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The 5 most useful tips for creating more feminine jawline

We can wear wig, pretty clothing, shoes and crossdressing bodysuit to achieve feminine look. Besides, your facial features say a lot about your gender, and there are measurable physical differences between the two. Jawline is important to the overall proportions of your face. Here are the differences between male and female jaw:  

w   Men have longer chins.

w   The angles of a man’s jaw are sharp, giving it the appearance of a square, whereas a female’s square jaw is still rounded.

w   The chin on a man’s face is flat at the base, and a female chin is pointed.

w   A man’s jaw appears wider, heavier, and thicker than a woman’s.

Fortunately, altering facial features to create a softer, feminine look does not have to require facial feminization surgery. Here are 5 tips for disguising a masculine chin and jawline.                                       

#1 Shaving

Getting a close shave is the first and foremost in setting up for the feminine look. Avoid shaving first thing in the morning. Most people wake up with slightly puffy skin in the morning. You will get a closer shave if you wait 20-30 minutes for the skin to tighten, exposing more of the hair shaft. Remember that after you shave, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin soft.

#2 Contour your face

Many mtf crossdressers struggle with wanting to make their faces appear less broad and sharply angled. Contouring can make a big difference. When applying makeup, sweep a little bronzer or brownish-toned blush across your jawline and chin. This creates a shadow effect which makes strong features appear to recede.

#3 Choose a softening hairstyle

The purpose of a great hairstyle is to flatter your face by creating balance. Look for wigs with gentle waves that flow over the harsh angles of your face. Avoid straight hair or severe styles, as they will only make you look more manly.

#4 Wear the right neckline

Stay away from turtleneck or square necklines that accentuate a strong jaw. Instead, choose V-neck tops or rounded necklines to create a flattering frame for your face.

#5 Feminize with accessories

The right accessories can also help soften your look. Try wearing a scarf in a flattering shade around your neck or some dangling earrings that skim over your jaw bone. The more you distract from your masculine features, the more convincing and attractive, you will look like a woman!

You may not look great the first time you try to crossdress, but almost everyone can do it with enough time. Practice makes perfect. So enjoy every minute of it!

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