Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


As crossdressers, we wear clothes that aren’t generally associated with our gender.


For me, this is a journey of self-expression, and over the years, I realized that, while focused on me, having equally understanding people surrounding me made that journey even better.


That meant going out of my way to find communities of fellow crossdressers I could engage with to share and exchange experiences with.


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


I’m here to hook you up with the safest communities filled with some of the most amazing crossdressers on similar journeys as yourself.


You’ll surely have fun connecting and fostering bonds with fellow crossdressers.




Just a heads up, though most of the online support groups aren’t walk-in-friendly.


They maintain a tight membership entry process to protect their members, requiring you to have an endorsement or network your way in.


You’ll need to prove your identity before admission.


To get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the best support systems you probably didn’t know about right in the background of your state.


List of Crossdresser-Friendly Places


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


With the cross-dressing community, one thing I’ve learned is that word-of-mouth has immense power.


So, consider this your daily dose of the grapevine.


At the forefront of these groups is the creation of safe spaces for crossdressers across America, fighting to eliminate discrimination.




Here are some of the cross-dressing service providers you can lean on for help:


1. Health Care Providers


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


There’s an equivocal gravity in being comfortable with your healthcare provider.


Fortunately, my baby crossdressers, you can get healthcare providers who’ll be able to provide an open community for your emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.


Organizations like this are committed to providing an accessible, friendly, non-judgemental service that prioritizes the needs of their patients. 


2. Allentown Women’s Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Designed to cater to everyone who falls within the spectrum, AWC is driven by its mission to provide a community healthcare system that emphasizes quality, accessibility, and patient-centered care.


We pronounce the right of all people to make their own decisions regarding reproductive health, gender identity, and sexual orientation.




If you’re in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, make sure to step into their friendly ER for a welcoming environment offering non-discriminative care.




Tony Iannelli, the president and CEO of the organization, is one of the friendliest souls and, together with his dream team, has continued to provide unwavering support to members of our community.




Their contacts, for those in the area, are as follows:


President and CEO:


Member Engagement Manager:


Their Instagram Account: Lehigh Valley Chamber


3. Ariza Ortiz, MD, FAAD in San Diego, California


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Dr. Arisa Ortiz is an internationally known Harvard fellowship-trained laser and cosmetic dermatologist.


She specializes in dermatology for glamorous queens looking to get hair removal cosmetic filler injections to help you safely transition into the beautiful woman you were meant to be, among many, many other services.




So, if you happen to be around the San Diego area and are looking to get your skin right or get your laser and beauty treatments done, you should pay a visit to Dr. Ortiz.


She has a great eye and talent to back it up.




A fellow crossdresser friend who’s had Dr. Ortiz work on him says he felt incredibly comfortable throughout the process as the doctor made sure to be patient and discussed the best treatment for every specific concern thoroughly.




To book your appointment, reach out to them via:


Direct call: (858) 657-8322


Or simply fill out this form.


4. Papillion Gender Wellness Center in New Hope, Pennsylvania


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


A sanctuary for transitioning, Papillion Gender Wellness Center was created and brought to reality by Dr. McGinn through her transitioning journey.




They’re pretty affordable and competent with comprehensive care, offering a variety of services like voice therapy, Hormone therapy, Trachea shave, Breast Augmentation, Permanent Hair Removal, and a list of other amazing services.




A colleague who’s been there couldn’t stop raving about the place and how amazing they are.


So when you decide to take that step, you’ll be in good hands!




To get in contact with them:


Call Office: (215) 693-1199


Or reach out to them via email at


Boutiques, Hair and Makeup Salons


Now, onto the juicy stuff! When it’s time to glam it up, you’ll want only the best to help you feel your prettiest.


These offer an incredible range of dressing-up products, from body-shaping pieces to give you a figure to die for, quality wigs, and even artificial hips and diva accessories.


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Your inner diva deserves to be invested in, and these services see to it that you don’t walk the road alone.


One of the greatest things I struggled with after first embracing cross-dressing was finding authentic stores where I could get drag and transvestite-friendly clothing items.


I can’t relate to you how much of a relief it is to know that an entire community is ready to help now.




Without the right fashion pieces, the whole thing would be pointless, really.


I mean, imagine trying to explain to someone that you’re a crossdresser with nothing to show for it.




So make sure to invest, and here’s a list of some of my favorite stores to visit when I need a wardrobe to revamp:


1. Roanyer


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


A personal fav of mine, Roanyer, sets the standard when it comes to supplying you with the perfect pieces for building your goddess curves!




So hear this out: they are globally available, whether you’re in the USA, Asia, or Europe, so wherever you can access them.


Exciting right? Make sure, however, to confirm if the store near you is open before placing your order, as some branches might have been affected by the global pandemic.




Whether you’re a rookie, just freshly started on your cross-dressing journey, or you’re a seasoned fashionista, you can’t go wrong with Roanyer!


From realistic silicone body enhancers to sexy bikini and lingerie pieces, they’re the perfect stop to get your wardrobe ready.




They offer a wide range of sexy bra and lingerie pieces to choose from to fit all sorts of styles and sizes.




When you’re ready to splurge, here’s how to get in touch with them:


Their email address:


Or Instagram: roanyer_official


2. Glamor Boutique Fairfield, New Jersey


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


For all the drag queens and cheeky gals, Glamour Boutique is the ultimate shopping place to go to. With their sexy, realistic body-shaping products and charismatic corsets, your build-a-body dreams will be sore.




So, if you have a pending night out in the city and need something fresh to rock, you can always head there for a stunning look and grab one of their statement pieces.




Their response time is incredible, so you can reach them here:


Phone: 1-973-226-5588


Fax: 1-973-226-5589




3. My Changing Room in Boston, MA


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Centered on feminine transformations for their Boston clients and beyond, My Changing Room has continued to deliver an exciting and glamorous makeover experience in a safe, upscale, and inviting setting, perfect for achieving your feminine fantasies.


Give birth to the most captivating femme you there ever was!




They even have a “training wheels” section that’s the backbone of who they are.


If you’re in Boston, pop over and have them wave their magic wands over you to transform you into the alluring diva you are.




When you’re ready to collect your statement pieces, reach them here:






Facebook: Natasha Savoy


Entertainment, Dating, and Social Groups


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Like any other human on earth, as crossdressers, we also want to coexist in safe spaces where we feel seen and heard.


That’s why creating safe space bars, clubs, and other socializing groups is so important.




So, I’m proud to share some of my absolute favorite spots to unwind and have a good time with some of your gals and pals:


1. Club Labyrinth


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Located in a loft in Midtown, New York City, Club Labyrinth is a place to be for quality house and techno parties.


If you desire a safe space for sexual and adult adventures with kinks and swinger lifestyles, this is the perfect place for you.




Their motto, which is “a path that leads from who you are to who you want to be and back again,” is a perfect motivation for their place, which provides you with all forms of adventures and fun if you just want to watch, play or get your kink on.




They run BYOB services (bring your bottle) with surprises at every turn, like group playrooms, semi-private areas, play stations, and secure entrances.




If you want a dark, intense, liberating, yet sensual atmosphere with a modern, efficient, and straightforward approach, Club Labyrinth is the perfect place for you.




Drop a message to get in touch with them here:








If you’re in New York


Phone: 818-306-3669




For Los Angeles residents


2. Bar 1 in Phoenix, Arizona


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


I can still vividly recall one of my first experiences going out in full garb and trying all night not to get intimidated or uncomfortable by the stares I got.


All my friends and I wanted that night was to go out and have a good time.


Going to Bar 1 was an out-of-this-world experience with games and activity zones for entertainment.




Located in an edgy, upscale suburb, this bar is the place to be if you’re planning to have the night of your life!


A tip from one friend to another: tell their bartender to mix you their signature cocktail, Chamtini or Bourbon Berry Lemonade, or Hawaii Punch for the teetotalers.




The energy is pretty laid back with a California-type patio, allowing you to connect with other crossdressers in a fun, energized environment.




Slide into their messages to book your seat here:


Tel: 602-266-9001




3. Gym Sportbar New York, New York


Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Sports lovers will fall in love with this place.

I first went there with a friend of mine who’s a huge football fan and instantly felt at home.

Imagine this: poka night, flowing drinks, loud games overhead with a sense of community right in the middle!

Some might even call it a perfect recipe for a Friday night!




If this is your kind of vibe, then make sure to call them here:


Tel: 212.337.2439




Finding Your Tribe: Best US Local Cross-dressing Services


Listen, I won’t sit here and lie to you and pretend to be the most glamorous or put-together crossdresser I know.


But one thing I’ll always stand by is to master the right attitude.


The perfect breasts and gorgeous hair can be bought, but not attitude, and that, my friends, is the secret to pulling off any look.




Remember as you go forward and join the communities suggested above to be respectful and welcoming; create the space you wish you’d have walked into when you first strutted in your stolen pair of stilettos!

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