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7 Halloween Costume Ideas with Face Masks

While Halloween might look different this year, that doesn't mean it should be boring. One advantage this year is that cloth face masks make for excellent costumes while reducing the risk for COVID-19 transmission, combined with lots of hand-washing and social distancing, of course. Here are some fun costume ideas with halloween masks that are pandemic-friendly. 

#1 Doctor and Nurse

A doctor is the most obvious costume for a mask-friendly costume. It helps you keep your mask on the entire time because it is part of the costume, but it is also a fun costume in itself. Spice it up and turn it into a “creepy” doctor by adding splashes of fake blood, or you can even be a nurse. This is a great easy costume to stay within COVID-19 guidelines. 

#2 Ninja

This costume is probably one of more “normal” costumes. Before Corona Virus even existed, typical ninja costumes involved a face covering. To make things even easier, the masks are typically just plain black, which are super easy to find if you don’t have one already. You can easily DIY costume by getting a black body suit (or leggings and a shirt), a long piece of red cloth to tie around your waist as a belt, a fake sword, black shoes of choice, and of course, the black mask. To make things even safer for this Halloween season, you can wear black gloves with this costume.

#3 Animals

Being an animal for Halloween has always been looked at of the more “basic” and “lazy” option. However, with a mask it can really elevate a costume. One of the ways to be an animal with a mask to get an animal print mask based on what animal you are going to be. For example, if you wanted to be a zebra for Halloween, you could get a zebra print mask. Another option is to draw onto a disposable mask. For example, if you wanted to be a cat, you could draw the nose and whiskers on your mask instead of normally drawing them on your face. You could pretty much do this for any animal, and its super quick and easy which makes it a great last minute costume option.

#4 Jack-O-Lantern

Dressing up as a jack-o-lantern is a Halloween classic, and with a pumpkin face mask, it’s easier than ever. Just wear an all-orange outfit, then throw this jack-o-lantern mask on. 

#5 Skeleton

While skeleton makeup is a Halloween favorite, many of us are opting out of showing our whole face this season. If you’re trying to cover up but still want the look, try a simple skeleton face mask. You can still go wild with the outfit and eye makeup if you really want to get into it.

#6 Vampire

There are plenty of masks on the market that are vampire themed or are plain and have fangs, making it look like you have fangs yourself. You can still do the fun vampire themed makeup and look the part even with a mask on. This is another costume that is easily diy-able. You need to make your face pale, use super dark makeup, get a cape, some fishnets, any black or red clothing of choice, and black shoes of choice. You can add fake blood to your mask to make it seem more realistic.

#7 Superheroes

Plenty of superheroes wear face masks while battling and saving the world. Not only does this protect their identity, but it also keeps them safe from unknown viruses and pandemics. Think about it: Have you ever seen a superhero succumb to illness?

If you do go out, remember to not only wear a face covering, but also practice social distancing, wash your hands often or at least use hand sanitizer. 

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