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Crossdressing tips on how to walk like a graceful lady

The way you walk is a huge part of your feminine image. Walking is simple, but most of us have never been how to walk gracefully. A lot of mtf transformations don't present well in public because we walk in a masculine way. Here are a number of simple tricks you can use to walk more feminine and elegantly.

#1 Find the right shoes

The kinds of shoes that men and women wear influence the way we walk. Opt for pumps or heels whenever you go out for the most feminine look. Don’t assume that to rock a great pair of heels you have to pick the highest pair. Go with a two-inch heel if it means you’ll feel more balanced, comfortable. Walking in heels is hard, so try not to walk in these kinds of shoes until you’re completely comfortable. Before going out extensively in these kinds of shoes, take a moment to practice at home.

#2 Have good posture

If you find yourself stumbling in heels and notice that you spend most of your walk slumped forward or looking down, you can blame your bad posture. Keep your head up and your eyes forward whenever you walk. Although you don’t have to keep your eyes focused in 1 specific direction, make sure that you’re keeping your gaze away from your feet and legs. If you continue to stare at your feet, you’ll look timid instead of ladylike.

#3 Take smaller steps

Generally men have a much longer stride than women. You don’t have to look like a newborn calf, but taking small steps versus long strides can make all the difference in your stride. Not only will it pace yourself while walking, but it can help keep you balanced, too. The higher your heels are, the shorter your steps should be. If you want to make your moves even more seductive, try swinging your hips slightly as you go forward.

#4 Sway hips naturally

Swing your hips a bit from left to right in rhythm. Women's hips are set out farther from the center of gravity. This action comes naturally for them. We have to practice. This is something that can be overdone, though, be careful not to exaggerate this movement too much. Think "keep my knees together." Keeping them close together will allow you to more slowly transfer your weight from foot to foot.

#5 Balance your weight

Push your weight forward so you lean more on the balls of your feet than your heel. You can maintain your balance with much more easily this way, Additionally, it’s simpler to move forward when your weight is already leaning slightly in a certain direction. Whenever you stop walking for long periods of time, try pushing your weight from one foot to the other, or from the base of your heels to your toes.

#6 Suck in your stomach

Take a deep breath, pulling your stomach inward as you inhale. When you exhale, keep your stomach tight and pulled in. Don’t make your stomach feel uncomfortable, but try to avoid letting it sag. When you make no effort to pull in your gut, you end up adding weight to your appearance overall. Try to get in the habit of sucking in your gut whenever you’re standing for an extended period time.

#7 Relax your body

If you tend to hunch your shoulders naturally, try to develop a habit of pulling your shoulders back so that they’re straight and not slumped. Don't hold your hands straight, rather, bend them out a bit. Keep your hands and fingers relaxed to present yourself in a more ladylike way. While it might be tempting to twirl your hair, flick your wrist, or crack your knuckles, these fidgeting actions only serve to make you appear less feminine.

#8 Avoid rushed movements

If you want to have a more feminine walk, you should be gliding gracefully on your way and not look like you're rushing off to your next location. Most of us have a natural tendency to speed up our movements when we feel nervous or self-conscious. This makes your actions appear jerky and clumsy. If you have to rush, try to look composed as you take quicker short steps to reach your destination.

#9 Be confident

Having confidence will not only make you look and feel more feminine, it will help you to be more independent and outstanding. Please walk with your head high, smile and look straight ahead of you, not down at the floor. You can practice in front of a mirror or record a video of yourself so you can evaluate your movements objectively. Never give up on yourself and practice really does make perfect.

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