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5 tips to go to work or school crossdressing

As crossdressing is still a sort of taboo in some parts of the world, most CD's tend to dress up behind closed doors, I'm moments of privacy, or outside when they go out shopping during their free time. However, if you live somewhere with a more open-minded population, you might be able to expand your horizons and dress up as a woman to school, college and even work! Of course, it will require a lot of confidence on your part, as well as for you to keep wearing appropriate clothes to each occasion, but I'll bring you a few tips to make things easier and more possible with this article.

1- Talk to your principal, boss or HR.

To help you with acquiring more confidence, talking to people and explaining things to them is essential. If you just show up to school or to your work presenting as the opposite gender, instead of the one you usually do, you could get into trouble from misinterpretation.  Take a few weeks to build confidence, and practice your speech in front of a mirror. As soon as you feel confident enough, don't waste time and mark an appointment with who is in charge (your boss, HR, the principal, etc.). When you meet them, go straight to the point and explain your situation and your gender, and ask permission to present yourself accordingly. This way, you'll avoid confusion and probably get a lot of support.

2- Start with the basics

Your colleagues might have a hard time trying to associate your new image to the person  they knew before, so avoid a "rough start". Don't completely dress up during your first day crossdressing in the office or at school, because it would be too drastic for a beginning. Give people time to adapt themselves and get used to it, so you'll be able to avoid embarrassing situations. A good way to start is to wear basic makeup, like foundation, eyeshadows, lipstick, and etc. After a couple of weeks, occasionally wear a wig or style your hair in a more feminine way, and after one month, you'll be able to wear a female uniform or outfit without any major problem. It's all a Matter of conditioning the ambient, and letting those around you slowly get used to your inner self. Another cool tip is that you can try a more complete outfit on some occasions such as halloween parties, and take some feedback on how your colleagues react.

3- Specify your pronouns

Everyone is different in terms of being comfortable with specific pronouns, and even though neutral pronouns are getting more attention nowadays, it's still hard to just look at someone and guess their pronouns. It doesn't hurt to ask, but introverts and shy people in general might not be comfortable asking, and they can have a hard time talking to other people, afraid to misgender someone and get their pronouns wrong. A good tip is to specify your pronouns in your bio on social media, or walk around with a name tag containing your pronouns. It will clarify some things about you, and make it easier for other people to start conversations with you when you are crossdressing, without worries about misgendering or missing your pronouns.

4- Dressing up to work in secret

If you don't actually want to pass, or just don't want people to know that you crossdress, you could still do that in secret. Underwear is perfect for that, because the only one who will ever know what you are using, is yourself! For example, you could try going there with panties under your jeans, and no one would even notice. It also applies to bras, if they aren't too big and you're using a darker shirt. If you want to be extra careful, pick black, whithe or skin-toned undergarments, so it would hardly stand out and be extra seamless. But if you are confident enough and notices that it would hardly show through your outer clothing, you could try any color that pleases you. Lingeries and pantyhoses could also be worn under jeans, increasing your range of possibilities. However, I wouldn't recommend corsets nor padded bras, for they would change your silhouette in a very noticeable way , probably showing through your clothes as well.

5- A word about shapewear

If you manage to go to work or school crossdressing, make sure you are comfortable, because changing clothes at these places would be embarrassing and tricky. Keep in mind that you’ll spend hours in whichever outfit you are, and using corsets (and compressing shapewear in general) can cause a lot of discomfort.

This is what i have to say about it, but i just want you to understand that once you get more open about crossdressing and start to dress up on a daily basis, a lot of new opportunities for experimentation will show up, and you’ll start to feel how good it is to be yourself.

Written by Elise Wren

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