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Breast Forms
Our silicone breast forms look realistic, feel natural and are comfortable to wear.

Breast Forms

Roanyer's silicone breastplates are popular among individuals seeking a realistic and natural-looking enhancement.

Made from high-quality silicone, these breastplates mimic the texture, weight, and movement of natural breasts, providing seamless integration with your body.

H Cup Silicone Breast FormsH Cup Silicone Breast Forms

H Cup Silicone Breast Forms

$205.20 $380.00 Sales: 1750

G Cup Silicone Breast FormsG Cup Silicone Breast Forms

G Cup Silicone Breast Forms

$129.47 $360.00 Sales: 1175

D Cup Silicone Breast FormsD Cup Silicone Breast Forms

D Cup Silicone Breast Forms

$124.32 $315.00 Sales: 1061

Sexy S Cup Breast FormsSexy S Cup Breast Forms

Sexy S Cup Breast Forms

$346.45 $420.00 Sales: 974

C Cup Silicone Breast FormsC Cup Silicone Breast Forms

C Cup Silicone Breast Forms

$122.48 $305.00 Sales: 861

E Cup Silicone Breast FormsE Cup Silicone Breast Forms

E Cup Silicone Breast Forms

$151.94 $330.00 Sales: 742

C Cup Breasts Large SizeC Cup Breasts Large Size

C Cup Breasts Large Size

$164.14 $355.00 Sales: 618

G Cup Breasts Large SizeG Cup Breasts Large Size

G Cup Breasts Large Size

$176.30 $410.00 Sales: 487

C Cup Tube Top Breast FormC Cup Tube Top Breast Form

C Cup Tube Top Breast Form

$146.90 $226.00 Sales: 389

H Cup Breasts East West ShapeH Cup Breasts East West Shape

H Cup Breasts East West Shape

$289.90 $446.00 Sales: 385

Long G Cup Breast FormsLong G Cup Breast Forms

Long G Cup Breast Forms

$189.39 $390.00 Sales: 331

Extra Large Z Cup BreastsExtra Large Z Cup Breasts

Extra Large Z Cup Breasts

$471.25 $725.00 Sales: 287

Upgraded D Cup Breast FormsUpgraded D Cup Breast Forms

Upgraded D Cup Breast Forms

$244.80 $360.00 Sales: 268

G Cup Breasts Medium SizeG Cup Breasts Medium Size

G Cup Breasts Medium Size

$199.80 $370.00 Sales: 265

Super-large X Cup BreastsSuper-large X Cup Breasts

Super-large X Cup Breasts

$448.80 $680.00 Sales: 243

G Cup Breasts East West ShapeG Cup Breasts East West Shape

G Cup Breasts East West Shape

$284.19 $375.00 Sales: 235

D Cup Tube Top Breast FormsD Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

D Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

$192.20 $243.00 Sales: 218

G Cup Tube Top Breast FormsG Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

$205.40 $316.00 Sales: 215

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about breast forms

A breast form, or breast forms are prosthesis designed to enhance your bust, and simulate the appearance of natural breast. Breast forms are essentially prosthetic breasts that are secured onto a female’s chest or worn within a bra to give both the illusion and physical look of a female chest.

They are usually made from silicone for a soft, life-like feel, and they come in many different sizes and colors to suit your preferences and match your skin tone. In addition to silicone forms, there are also leisure forms, and custom-made forms.

You may also check breastplates, which are fake breasts or fake boobs straps onto the chest to give the feel of real breasts. A breast plate is normally filled with cotton filler or silica gel.

Crossdressers|Cross-dressing|Mastectomy patients|Post mastectomy|Drag performers|Cosplay|Transgender people

  • Crossdressers Breast forms are for Crossdressers MTF who wish to imitate their favorite feminine character by crossdressing en femme (wearing traditional feminine costume) through male-to-female transformation. The breast forms will assentuate your bust and give you the perfect hourglass shape to pass easily as a female.
  • Mastectomy patients breast forms are essential for ladies post mastectomy. They are the easiest and best option for you to escape breast reconstruction surgery. Their Nipple protrusion, Silicone Skin and Squishy Silicone gel makes it nearly impossible to tell from the real thing.
  • Drag performers If you are a drag queen (usually male) who uses drag clothing and makeup, often for fun or entertainment purposes, to imitate the feminine gender, then breast forms are your magic wand. They help your mtf transformation seamelessly.
  • Transgenders (Trans) A breast form is the perfect prothesis for a transgender female to boost confidence and enhance your feminine experience. You can switch up your looks any time with breast forms as they come in all sizes and shapes.
  • Cosplayer if you are into theater, comic, cosplay or acting, then breast forms are just right for you. They will boost your outfits and fashion accessories perfectly.

For several reasons, a high-quality set of silicone forms is usually preferable to foam forms: they come in a perfect balance of skin tones, move and bounce more realistically, and heat up to the same temperature as your skin.

Silicone breast prostheses are the most popular style as with the most natural shape and feel. Additionally, upgraded versions can be worn easily.

Considerations like size, weight, material, and attachment style should be made while selecting breast forms. Certain forms are designed to be tucked into structured clothing or bras. Others can be applied with adhesive straight to the skin.

The common types of breast forms are:

Pocket Bra Form Option

As the name indicates, these breast forms will need bras with pockets, to keep them well in place on your chest.

Though these breast foam options will require a specific bra type, they have their advantages. They are portable, easy to wear, and comfortable, and durable.

Vest-Like Breastplate Option

This type of breast form is designed to look like a vest, and is the most versatile, thus giving you the freedom to wear at any time and for any occasion.

They are made of 100% medical grade silicone, and bounces, feels and looks like real boobs.

Adhesive Form Option

By using skin-friendly adhesive, you can wear it easily; you do not necessarily need bras to hold this type of breast form in place

Furthermore, they jiggle like natural breasts when worn properly and create the illusion of real breast on the chest.

They can adjust to your natural skin temperature also.

Silicone breast forms vary in cost depending on the features, but most average around $100-300. Post-surgical and other non-silicone breast forms are around $100.00.

We need to understand our body shape first, then we can make informed decisions on the type of breast forms to get. The common body shape are;

  • Rectangle, banana shape or straight if your hip or bust measurements and your shoulder and hip measurements are roughly equal.
  • Hourglass if your bust and hips are almost equal in size and you have a defined waist that is smaller than both.
  • Spoon similar to triangle shape.
  • Diamond A wider hips than shoulders, a narrower bust, and a fuller waist.
  • Round or oval your hips are narrow, your midsection is fuller, and your bust is larger than the rest of your body.
  • Apple shape if your shoulders and bust are larger than your comparatively narrow hips.
  • Triangle/Pear Compared to your hips, your shoulders and bust are narrower. You most likely have a fairly defined waist and slender arms.

There are different ways that you can wear breast forms, and depending on which you prefer may influence your decision on which type to purchase.

Therefore, when putting on a breast form, know that some of the larger, heavier breast forms come as breastplates. To get started, all you have to do is fasten the breastplate onto your chest.

For the smaller or lighter breast forms, they can be attached to the skin with skin-friendly glue or adhesive. The adhesive glue is usually sprayed onto the back of the breast forms before you hold them in place to secure and seal.

With breast form tape or adhesive strips, you follow a similar process to secure your breast forms. However, our realistic silicone breast forms are a far better option because they can be worn easily like putting on clothes.

Step 1: Your band size.

Take a measurement of your chest circumference about two inches below your nipples, then round the result to the closest whole number. If it's even, add 4 inches, if it's an odd number, add five inches. The result is your bra band size.

Example: If you measured 34.25″, you would round to 34″ and add 4 more inches to get 38″. If you measured 36.75″, you would round to 37″ and add 5 more inches to get 42″.

Note: Bra sizing is confusing because the cup's actual volume varies depending on the band size. Because of what we call "sister sizing," you are advised to go up a letter and down a band size if your band is too large. However, US bra manufacturers refused to adjust their bra sizing, so we have to add 4 or 5 inches. The “Plus 4” method was devised as a temporary fix and has in use since.

Step 2: Your desired cup size.

To get you started, consider the following:

Smaller A–B cups create a subtle, natural look for slim individuals.

Medium-sized C–D cups offer a balanced appearance with a feminine chest.

Larger DD–E cups are recommended for those wanting to stand out, especially for larger crossdressers.

F and larger cups are suitable for drag queens, providing a bold and sexy look.

Step 3: Breast Form Size

Each brand and style of breast form fits a little differently. Use the appropriate chart below to find your recommended breast form size.

Breast form sizing mostly depends on your preferences and the style you want to achieve, but for some general guidance, we've included a few bullet points below that should help you select the cup size that suits you.

  • A – B gives wearers a more natural-looking, subtle appearance. Ideal for slim body men seeking a feminine sillhouette and want to look natural for their size and shape. These are good options.
  • C – D If you want to appear more naturally put together but still have a distinctly feminine chest, C–D cups are perfect for you.
  • DD – E If you want to truly stand out from the crowd, DD-E cups are a good option. These cup sizes are larger than typical, giving the chest more volume and definition. For the larger crossdresser or plus size crossdressers who wish to make an impression, these are also perfect.
  • F and larger – this is the right choice for drag queens or drag performers. They are equally as big as sexy.

Yes, breast prostheses are okay to wear through TSA checkpoints at airports as well as other screening situations. Though, you may be subject to a more in-depth security screening. Some people print out and carry this TSA notification card while traveling to show it to an agent. For more information, please check the TSA website.

Roanyer silicone breast forms are made of top-quality silicone material. It's highly stretchable, and identical in appearance to real skin. As for the fillings, two options are available.

The elastic cotton is light in weight, allowing for longer periods of use while providing realistic stuffing. The silicone gel, on the other hand, is heavier, but much more realistic as it responds to gravity as real breasts would.

Yes, most of them do have realistic prosthetic nipples. The Nipple form and Nipple protrusion adds a Lifelike feel to the overall experience of the form. Its Silicone Skin and Squishy Silicone gel makes it nearly impossible to tell from the real thing.

Use mild soap or specialized cleaner and lukewarm water to gently cleanse them.

Pat them down with a soft, lint-free towel, or let it air dry.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, alcohol, or abrasive scrubbing materials, as they can damage the breast forms.

Using any sharp objects and putting them in washing machines is also not recommended.

Store your breast forms in their original packaging or in a soft, breathable pouch to protect them from dust and direct sunlight.

Avoid placing heavy objects on top of them, as this can deform their shape over time.