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10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation

Summer is when we can let our freak flags fly and enjoy the weather without worrying about bundled-up clothing. However, the humid weather can be a pain for maintaining our femininity. But don’t worry, with the right summer essentials, you will look fabulous regardless of the heat!


1-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


A moisturizer is the first summer investment for any closet queen. This is key for keeping your skin hydrated and your makeup from melting off your face. Make sure to find a light moisturizer that won’t clog your pores. You also want to have sunscreen. No sister wants a nasty sunburn, especially on their face. That’s why some sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher will keep your skin looking flawless all summer long.



1. Sweat-Proof Primer


2-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


As an MTF crossdresser, you must take extra care of your makeup during summer. The humidity and heat can cause your makeup to melt and slide right off your face. That’s why having a good sweat-proof primer is essential to keeping your makeup in place all day long.


There are a few things you should look for when choosing a sweat-proof primer. Firstly, it should be oil-free so that it doesn’t add any extra shine to your face. Secondly, it should be water-resistant so that it can withstand any perspiration. And finally, it should have a matte finish so that it doesn’t look cakey or greasy on your skin.


☆ How does a sweat-proof primer help you in the summer season?


3-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


When you have a good sweat-proof primer, you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting or sliding off your face. This type of primer creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup so that your makeup can stay in place all day long – even on the most humid and sweaty days. Plus, it helps to control shine so that you don’t have to worry about your face looking too greasy or oily.


Not only does a sweat-proof primer help you on humid days, but it also comes in handy on hot days. The primer will help to absorb any excess oil so that your makeup can stay in place – no matter how hot it is outside!


Sweat-proof primer is an essential summertime product for MTF crossdressers. It helps to keep your makeup in place on humid and hot days so that you can still look fabulous – no matter the weather!


2. Summer Fragrance


4-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


We tend to gravitate toward lighter, fresher scents as the weather gets warmer. But why stop there? Summer is also the perfect time to try bolder, more daring fragrances.


And what could be more daring than wearing a fragrance that’s typically associated with the opposite gender?


As MTF crossdressers, we can use summertime as an opportunity to explore our feminine side by trying out new fragrances. Whether you’re looking for a subtle scent that’s perfect for everyday wear or a bolder fragrance for special occasions, there are plenty of options.


☆ How does a summer fragrance help us as MTF crossdressers?


5-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


First and foremost, a summer fragrance can help us to feel more feminine. Whether we’re wearing it for our enjoyment or to attract attention from others, a nice-smelling perfume can make us feel more confident and stylish.


In addition, a summer fragrance can also help to mask any unwanted body odor. Let’s face it, no sister wants to smell like they’ve been sweating all day long. A light, refreshing scent can help to keep us feeling fresh and smelling great, even in the hottest summer weather.


3. Blotting Papers


6-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


Blotting papers are often thought of as wintertime essential for people with oily skin, but did you know that they can be just as useful in the summer? Excess oil and sweat can cause makeup to slide right off your face, so keeping a pack of blotting papers on hand can help you stay looking polished all day long. Plus, they’re great for touch-ups!


So, why are blotting papers a summer essential for MTF crossdressers? First, let’s talk about oil. Even if you don’t have naturally oily skin, the combination of heat and humidity can make anyone’s skin produce more oil than usual. And while a little bit of shine is nothing to worry about, too much oil can make your makeup look greasy and sloppy. Blotting papers are the perfect solution for getting rid of excess oil without disturbing your makeup.


7-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


Secondly, sweat can be a big problem in the summertime. If you’re sweating a lot, it can cause your makeup to run and smudge. Blotting papers can help absorb sweat and keep it from ruining your look.


So, there you have it! Blotting papers are a must-have for anyone who wants to look their best all summer. Keep a pack in your purse, so you’re always prepared!


4. Cotton Underwear


8-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


Cotton underwear is a must-have for any MTF crossdresser. Not only does it keep you cool and comfortable in the summer heat, but it also provides a layer of protection against chafing and sweating.


Make sure to choose a style that fits your body type and personal preferences. There are many different cuts and styles available, so take some time to try on a few different pairs before making your final decision.


9-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


Second, pay attention to the fabric content. 100% cotton is ideal, but you may also find blends that contain a small percentage of Lycra or spandex for added stretch and comfort.


Finally, don’t forget to choose a color or pattern you love! Whether you prefer solid colors or fun prints, a pair of cotton underwear is sure to be perfect.


5. SPF Moisturizer


10-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


SPF Moisturizer as a Summer Essential for MTF crossdressers. When it comes to summertime beauty essentials, one product that should be on your list is a good quality SPF moisturizer. It will keep your complexion hydrated and looking its best.


6. Flattering Sunglasses


11-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


We all know that feeling of finally getting our summer wardrobe out of storage and realizing that something is missing. A great pair of sunglasses is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, but finding the right pair can be tough – especially for those of us beauty queens with round or oval faces. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


12-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


  1. Cat-eye sunglasses


These classics are always in style and help give your face a more defined look. They also have the bonus of making your eyes look larger – perfect for accentuating your feminine features!


  1. Wayfarer sunglasses


Wayfarers are another timeless style that look great on just about everyone. They help to give your face more of an angular look, which can be especially flattering for those of us with rounder faces.


  1. Aviator sunglasses


This style is perfect for giving you a more sophisticated look. They also help to make your eyes appear larger, and your face look thinner.


  1. Oversized sunglasses


Oversized sunglasses are perfect for making a statement and can help balance out a rounder face. Make sure they’re not too big – you don’t want them to overwhelm your features!


  1. Wrap-around sunglasses


Wrap-around sunglasses are ideal for protecting your eyes from the sun while also helping to give you a more defined look. They’re perfect for those of us with oval or round faces, as they help to accentuate our best features.


No matter your style, we hope this list will help you find the perfect pair of shades to help you rock your summer look.


7. Anti-Frizz Spray


13-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


The summertime is the perfect season to break out your best feminine fashion. However, the heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it frizzy and unmanageable. That’s where the anti-frizz spray comes in!


This essential product can help tame your tresses, giving you the desired sleek and polished look. Whether rocking a curly wig or flowing locks, a few spritzes of anti-frizz spray will keep your hair looking its best all day long.


So don’t let the summer heat ruin your style –keep an anti-frizz spray on hand to keep your hair looking gorgeous no matter what!


8. Exfoliating Body Scrub


14-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


Exfoliating is important for all skin types, but it’s especially important for those of us with sensitive skin. That’s because exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, which can help prevent breakouts and give your skin a glowing appearance.


There are many ways to exfoliate your skin, but one of the most effective ways is to use an exfoliating body scrub. Scrubs typically contain small beads or particles that help to loosen and remove dead skin cells.


9. Maxidress

15-10 Summer Essentials for Your MTF Transformation


When it comes to summertime style, there’s one essential piece that no MTF crossdresser should be without: the Maxidress! This versatile garment can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, and its flowing silhouette is perfect for hiding masculine body types. Whether you’re hitting the beach or attending a summer wedding, a Maxidress is a must-have in your wardrobe. Here are some tips on how to style this versatile piece:


Pair your Maxidress with flat sandals and a straw hat for a casual look. Add a pop of color with your accessories to brighten up the look.


Share your summer look!


Now that you have all the summer essentials for your MTF crossdressing, it’s time to show off your look! Share a photo of your summer style on our Facebook page or in the comments below. We can’t wait to see how you spend your summer days and nights!

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