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How to optimize storage space for clothes

Since we begin to crossdress, our clothing range widens up by a lot. It's rather common for crossdressers such as you and me to start buying a lot of new clothes from the gender we want to present as, and we generally start by buying something we really want to try on, such as underwear, dresses, skits and some shapewear. In the beginning, we can easily hide or just store it with our other clothes without complications, but as our collection grows larger, storing it can prove to be a real challenge. If you aren't cautious enough, your wardrobe will be overrun by both your masculine and femminine clothes, and turn into a real mess, so i bring you here a few tips to improve your organization and better optimize your storage space for clothes.

1- Rearrange your wardrobe

First of all, you should start by properly rearranging your wardrobe. Begin by taking all you can out of it, dividing it into two main groups: Men wear and Women wear. Each main group can also be divided by type of wear (shirts, dresses, skirts, underwear, etc.) or occasion (such as casual, formal, lingerie, etc.). After you sort them in this way, you might be able to at least have an idea of how many things you want to store. To rearrange your wardrobe in a simpler way, define exactly which part of it is better fitted for each kind of clothing. For example, skirts, pants and this sort of thing, as well as panties, underwear and socks, can easily fit into drawers, while garment rods are very practical to store shirts, dressers and even bras. You might also want to take notice of how many garments you have fitted for each “gender”, because by doing so you can decide upon how much space should be reserved for each main group of clothes, if you desire to store them separately.

2- Consider boxes

They are rather practical in the cases in which you want to keep your crossdressing clothing out of sight (Such as when you are being visited by people to whom you aren’t open about being a crossdresser, for example). You can get some large boxes to fit yoy dresses, shirts, cosplays  and bigger garments in general, as well as some smaller ones for skirts, pants and underwear. You shouldn’t have any trouble storing it that way if you fold your clothes properly, and they are practical to optimize long term storage as well. In this case, they are perfect for shapewear and silicone prosthetics such as breastplates, masks or even bodysuits. You can make a few piles with a couple of boxes in each, so they can occupy the vague spaces in your closet or wardrobe. However, cardboard boxes are not recommended, as they aren’t very durable and can gather moisture. Instead, go for plastic boxes, which can be transparent or opaque, if you want more discretion.

3- Get rid of old stuff

One of the main things that makes you lose some siggnificant storage space is to accumulate old clothes. If you notice that some old stuff doesn’t even fit you anymore, it's a sign to get rid of them. When you start the step above, after you empty your closet, take a look at which clothes aren’t really worth keeping, and sort them apart. After you do that, you can see if any of them are still good, but just don’t fit you anymore.The best way to proceed, would be to donate them to charity or for a relative that could use them. If you notice that some of them aren’t really worth donating ( those which are in a really bad state, such as ripped or stained), you can consider recycling or repurposing them as pieces of cloth to aid you during everyday  house cleanups.

4- Optimizing wig storage

Your wardrobe isn’t quite the ideal place to store hairpiece wigs, and as a crossdresser, chances are that you might have at least a couple of those. The best thing you can do, is to get a shelf placed in your closet, or anywhere in your room (preferably under or near a mirror) and buy a few wig stands. It not only prevents your wigs from getting entangled, but it also lets you easily pick your hairstyle for the night and save space in your wardrobe for your clothes at the same time. Alternatively, if the previous option isn't available, you could try wig hangers which you can fit on your garment rods, but this wouldn’t have the same advantages I've mentioned before. Finally, you could also try boxes for your wigs as well, but you would need separate boxes for each wig, and to be very careful with how you fold them to fit the box.

Written by Elise Wren

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