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Skincare tips to remove makeup after a crossdressing session

If you are a crossdresser, think of your face as a blank canvas, ready to be painted. You are the artist, the makeup is your paint, and the result is your artwork. Crossdressing generally requires a lot more makeup than usual makeovers, because the changes tend to be more drastical. Trying to look like the opposite gender requires a lot of work in terms of makeup, and a bigger amount of it as well. Now, consider the following: people who use occasional makeup are already exposed to the harms which makeup does to the skin, even using a little.  White that in mind, crossdressers can be exposed to twice the danger, as they use more makeup In a more intense way. To prevent your skin from suffering and being harmed by the same products that make you look better, follow the tips I'm bringing within this article!

1- NEVER sleep with makeup on

I know, sometimes we get home tired, or we end up sleeping somewhere else, and we just want to go to bed and have a good night of sleep. But doing that is really risky, and brings untold harm to your skin. During the night, while you are asleep, the foundation and some of the powders might end up entering the pores in your skin, causing zits and increasing it's oiliness. With that in mind, remember to properly wash your face every night before you go to bed and after you wake up.

2- Tips on how to properly wash your face

This is one of the most important steps, since it's essential to remove all the makeup from your face and prevent infections. You can start by pouring some makeup remover on a piece of cotton, toilet paper or some clean cloth, and gently rub the areas with more intense makeup. Repeat the process for your whole face, gradually increasing the force until all the visible makeup is gone. After that, head to the sink and wash your face with a good amount of soap and warm water. It's important for the weather to be warm, because it helps to open your pores and deep clean your skin. Wash it at least two or three times, depending on how much makeup you've used in the day. Then, gently dry your face with a towel, avoiding intense rubs, because it could hurt your skin.

3- Remember to keep your skin protected and moisturized

Another thing that makeup can do, is to cause dryness and cracks on your skin. If you notice scaly or cracked spots on your face, avoid putting makeup there, as it could be quite harmful. To avoid it, remember to use moisturizer creams as a base underneath all of your makeup, so it doesn't dry out. Sunscreen is also essential, because not only it protects you from UV radiation from the sun (which can cause skin cancer), but it also serves as anti-aging protection. Both of them should be used underneath the makeup to protect your skin, and you can even avoid the discomfort of using two products by choosing some combinations of these two (which a lot of brands make). But in terms of protection, you should also try to keep using both moisturizers and sunscreens even without makeup.

4- Exfoliate as a complement

By exfoliating, you remove dead cells from the top of your skin, and by doing so, you get a lot of benefits. First of all, you might get a softer and brighter complexion, which will help you to achieve a more feminine appearance. After that, exfoliating also helps the skin care products to penetrate deeper and have a greater effect. However, exfoliating shouldn't be done in excess. It should be but a complement to the natural exfoliating process of your body. It helps with skincare and feminization, but if you do that in excess, your skin might turn red and you might start to feel "stings''. Two to three times a week should be fine, depending on how rough and oily your skin is, but keeps watching for how your skin responds to this process.

I hope these tips are useful for you to improve your skin care, and that it helps you to properly remove all the makeup from your face after a day of crossdressing. Follow them, and you should not have any problems in maintaining a soft skin even after using all that makeup that crossdressing requires.

Written by Elise Wren

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