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5 Techniques on makeup

Makeup can add our charm and confidence. Strong color can make you looked bold and luxurious. If you want to find a makeup that fit you best, you may need to test more.  A well-dressed and confident crossdresser will increase a more cheerful feeling to social work and your life.

1. Begin with the right base

Makeup often begins with building the right base. This can range from makeup to cover beard shadow to highlighting and contouring to transform and feminize your features.

Once you are happy with your base makeup, the real fun begins: color!

2.Consider the mood

Think of colorful makeup (such as eye shadows and lipsticks) as the accessories of your makeup look.

You have a great opportunity to dress your look up or tone it down, so first think about your mood that you’re looking to channel, and how glam you’re feeling for your occasion (even if the occasion involves staying home!)

While more intense colors lend themselves to a bolder, more glam look (and vice versa), remember that there are no set rules on how to express yourself with makeup!

3. Try a cream formula

If you normally use powdered eyeshadow and blush, it’s time to consider cream makeup!

Cream formulas are fantastic to work with as they are easy to blend and leave a natural, skin like finish that won’t look cakey on the surface of the skin. Another benefit is that cream formulas are typically multi-purpose products that can be used on various areas of the face.

4. Experiment with a matte lip

When it comes to color, it’s also important to consider the finish. That is, how matte, shiny, or sparkly is the formula? Bold colors can look overwhelming if they are too glossy or glittery.

If you prefer a more dramatic lip, we recommend a long lasting matte lipstick. Matte lipstick has a more natural and sophisticated look. It’s also easier to apply and doesn’t smudge.

5. Don’t stop experimenting

Finding the way you most enjoy adding a pop of color takes time, and remember there’s no race to get to the finish line when it comes to perfect a look suited to your unique needs and desired result.

Practice makes perfect, so take all the time you need – and never be afraid to experiment or step out of your comfort zone! As we always say, be fearless – you look fabulous.

If you like a soft and natural style? or bold and attractive look? A well-dressed and confident crossdresser will increase a more cheerful feeling to social work and your life.

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