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3 hacks to style a wig with bangs

When you want to go out in public and pass, wigs is one of the essentials in your crossdressing wardrobe. Wearing wigs with bangs is a great addition to your feminine look and act as a subtle “changing of the seasons” for your personal appearance and self-perception. Many people view bangs as an accessory-level piece, but in some cases, they can steal the show.

#1 Advantages of wearing wigs with bangs

There are several reasons to choose a wig with a bang:

  • Bangs help to hide our foreheads, which are a big giveaway when trying to pass.
  • They can optically minimize any imperfections resulting from irregular face shape or skin problems (acne, scars or wrinkles)
  • Bangs are also a great aid in hiding the fact you are wearing a wig.


#2 What Style of Bangs Suit You?

Bangs can be intimidating, yet so tempting to get. Will the bangs suit you? It based on your face shape.

Square face is a shape whose most characteristic features are the high forehead, prominent chin, wide square-shaped jaw line, and straight hairline. Square faces take the cake when looking at bang additions. Most of mtf crossdressers more often have a square face. The bangs should be choppy, preferably long and side-swept or cut diagonally, as this will make the face appear longer and the features softer. Avoid blunt and arched bangs, because straight lines enhance the optical angularity and sharpness of the face.


Round face is characterized by scarcely visible cheekbones, rounded jawline and optically flat facial features. For round faces with softer angles and fuller cheeks, side-swept bangs are the way to go. These bangs will give your face the illusion of length, plus they give you multiple styling options.


Long face is most often associated with high forehead and long chin. For the best look to balance out the length of your face, heavy bangs that fall on your brow line or slightly above it will do the trick. These bangs will bring balance to your face, drawing attention away from your chin while highlighting the center of your face.

Heart-shaped face is wider at the top and draw to a point at the chin, which lends to them needing a little extra care when it comes to accentuating their best features. This is why soft, wispy bangs, that are longer at the outer edges and shorter in the middle, are perfect. These bangs will accentuate the curve of your chin while also elongating your face from the forehead down.


Oval face is usually narrow, slightly oblong, with a rounded jaw line, prominent cheekbones, and a broad forehead. If you have an oval face, you have the benefit of symmetry brought on by the length of your face paired with a strong, rounded chin. Thanks to these features, just about any style of bangs will suit you.


#3 How to Style a Wig With Bangs

Once you’ve got your bangs just the way you want them to be, there are a few things that you can do to make your wig (and bangs) stand out

Straight Bangs: Styling your bangs straight gives a classic look. Using a wig comb or wig brush, sweep the bangs from side to side while aiming a hair dryer with a diffuser on the COOL setting downwards on the bangs. After, comb your bangs down, and lightly spray some wig spray to hold them in place.

Side-Swept Bangs: Creating a side-swept look is as easy as it sounds: just sweep you bangs to the side, and hold them in place using a wig styling cream.

Curtain Bangs: Like side-swept bangs, a curtain bangs are very easy to achieve. Simply part your bangs in the center, and sweep each half to its respective side. Hold in place with wig styling cream.

Updo Styles: Pulling the rest of your hair away from your face really lets your bangs shine. Try out these styles for a new look:

  • Pull half of your wig up into a clip or ponytail holder while leaving the rest of the hair down for a cute half-up, half-down look.
  • Sweep all of your hair over to one side and create a low side braid.
  • Style a chic low ponytail or chignon bun at the nape of the neck.

Once you get more comfortable with your bangs, the styling options are literally endless. The bangs are a great addition to your look, but it is the smile that makes us truly beautiful.

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