Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


Hello, darlings! I know that most of you are still with some cold days ahead. But others are enjoying their last days of summer. And what a sexier way to spend a day at the beach or the pool than in a lovely feminine swimsuit?


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


Wearing a swimsuit in public must be one of the ultimate self-imposed challenges for any crossdresser.


As feminine swimwear is designed for a different anatomy than that of a male, wearing them can be difficult.


But we are no strangers to illusory tricks.


Choosing the correct style and adding a few tricks to boost our confidence will have you ready for you to eat the world out!




Whether you are waiting for the hotter days or are already there, you will find some useful tips here to look great in a bikini!


Prepare to rock out the summer days looking sexy in a bikini! Life’s a beach!


Getting Ready to Rock Our Swimsuit Out


To look sexy in a swimsuit, there are some mandatory preparations that I’m going to state just in case:


  • First off, you can’t be thinking of going out in a swimsuit, to look your best, get a proper full-body wax or shave. If you are going anywhere on vacation, you can either go to a salon before leaving your town or book a day at the spa center of the place you are going. Then you can enjoy your holidays looking as beautiful as ever. Feeling your smooth skin will help you enjoy your femininity at all times.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Proper body mannerisms are key to looking our best while in a swimsuit. As biological males have broader shoulders, if you want to feature a womanly body shape, you need to make them look more delicate and downplay them. You can achieve this with many of the styles that we are going to see below, but you should also adopt feminine postures to draw less attention to your back. A good exercise that has worked wonders for me is to pose and move as there was a camera taking photos of you. With that mindset, you will be aware of your movements and do your best at all times.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • To enhance our feminine features, we want to make sure that our bust and hips look full. The next decision that you must take is if you are planning to wear breast forms to add the impression of cleavage. If you decide on wearing breast forms, be sure that they are apt for the water and match their color with your skin. There are plenty of sizes and styles available on our site if you don’t already have one. If you are wearing glued breast forms, remember to check they are firmly attached to your body before going out. Here, you can find all the things you need to make your breasts feel and look amazing!


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Feminine swimsuits are not designed with the male anatomy in mind; that’s when we decide on how to hide them. You can tuck yourself, wear a body shaper, or just leave it be. Let’s see: tucking is the option for those who want to leave little to the imagination. Tucking yourself for long periods is not recommended as it can lead to irritation and health issues when done incorrectly. If you are not comfortable with the last option, you can get a body shaper that will hide your groin more loosely. We have many different styles here; check them out!


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • The last option depends on how comfortable you are: go as is. You can select specific swimsuit styles to hide your groin in plain sight. A bodysuit or bikini with a flared skirt, for instance, it’s a great option for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with the previous options.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


Tips on Tucking Yourself


Whether you want to sport a smooth and feminine front or prevent unwanted accidents from happening, tucking is a very effective way to do that.


There are some styles, like the stringy style, that tucking is mandatory.


These are some basic tips to tuck yourself:


  • Shave your groin closely: being hairless will not only make tucking yourself easier but also untucking. Having no hair will avoid the pain of removing the tape. Shave or wax the zone at least two days before tucking. If your skin is too sensitive because of the razor, it will hurt to remove the tape.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Slide your testes up your body: there’s a socket inside your pelvis above each testicle. They are called inguinal canals. We are going to safely secure them up there to achieve a flat feminine groin. Slide the scrotum and the testes between your legs with care. You must carefully guide your testicles up the inguinal canals using your fingers. Lay on your back and take a cold shower before doing this to make it easier.


  • Secure it with tape: tug your penis towards your back, holding your testes in place and tape. Remember to cover your penis with medical gauze and use medical tape only.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit

  • Tucking shouldn’t hurt: if you feel any pain while doing so, stop, take your time, and try later. This process can lead to injuries to your genitals; that’s why you have to be very careful while doing so. Do not force anything.


  • Avoid being tucked for long periods: dampness and sweat accumulate in the area and can lead to infection. Besides, testicles require a lower temperature to function correctly than the rest of the body. That’s why they are outside. The higher temperature of your body can affect sperm production.


  • Soak the area when untucking: to remove the tape easier, take a warm shower or bath. The temperature and the water will make peeling the tape off easier. Do it gently to avoid hurting your skin.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Guide your testes back out: when you untuck yourself, you may have to guide your bits out. Use your fingers and do it very carefully. Try doing it lying on your back, the same way you did when you tucked yourself. Allow your testicles to breathe for some hours before re-tucking.


Choosing Your Style


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


Defining what your style is is the hardest but most fun part of the process.


To begin with, we are going to follow the same rules as usual as crossdressers.


We are going to try to enhance the effect of a feminine silhouette while disguising or hiding masculine features.


To that effect, we are going to visually enhance our hips and bust while trying to slim our back to achieve physical womanly traits.


Slimming our waist is also crucial for the desired hourglass shape.


Wearing a bikini makes this effect more difficult to achieve, as you depend only on the top and the bottom to help you.


I’m going to divide the following into two categories: one that adds volume and creates curves and the other to shows what you already have.


Let’s see some styles and discuss the pros and cons of them:


For Creating Curves


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Tie-Front Bikini


A tie-front bikini adds volume to your bust, making your breasts look fuller.


This style is great for an easy-on-and-off situation, as you don’t have to reach out to your back to make a knot.


It would be best if you looked for tops with broad straps and a broader base.


This helps the illusion of making your bust look bigger but also downplays your shoulders, making them look thinner and more feminine.


  • Ruffles, Ruching, and Skirts


Whether you prefer a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini style, as a general rule, we will be looking for these three, either combined or not.


Ruffles and ruching visually add volume to the exact places we are looking for.


These two detailings are very versatile and can mold the outline of your body.


Your breasts and hips will look fuller and more feminine thanks to this effect created by the fabric.


On the other hand, some skirted swimsuits will also make your hips thinner and add volume to that area.


In addition, if you don’t feel comfortable revealing too much, skirted swimsuits provide extra coverage on the lower area.


  • One-Piece Swimsuit


For those of you who don’t like wearing a bikini, there are equally sexy one-piece styles.


They come in all different styles and can feature all the characteristics present in the bikini styles mentioned before.


High-leg, skirted ruffles, underwire, and everything.


In addition, many of them come with additional shapewear to help you achieve an hourglass figure.


This illusion can be augmented with the correct style for your body.


One-piece swimsuits are an all-around style, and there’s definitely one that’s waiting for you to shine in.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Tankini/Monokini


Inside the previous category, there is a particular swimsuit style that’s worth mentioning.


Tankinis or monokinis are one-piece swimsuits, but they differ from traditional one-pieces because they have cutouts.


Some of them emulate the feeling and looks of a bikini with thin straps holding the top and bottom together.


There are others that, with mesh patching and a correct design, help enhance your curves.


These last ones are very classy and are great if you have an upcoming fancy event.


  • Color-Patterned One-Piece Swimsuits


Combining colors correctly is a great trick that should be in every crossdresser’s book.


With them, you can create illusionary effects to look your best.


For swimsuits, this effect is more visible and intense with one-piece styles.


Swimwear with contrasting patterns and colors helps you achieve an hourglass figure if that’s what you are looking for.


  • Underwire Top


Underwire is a common feature that is present not only in regular bras but also in swimwear.


This top style is identifiable by a wire located under the cup of the breasts.


An underwire is a great option if you require extra support in the breast area.


Because of how they are made, they also add volume to your bust, giving it a rounder f,uller look.


For Showing Your Curves


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • High-Waisted/Cheeky Bottom


This bottom style is both cute and sexy. A high-waisted band makes your legs look longer and shows a little tease of your butt cheeks.


This also makes your hips look more feminine and rounded.


This high style leaves little to nothing to the imagination, so I recommend wearing it tucked.


  • String Style


Perfect if you are an exhibitionist, not so much if you are looking for a style that enhances your features.


Rather than helping you achieve a more feminine silhouette, show whatever curve you already have.


If you like this style, know that it won’t add volume either to your bust or hips.


Neither does much in toning your shoulders down, which is something that we are looking for.


Just as the previous style, this one requires tucking to wear it comfortably.


  • Bandeau Top Bikini


Bandeau top styles help little to nothing in adding volume to your breasts.


This style makes your shoulders look wider and works against our objective of achieving a feminine silhouette.


Nothing stops you from trying for yourself one of these, but be aware of this.


If you are lucky enough to have a small back, you could find one that suits you well easier.


Most Comfortable Styles


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Full Coverage Bottom


If you are on the conservative side when it comes to clothing, these are perfect for you.


This bikini type can come with detailing to make your hips look better while keeping everything in place more easily.


Boyshort bottoms are included in this category, the only difference being that the last looks more like its name implies.


If you like to get sporty at the beach, these are great for activities.


  • Triangle Top Bikini


Perhaps the most classic bikini style. As the name suggests, it features two triangles covering your breasts.


This style is so popular that it comes in a wide range of styles.


In effect, the bikini top styles described before can also be triangle tops.


If you want to try this style out, look for tops that feature a broad triangle shape to add volume to your bust.


Creating Your Bikini Style


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


As we said before, achieving a feminine silhouette with only these two usually tiny pieces of clothing can get difficult.


But on the bright side, combining different tops and bottoms we can create our style and enjoy endless possibilities.


This also allows you to select the styles that fit you best and make you look your sexiest. For all of you girls, these are my tips:


For Bikini Bottoms:


  • Firstly, we are going to look for any bikini style that has ruffled or flared details on our hips and bust. With this, we help create the illusion of a full bust and rounded hips and enhance whatever we already sport.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • You can try a skirted bottom to hide your bits if you are going out in public and want to draw as little attention toward you as possible.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Stay away from string bikinis if you are not comfortable leaving nothing to the imagination. We have seen throughout this post that with the help of the swimsuit, we can achieve a feminine figure. With string styles, this is more difficult because of the clear lack of fabric aiding us. This applies to both tops and bottoms.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


For Bikini Tops:


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Broad tops, like the bandeau style, are a hard DON’T. They do the opposite effect that we are looking for; that’s why we must discard them as an option in most cases.


  • Another thing rather easy to find that we look for in a bikini is the presence of padding inserts at the top or bottom. Because of how they are made to be resistant to water, the layers of fabric already help a bit in filling up those curves.


  • For the tops, besides padding, we want them to help slim down our torso and even shorten it a bit if possible. To that end, we must look for styles in the likes of the halter, front-tie, and triangle tops.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Styles that feature shoulder coverage are great for downplaying the width of our backs. As biological males have broader and longer torsos than females, we aim to disguise it as much as we can. Wide straps are a safe bet for all kinds of styles.


  • If you feel like the breast padding is not enough, try the underwire style. This top style not only pushes up your breasts but can normally be filled with more padding than other types.


What to Look for in a Swimsuit


Swimsuits come in many different styles, allowing us to experiment with a wide variety of tricks to achieve our goal.


In the same manner that we did with the bikinis, any kind of detail that helps enhance visually our bust and hips is welcomed.


  • Among the diversity of swimsuits, there are many with ruffled details and skirted ones. As with bikinis, these details help enhance your curves. If you find one featuring these two, I’d say you should try it if possible.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Some swimsuits even come with some shapewear included besides the traditional bra padding. Look for these types if you want to slim your belly a bit to help you achieve the desired look.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Some one-piece swimsuits come with detailing around the hip. Ribbons, knots, and straps can work the same as a waist cincher does. Not only providing extra support and flattening your belly, but also giving your hips a fuller look.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Look for some patterned ones that help you with the illusion of an hourglass figure. These swimsuit styles vary much from one to the other, but as a general rule, you want to look for the ones that have coloring patching on the sides.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


  • Monokinis work similarly enough. The cutouts achieve the same effect as the contrasting colors in the previous example. To amplify that effect, look for monokinis that contrast with your natural skin color.


Tips for Crossdressers to Look Their Best in a Swimsuit


Whether you decide to go out in public wearing a swimsuit or not, I believe that is an item that can’t be missing from your wardrobe.


As you see, there are different styles to suit your tastes.


I think it’s best to try as many as possible to find your favorite. Choose your style and get ready to enjoy a sunny day near the pool this summer!


Let me know in the comments which is your favorite one and if you think I missed anything.




Written by Tina Munova.

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