Taking Care of Your Panties(MTF Transformation Tips)


Some cross-dressers say that we aren’t proper women until we try out feminine underwear. Because of that, panties are one of the very first items we buy. It can be simple underwear or very elaborate lingerie. The fact is that we feel much more feminine while wearing them. But many of us can’t afford to buy a lot of panties. So how should we preserve and take care of them?


Taking Care of Your Panties


Well, you must wash and store them following a set of rules so they don’t end up ruined. Besides that, avoid over-using the same undies over and over. This way, they won’t look worn out so fast. If you’re after this kind of information, make sure you read the whole article, as it has some useful tips.



1. Do not mix colors


Taking Care of Your Panties


This tip is valid for most clothes when putting them on a washing machine, which isn’t the best approach for panties. But if you’re running out of time to wash your cross-dressing items, we can make exceptions. That’s because some of us have few opportunities to do so without getting caught. Nonetheless, if you do so, avoid mixing colors. It may cause some color transfer from the darker clothes to the lighter ones, ruining their appearance. For most women, this isn’t so much of a big deal, as they plan to keep their panties out of sight. But cross-dressers want to see themselves and look good in them. That’s one more reason to keep them intact.


2. Wash them by hand


Taking Care of Your Panties


And as we are speaking of preserving our panties, I must recommend you wash them by hand, instead of doing it in a washing machine. I know that some women wash their everyday underwear in machines, but it’s different for cross-dressers. What women tend to wash this way are common panties that are usually more resistant to heavy washing procedures. But we, cross-dressers, tend to choose underwear by the way it looks. We buy beautiful and delicate panties, especially those with laces or small details and lingerie. They shouldn’t go into a washing machine since they are fragile and could be torn apart. My tip here is for you to wash them by hand while you shower, with proper underwear soap or detergent.


3. Pay attention to the weather temperature


Taking Care of Your Panties


Always wash your underwear with cold or room temperature water. That’s because hot water is known for shrinking or taking off the color of some clothes. And panties are often made out of cotton or elastic materials, which are more often affected by warm water. And it brings a lot of problems for cross-dressers. Starting with the color issue, as I’ve mentioned before, we want to look good in them. And if your panties lose color due to the water temperature, they might no longer serve this purpose.


Taking Care of Your Panties 


And after that, there’s still the size problem. You want your underwear to feel comfortable, not tight, as you’ll be using it for some time. Besides that, many of our sisters have to wear plus-size stuff since male measurements tend to be more significant. It’s already difficult to find panties that fit masculine bodies, so you don’t want to lose them this way.


4. Let them dry


Taking Care of Your Panties


Please, avoid twisting your panties. This is a beginner’s mistake. Underwear in general, but panties to a higher degree, is designed to fit its wearer comfortably. To achieve that, they make use of elastic material that adjusts to your frame if you buy the correct size. That’s how it holds its shape and doesn’t fall while we move around. If you twist your panties after you wash them, you’re slowly ruining the elastic part. As a result, It may become loose after a few months, rendering it useless. My tip is for you to gently press it against a clean surface, removing the excessive water. After that, you can hang it and leave it to dry for a few hours. But make sure it’s not under direct sunlight, as it can bleach the fabric over time.


5. Don’t wear them for too long


Taking Care of Your Panties


As cross-dressers, we may have a limited amount of underwear. To compensate for that, we sometimes use the same pair over and over again. But in doing so, we’re exposing our underwear to excessive sweat and other substances. They become moist, and if they stay for too long in a closed, warm area such as inside of your pants, things get complicated. Your panties may start to look inviting to fungus and bacteria, which may lead to an infection. What I usually say is That cross-dressers should buy at least three pairs of panties. This way, you can alternate between them during the week. You’ll also have yourself a backup if you want to dress up while your other panties are being washed or dried.


6. Store them the right way


Taking Care of Your Panties


Storage is also essential here. You can’t just throw your underwear in a drawer with your shapewear. What I said about fungus and bacteria is a serious thing. And to avoid it, you must also find some good storage room for your panties. An excellent way to start is to lay them flat at a large drowner. If it has enough space, your panties will benefit from the airflow. With that in mind, it would be wise for you to avoid buying more panties than what you need, as it makes them harder to store.


Panties are a must-have item for cross-dressers. And because of that, we must take good care of them. You must achieve a balance and avoid buying either too little or too many panties. Clean them as often as possible, and avoid excessive use, so you can maintain their looks and usability. Have you got anything else to add? If you know more tips about how to take care of panties, feel free to leave them to us in a comment!




What step is the most important to preserve your panties?



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