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5 crossdressing tips for feminizing your eyebrows

Men typically have thicker and straighter eyebrows than women. If you have thick bushy eyebrows, this will detract severely from looking feminine. They say the brows "frame the face". Well-groomed, dainty and effeminate eyebrows can completely feminize your whole face. Here’s some crossdresser makeup tips to help you create the perfect eyebrows yourself.

#1 Comb Your Eyebrows

Groom your eyebrows before you begin waxing or tweezing. Use an eyebrow brush to brush your eyebrow hair upward. Trim the hair that extends beyond the natural upper brow line with a grooming scissors. Repeat on each side. Brush the eyebrow hair downward in the same manner and trim any long hairs with the grooming scissors.

#2 Determine Eyebrows Shape

You can make your eyebrows more feminine while following the natural shape of your eyebrows and bone structure. 

To determine where the front of your brows should start, place an eyeliner pencil or brow pencil against the middle of your nostril. Align it straight up to your brow. Mark a small line with the pencil where it meets the brow, which is where your eyebrow should begin.

Next, pivot the pencil to align it from the same start point, passing the outside corner of your eye. Mark another small line with the pencil where it meets the brow, which is where your eyebrow should end.

Now it’s time to focus on the tail of your brows. Pivot the pencil to align it from the same start point, passing over the center of your eye. Mark another small line with the pencil where it meets the brow. This will be the high point of your arch.

To make it a little easier, you could use a white eyeliner pencil to mark the relevant points and highlight any hairs that you wish to remove.

Draw a line along the bottom edge of the fullest part of your eyebrow with your pencil. Start from the inner edge that you marked angling slightly up to the arch marking and then down to the endpoint. The line that you have drawn should mimic a feminine eyebrow that has a gentle arch. lightly curved eyebrow bring lovely tender feeling to the whole face.

#3 Pluck Or Wax Your Eyebrows

Because you have drawn your brow shape, you can easily see which hairs are inside and outside of your outline. All you need to do is pull the hairs that don’t fall inside of your outline.

Wash your face with warm water. This helps open up your pores before you do any plucking, making tweezing easier. Carefully pluck to the desired shape. Tweeze all of the excess hairs, working from underneath the brow to even up and clean the line. Apply aloe vera to the eyebrows after grooming. This will help reduce swelling and prevent infection in the hair follicles. 

If you want to wax your eyebrows, please make sure you read the directions all the way through before starting. Apply wax only underneath the brows and never over them. Smooth the strip down flat with your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles. Lay a cold cloth over your eyes for a few seconds after waxing to help relieve any swelling or pain.

Remember that if you do the ultra-thin brow look, you may appear odd in male-mode. The good news is, fuller brows are back in fashion. 

#4 Fix Overplucked Brows

Have you come to the realization that you’ve overplucked your eyebrows a bit? Don’t panic we have all done it at some stage. For a quick fix, pick up your eyebrow pencil. You can use a pencil with a fine tip to draw on individual brow hairs where you shouldn’t have removed them. Or you can try an eyebrow gel. All you need to do is lightly apply your brow gel to fill in sparse areas and use the angled brush to outline and define your brow shape. Once your brow gel is applied, comb through your brows with your spoolie.  

#5 Check Other Directions

Brush your eyebrows after you pluck and trim. Using your spoolie, start by brushing your eyebrows up and outward again. This is to make sure that you have beautifully shaped eyebrows and pick up any final wayward hairs that you might have missed. Look at yourself at different angles in the mirror to determine if you need additional grooming. To finish, pick up your clear brow gel and use the angled skinny brush in upward strokes to lock your brows in place.

It may be a better idea to visit a salon if it’s your first time grooming. They will help your eyebrows with professional shaped, and then you can try to maintain the shape yourself with regular tweezing. 

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