Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


As male-to-female crossdressers, we all know how important it is to have the right clothes.


Jeans, in particular, are one of the most important pieces of clothing you need in your closet because they’re easy to move around in and affordable.


However, buying the right jeans can be tricky, as it is all too easy to buy a pair that doesn’t flatter your figure.


1 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


When wearing too loose jeans, you may have your legs look longer than they do when wearing leggings.


Your thighs will also be visible, even though you’re trying to hide them depending on the cut of your jeans.


Canting your body can also cause jeans to ride up, especially if you have looser skin around the crotch.


When buying jeans for crossdressers, it is important to remember that we are trying to achieve the same look and feel that women get when they wear jeans.


This is only possible by choosing jeans that fit correctly and flatter your figure.


The perfect jeans will feel like a second skin.


They may be tight, but they should not be uncomfortable or constricting.


They should be snug enough to help you achieve hips but not so tight as to restrict your movement or cause you to feel overheated.




This blog post will guide you through buying the right jeans for your body and help you find jeans that fit perfectly and flatter your figure.


You will learn about different kinds of jeans and how to buy jeans online, and you will also learn about the correct way to measure yourself for jeans.



1. The five golden rules of jeans-wearing


When it comes to wearing jeans, there are five golden rules that you need to follow.


1. Jeans and dress shoes don’t match


2 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


You can wear jeans with sneakers, sports shoes, or slippers. You can also wear jeans with ballet flats or stilettos.


However, you never, ever wear jeans and dress shoes together.


Jeans and dress shoes are two completely different items of clothing that serve two completely different purposes.


If you want to look good as a crossdresser, it is important to understand the difference between the two items and to have a suitable pair of shoes for each item of clothing in your closet.


Jeans and dress shoes have very different silhouettes.


Jeans have a much more relaxed silhouette, whereas dress shoes are more defined.


The silhouette of dress shoes changes the way you walk and look. When wearing jeans, you’re trying to achieve a relaxed look and feel.


3 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


2. Wear jeans that fit


4 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


It is important to understand the difference between fit and flare when you wear jeans.


Jeans are one of the most difficult clothing items for crossdressers to find a good fit.


This is because we don’t have the same body type as women, and we have much smaller hips than our waistline, causing us to have a very different silhouette when wearing these items.


There are two ways to check if your jeans are too loose or too tight.


The first way is by stepping into your jeans.


It is important to be able to step into your jeans comfortably.


It is good to try on several pairs to find the right fit. Also, check the rise.


The rise of your jeans is where they start when you go up to your leg and stop at the top of your thigh.


Too high or too low can look strange on you, even though you’re trying to achieve a feminine silhouette.


5 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


The second way you check whether your jeans are the right fit is by looking at the way they fall.


If there is a lot of extra material pooling around your ankles, you’re wearing jeans that are too big.


This can make you look very unbalanced and can make it look like you’re trying to hide some areas of your body.


By wearing too tight jeans, you may end up with a muffin top.


The muffin top is the bit of skin and fat that spills over the top of your jeans when they’re too tight.


3. Don’t want your body


6 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


When wearing jeans, you mustn’t can’t control your body.


When you want your body, the jeans slope downwards from your hips to the top of your thighs and then upwards from there.


This can cause the tops of your jeans to ride up, causing you to look as if you’re wearing leggings or some compression clothing.


This can look very strange on a crossdresser, and it’s also not going to protect properly against any chaffing that could occur during wear with crossdressing activities.


4. Faded jeans are not a good idea


7 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


When buying jeans for your wardrobe, you mustn’t buy faded jeans.


Faded jeans have been washed so much that they no longer look their original form.


The fading usually isn’t enough to make the jeans look old, but it makes them feel old and rugged.


This can make them uncomfortable to wear and may even cause rips or holes in your jeans due to the rubbing against your body.


5. If you must wear distressed jeans, keep it simple


8 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


If you’re going to wear distressed jeans, it’s important to keep them simple.


Crossdressing doesn’t require anything too complicated in your wardrobe.


Jeans are an inexpensive and versatile item of clothing that can be worn with other outfits and outfits from your wardrobe.


It is important not to overdo it with the rips, holes, or stains you could add to your jeans.


Avoid wearing anything too flashy or too complicated on your front pocket area, as this could draw much attention from those around you.


2. How to wear jeans to look feminine and stylish


9 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


Jeans are a very versatile item of clothing that can be worn with a wide variety of tops, dresses, and even skirts.


The way you wear your jeans can help to flatter your figure and give you a more feminine look. There are three ways to achieve this look:


1. Wear high heels with jeans


10 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


The first way to achieve this feminine look is by pairing your jeans with high heels.


When wearing jeans, it is important to wear shoes that match the silhouette of your jeans.


High heels are the perfect way to match the high waist of your jeans with your feminine silhouette.


Shoes that match the silhouette of your jeans can also be worn with skirts, dresses, and even trousers.


This can make you look very polished and elegant as a crossdresser, unlike when you wear shoes that don’t match.


2. Wear skinny jeans with boots


11 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


Another way to achieve a feminine look is by pairing your skinny jeans with boots or other shoes that match the silhouette of your jeans.


By wearing skinny jeans, you can create a more feminine silhouette, and it can also be easier for you to walk in these jeans because they are designed for women.


Boots, shoes, or boots and heels are a perfect combination for this look because they can make you feel as if you’re walking in platform shoes.


3. Wear wide-legged jeans with loafers


12 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


The third way to achieve a feminine look is by wearing wide-legged jeans with loafers.


This is a great way to give you the wide-legged, relaxed feel that you’re after when wearing jeans.


When you’re wearing loafers with jeans, they must match the silhouette of your jeans.


3. Jeans for different body types


13 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


When it comes to looking feminine and feminine when wearing jeans, it is possible to choose a style of jeans that is designed for your body type.


If you’re petite or on the curvy side, you may want to look for a more fitted pair of jeans.


These are usually more comfortable because they have shorter legs and better sit on your hips.


If you’re tall or muscular, you may want to choose the loose cut of jeans to fill out your body better.


4. Accessories that can dress up your jeans


14 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


Accessories can also be used to dress up your jeans.


Accessories are also part of what makes a feminine silhouette, so you should select accessories that match the look you’re trying to achieve.


If you choose to wear a necklace, it should be something that can make you feel comfortable.


A necklace can also be used to ‘fill in’ the space around your neck if your clothing leaves a gap and you want to conceal that gap with your jewelry.


The same goes for scarves and hats.


When wearing jeans and accessories, you must choose to wear things that make you feel comfortable.


5. Denim on denim – how to do it right


15 - Rule of Thumb for Wearing Jeans


Denim on denim is considered a very delicate look and needs to be executed correctly.


It can be done in different ways, but the simplest way is with one pair of jeans with faded worn-out patches.


You can then wear another pair of jeans that are very dark in color, so they complement the faded jeans.


This look is a lot more feminine and stylish than wearing completely undone jeans.




For those who want to look feminine and hip, jeans are the perfect clothing item.


They are considered a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe and can be worn almost anywhere.


This guide will help you learn how to fit them for your body type.


This means you can look stylish whenever you wear them.


You can choose your pair of jeans according to whether you want a relaxed fit or a hip fit.


A relaxed fit will be sleeker, while the hip fitting is slouchier, baggier, and wider at the ankles.


If you want to achieve a more feminine silhouette when wearing jeans, you must wear your jeans with shoes that match the height of your shoes or boots.



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