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4 tips make you look more petite

Tall women always is the highlight of the crowd, coupled with a unique temperament and self-confidence, will be more  memorable.Slender legs is their advantage.Many crossdressing friends are large-boned and look a little strong.Given that,if they do not take care of clothes matching,they will be look more masculine.

How does crossdressers look more petite and feminine?Here are 4 easy ways to look shorter:

1. Dress to downplay your height

The clothes you wear have a huge impact on your overall appearance. Here are 5 dos and don’ts for downplaying your height:

DO choose full skirts and dresses to draw the eye horizontally instead of vertically. (More width = less height.)

DON’T wear super tight clothes. (Less width = more height.)

DO wear a different color top and bottom to visually break up your figure.

DON’T wear monochromatic outfits; this makes you look even taller.

DO wear a contrasting belt to interrupt the eye from going straight up and down a long torso.

2. Wear the right shoes

You should obviously stay away from high heels if you want to look shorter. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in flats!

Look for shoes with a chic kitten heel. A low heel adds elegance to your look without a big increase in height.

Shoes can also make your legs and feet appear shorter:

Choose shoes with rounded toes instead of pointy ones to make your feet look shorter.

Wear shoes with straps over the instep or ankle. This helps break up the long line of your legs.

3. Choose the right hairstyle

The last thing to consider is your hair. The wrong style can make you look even taller, so here are 3 suggestions for avoiding unnecessary height:

Avoid hairstyles with a lot of volume at the crown as this literally adds inches to your stature.

Avoid wearing your hair too long since this tends to make you look even taller. Generally speaking, shoulder length hair is most flattering.

Try a layered or wavy hairstyle with volume along the sides of the face. (Again, think horizontally instead of vertically.)

Yes, it’s true that you might be taller than the average woman. But don’t forget about the sexy, tall women out there who are revered for their long legs and height!

4. Don’t slouch

Slouching isn’t attractive – and it only draws attention to the fact that you’re not proud of your height.

Resist the urge to slouch. Instead, stand tall! You’ll come across as confident and self-assured.

Tall women have different charm.As height is unchangeable, but we can show off our figure by dressing up well.

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