when paired with cropped tank tops or fitted baby doll Ts. This also looks good with slinky ribbed button-ups, or even turtlenecks in some cases! The fabric will not limit your movement in any way, and the jeans will look great. Make sure that you buy a pair that goes with heels and sandals. The great thing is that they are going to look good with a variety of tops. This is the clothing item where you as a crossdresser can go wild with accessories. Sequins, beading, and ruffles are all great options!


5-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


For us crossdressers, mid-rise jeans are best. These are wide-leg pants in their cut and allure. But these pants offer a much sleeker, slimming alternative. They have a fitted waist which serves to utterly flatter the body and create a nice hourglass effect for any silhouette. I know that some of us might be worn out from having to wear constrictive clothing every day or have each day be flooded by clothing that too often doesn’t flatter our figure.


6-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


Wearing this type of denim can be intimidating because we are used to wearing more fitted styles. But, a high rise balances out the proportions to create nice vertical and horizontal lines. It’s crucial for those of us who aren’t used to wearing jeans with such an open cut of fabric like this on the legs. When wearing wide-leg jeans, we can choose from faded blue denim or traditional dark denim.


3. Ribbed Cardigans


7-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


A cardigan is a garment designed to be worn over outer garments, usually as part of an ensemble. Cardigans are often knitted from cashmere, wool, or cotton yarns. They are normally fitted to the body, and the sleeves may be full-length or three-quarter length. It gained popularity during the late 19th century. These garments are perfect to layer up when wearing bulky outfits that make movement difficult.


8-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


Miniskirts and slip dresses are frequently paired with ribbed cardigans. To finish the outfit, use high heels to emphasize your style points and keep those contours sleek. A ribbed cardigan over a white blouse can also be paired with burgundy or navy pleated miniskirts. It can also be styled over a beige skirt with thigh-high stockings and black sandals. This look still embodies the perfect approach to off-duty style. Pair a ribbed cardigan over a silk slip dress for an ensemble for a sweet, sophisticated look.


4. Mini Skirts


9-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


In this case, they pair exceptionally well with cropped tees to give off a youthful vibe while staying on-trend. Y2k miniskirts also have vibrant colors and textures like leather or wool, depending upon the season. For example, in Fall or Winter, sisters can pair it with a tonal turtleneck with some knee-high boots to help keep you warm through cold months.


10-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


Contrary to popular belief, miniskirts are not just appropriate for the petite. If you feel sexy and flirty, try a nice short skirt that can look chic and polished if you know how to pull them off. There is something alluring about crossdressers wearing miniskirts and stockings to complement the look. A trench coat over your mini skirt looks polished and grown-up. Additionally, a duster can achieve a similar effect without adding as much bulk to your outfit. Layering pieces are a great way to dress up miniskirts since the layers elongate the legs but also add warmth when it gets cold. Crossdressers who want to show their legs are able to retain their femininity.


5. Velour Track Sets


11-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


So, when I think about the Velour track sets fashion scene, it’s impossible for me not to imagine velour Juicy Couture track sets as worn by the undeniable screen queens—Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. These two socialites were ruling Hollywood in their velvet track pants and jackets. However, we never thought would make their way into our wardrobes unironically again just a few years later.


12-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


Pull on velour tracksuits for a feminine casual look that’s that will definitely impress. This outfit is on fire, and I want you to get in on the trend. If you’re the type of crossdresser who likes to combine these “essentials” of street wear with the classic look, then invest in your own matching tracksuit and pair it with white sneakers or platforms for a frostier look.


You can also match it with your favorite crop top, a pair of fun printed sneakers, or other stylish items. As for colors, go on and try something as vibrant as bubblegum pink or soft purple to really showcase your adventurous personality. The options are limitless when it comes to choosing the right accessories with a tracksuit. You can pair it with Reeboks, Converse, and even high heels! If you prefer something edgier, a combat boot is a fantastic complement for those crossdressers who want to tuck their pants into the boots for an added sense of style.


6. Don’t forget to Accessorize!


13-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


Accessories have always been significant as they help crossdressers put their best look forward. But you can bring them back to the forefront of your fashion by buying some items that bring back memories of the ’00s. This includes throwing on a few pieces that are representative of the decade’s most fashionable looks.


14-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


If you’re looking to channel your inner 2K but want a more creative way in which to do so, here are some accessories we recommend for your trips down memory lane. Opt for sunglasses with original designs for a one-of-a-kind look. Consider pairing your sunglasses with a dual-lens construction with stripe enamel bracelets. My top tip for adding Y2K fashion flex, consider pairing a resin hair clip with a scrunchie to stake your claim at being the next it-girl. To get that true-to-form 2000s vibe, you’ll have to wear butterfly clips. The original version of these aesthetic clips had thicker and larger barbs compared to today’s fashion accessories. But, they still hold the same iconic appeal. Wear them in your hair and flaunt a half-up half-down hairstyle wig for a more retro feel.


15-How to rock Y2k Fashion for Crossdressers


Young and old crossdressers alike have been getting themselves into a nostalgic craze over the years regarding Y2K fashion. In fact, while some of the classic pieces from this era remain firmly rooted on shelves, many modern interpretations have appeared on runways as well as online today! Get ready to rock those cute baby tees, miniskirts, chunky platforms, and more. This year, expect to see crossdresser moving like it’s the early 2000s because Y2K fashion is back, baby!

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