What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Breasts are, without a doubt, the most significant difference between a male and a female frame. I mean, their presence in one’s chest is quite easy to notice and can make a difference in a crossdresser’s ability to pass. With that in mind, many of us try different methods to simulate them, but none are as effective as silicone breast forms.


They add realism and make you feel more feminine than ever before.


Wearing them boosts confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to be in touch with your deepest feminine side.


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Their goal is to help you realistically simulate feminine breasts, both in looks and feelings.


There are different types of breast forms, and Roanyer breast implants are suitable for most crossdressers.


But they are more expensive than cheap alternatives such as stuffed bras, so you must take proper care of them.


Precautions and maintenance are required if you want to make your breast forms last longer.




Thinking of that, I’ll talk about everything a crossdresser needs to know about breast forms and silicone prosthetics.


I’ll tell you the difference between types so you can find the one that’s better suited for you.


I’ll also talk about the advantages of the Roanyer brand, bringing evaluation from some web celebrities.



1. What is a breast form?


For short, a breast form is a piece of silicone that simulates a real breast.


There are several variations, and some of them are better suited for certain purposes.


When compared to other techniques, such as bra stuffings and push-ups, breast forms are quite a step up.


That’s because they provide more realism, allowing you to achieve a believable cleavage.


As they blend with your skin tone, you can use them with revealing outfits as well, such as bikinis and lingerie.


Here are the most common types on the market:


● Pocket bra forms


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


These require a special bra with pockets in which you put the forms.


Of all the types, this is the most affordable, yet it lacks some of the advantages the others have.


First of all, they limit the wearer by requiring them to wear a specific type of bra that doesn’t move in a very natural way.


However, it’s comfortable and easy to wear, making it a versatile option.


● Adhesive Forms


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Adhesive forms are attached to your chest through the use of a special adhesive glue. It doesn’t require a bra to stay in place, yet the use is only recommended to support it, depending on the cup size and weight.


When properly supported, they move much like real money breasts would do, creating a realistic effect in your chest.


The problem with this method is that you may run out of glue, having to spend some money to replenish your stock.


● Vest-like breastplates


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Those may be the most practical type of breast for the everyday crossdresser.


They are, at least, the more versatile. Well, the name pretty much sums it up, as it consists of a silicone vest with breast forms attached.


The quality varies between each brand, but the general idea is that you can have all lly ou breasts at your disposal at any time.


All you have to do is wear the vest and enjoy the volume on your chest.


2. The advantages of Roanyer breast implants


What cross-dressers need to know about breast forms


Roanyer specialized in vest-like breastplates and general silicone products for crossdressers.


But as we’re talking about breast forms, I’ll focus on that.


The first advantage is, of course, variety, as you can find different sizes and colors to choose from.


Sizes vary from A to Z cup breasts, and the color selection matches almost every skin tone.


The Roanyer store also offers a variety of coverage options.


That is, from simple breastplates covering only the chest to full bodysuits that cover your entire body.


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Realism, however, is what sets Roanyer products apart from the generic brands.


Said products count with extreme attention to detail, with a realistic skin-like texture and thin silicone.


The colors are close to actual skin tones, making the silicone almost indistinguishable from the real thing.


Besides that, if you choose the gel filling, your breast forms will move and giggle just like a woman’s chest, with no need for extra support.


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Roanyer breast implants are also cheaper than the average of other brands, all of that while offering superior quality.


The versatility of these forms makes them ideal for crossdressers, trans people, and drag queens alike.


They have, in other words, the best cost-benefit in the ontin.


And besides all of that, Roanyer has warehouses on several ontinentes, which reduces shipping costs and delivery time.


3. How to wear them


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Before you wear any silicone breast form from Roanyer, it’s recommended that you take a shower and prepare your crossdressing gear.


After that, apply talc powder to the inside of the breast form to make it slide through your skin.


These are optional steps, but they make it quite easier for you to wear anything made of silicone.


Then, proceed to stretch the neck hole from the inside and fit your head through it.


Pull the vest down, and fit your arms through the side holes as well.


Then, all you have to do is adjust the vest to your body, placing the breasts into position.


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


The ui tis quite stretchy, so you should have any problem fitting your head and arms through their respective holes.


But make sure your neck is comfortable and that no wrinkles are showing.


If you feel that the neckpiece is too high, you may trim it later.


If you prefer, you may also use a choker necklace to conceal the line between your neck and the silicone.


You may also notice that your hair may get in the way of the silicone, which may end up pulling it.


To avoid that, use a hair net to protect yourself.


4. Precautions and maintenance


As silicone breastplates are more expensive than stuffed bras, you may want to preserve them as much as possible.


So, if you want to avoid ruining your breast forms, you must pay attention to these precautions and care tips.


● Avoid direct sunlight exposure


What cross-dressers need to know about breast forms


Sunlight and UV radiation may damage the silicone, making it become dry and lose elasticity.


There’s no problem in wearing your forms outside, but avoid leaving them under direct sunlight for too long.


Please pay attention to where you store it, and give preference to the original packaging.


● Do not put your breast forms inside a washing machine


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


A washing machine won’t do much to clean your silicone breastplate.


It might instead damage it, as the product is too delicate to endure such pressure.


Instead, if you want to clean it, rinse the product in cool water with shower gel.


Please leave it to dry naturally away from the sun, or apply talcum xces to remove excess moisture and oil.


● Do not tear the product


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


The material is extremely stretchable, but there’s a limit to that.


If you exaggerate, you may end up irreversibly tearing the silicone apart.


Be gentle while handling it so that you can avoid this kind of mistake.


Try to stretch the silicone only enough to fit your head and arms through it, as this way, you can be sure it’s safe.


5. Reviews by weblebrities


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


To make my point, I want to mention a few reviews made by different web celebrities.


They’ve tested our products and left their impressions about their experience, which I’ll quote here.


Sophie, a crossdresser from the “Crossdressing Lifestyle YouTube channel, tried out one of the larger models.


She ended up describing it as “Quite interesting to wear” after applying talc powder to it.


According to her, the results were very impressive.


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Transgender YouTuber “Nano Nano” tried a B cup breastplate and seemed impressed by how soft it was.


She also pointed out that it giggles a lot, just like the real thing, and that it’s perfect for taking pictures.


Ending her review on a positive note, she remarked that “if your dream is to become a big titty goth GF, you can make it happen!”




Last, but not least, Brazilian drag queen Penelopy Jean also tried it out.


In her opinion, it looks natural and matches her exact skin tone.


About realism, Jean perceived the resemblance between the silicone and skin textures.


She even appeared surprised by how detailed it was.


She also complimented the stretchiness of the silicone and how easy it is to wear these forms due to that.


What Crossdressers Need to Know About Breast Forms


Breast forms are a must-have item for crossdressers who want to pass as women.


They allow you to emulate a cleavage, but the results vary according to the type of forms you choose.


The most versatile option is vest-like breast forms made of silicone.


They can be used by crossdressers, drag queens, and trans people on several occasions.


In that case, Roanyer offers products of the highest quality, with breastplates of many sizes, shapes, and colors.


But remember to take care of your forms, as they depend on them to last longer.


What do you think of breast forms in general?


If you have any experience with our products, make sure you share it with us in the comments below!



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