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14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses

Purses aren’t just a last-minute wardrobe staple; they’re an essential part of any outfit. They’re portable storage spaces that ensure you have everything with you at all times. Looking for a fun day out? Carry a powder blotting paper to keep you fresh. Down with a cold? Have tissues on hand at all times.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


However, don’t stash up things in your purse just because you have enough storage; prepare ahead of time by determining what items are essential. We’ve put together a list of crossdresser essentials to keep in your purse. These include a compact mirror, Band-Aids, a cell phone, and bobby pins, among others. As you read, be sure to confirm whether you already have these items!



1. Compact Mirror and Powder


I cannot emphasize this item enough; a compact mirror is a must-have. It doesn’t look pretty walking around with a blown-up hair/wig or something on your teeth.


I didn’t realize the importance of these types of mirrors until my partner—two years ago—shyly told me that I had lipstick on my teeth. You’d say that wasn’t a big deal, but bear in mind, I had the lipstick stain for like three hours beforehand.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


So, always carry one. But be sure that it’s as compact as they come so that you can comfortably take a sneak peek while having conversations or eating dinner.


Also, remember to carry one that has powder or separate powder. The purpose of looking in a mirror is to ensure you’re on point. So failing to carry a ‘fixer’—that is your powder—would make no sense.


2. Hair Brush/Comb


A hair brush/comb is a must-have item, especially if you intend to walk around with your hair down.


I’d like to point out that because the majority of us crossdressers wear wigs, we’re prone to having tangles—most wigs, especially synthetic wigs, tangle when exposed to product, dust, or wind.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


A comb should assist you in preventing them. Just make sure you’re combing your hair privately. A brush, on the other hand, can help you set your hair down.


Remember every gust of wind will undoubtedly lift your hair strands. You don’t want to look like you’ve just been electrocuted—just kidding!


3. Adhesive Bandages


Although highly underrated, Band-Aids are also a must-have, especially if you prefer wearing heels. There are also useful when wearing new pairs of shoes—ones that your feet haven’t gotten used to yet.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


When wearing heels, pumps, or sandals, you can injure your heels and cause your heel’s skin to become infected, requiring immediate medical attention. When your toes are in a tight, pointed shoe, they can also hurt.


If you’ve never worn women’s shoes before, this could be a real issue. Make sure you have some Band-Aids on hand in case of anything.


4. Mobile Phone


Yes, carrying your cell phone in your purse is also a feminine thing. Before transitioning, like most men, I used to carry mine in my pocket. Although you can still do it—if you still wear pocketed jeans or jackets, this can make you seem manly or “tom-boyish,” which we certainly don’t want.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


Be sure to carry your phone in your purse. Modern-day purses have compartments for cell phones, where you can safely stack yours. If yours doesn’t have one, place your phone in an accessible position—it will probably ring, and you don’t want to have a hard time finding it.


5. Fasteners/Hair Pins


A bobby pin comes in handy when you’re out and about and need to fix a hairstyle or a wardrobe malfunction!


It can assist in binding your belt. Have you ever walked with a black belt? It is very frustrating! If that happens next time you’re out, pull a bobby pin from your purse and then use it to secure the belt’s end. It will keep your belt tight, and no one will notice this.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


You can also use it to fix hems. The last thing you want to deal with on a night out or before a big meeting is a ripped hem. A bobby pin can save your pants or skirt hem. You can use one or two to keep the hem in place. That will hold it until you can permanently sew it.


It can also hold bills. Instead of a money clip, use a bobby pin to secure your bills. And it serves just as well as a real money clip!


6. Blotters


Did you know Kate Middleton’s clutch bag includes powder blotting papers?


While many will still hold that blotting papers are just oversized nose napkins, the rather old-fashioned book of blotting papers is very useful. They have recently regained popularity, thanks in part to their use by both Kate Middleton. But dermatologists and red carpet makeup artists alike agree that blotting sheets are far from a fad.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


Regarding royal engagements, author Marcia Moody stated that Kate only carries four items in her purse: a lip balm, a handkerchief, mirror compact, and blotting papers. If you want to Marie Kondo your life, Middleton is one to follow, though she doesn’t need cash, house keys, a smartphone, or an emergency snack bar, as most of us do.


7. A Nail Filer


Nothing is more frustrating than flaking a nail while moving about and not having a nail file close at hand. It has happened to me several times. Before starting my feminine journey, I’d bite the chipped nails off—but that won’t look pretty with long painted nails.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


In short, it’s essential to have a nail file readily available if you’re growing your nails. Even with fake nails, there may come a time when you need to file them down—hence carrying a file around is a necessity.


A filer can also help you fight the urge to bite the nail down to smooth out the rough edges.


8. Lip Balm


If you plan on spending most of your time outside or heading for lunch or dinner, where you’ll wipe your mouth, be sure to carry your lip gloss. A lip gloss will help to ensure that your lips are on point and that they don’t lose their luster.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


I’m sure you know what dull lips look like—unattractive, making you look broke, sick, or tired. It’s not the look we want.


So, please select the appropriate shade for the season and carry it into your purse. Use your compact mirror to determine the proper time to apply.


9. Breath Freshener


Have you ever chatted to a person with a smelly breath? I’m pretty sure it was disgusting, right? We don’t want to be that person; that’s why it’s essential to carry mints. A small packet of mints can help to keep your mouth fresh all day.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


They’ll also come in handy after you’ve had a meal or some drink, especially those with a pungent smell. Most people say that foods with spices can mess up your breath.


All in all, be sure to carry a pack of mints or a breath freshener to keep you smelling fresh.


10. Perfume or Deodorant


Apart from smelly breath, having a strong body odor can also turn off for most folks. Even if you freshen up adequately before leaving your house and apply some perfume or deodorant, the chances are that you’re going to sweat, or your pleasant aroma will fade if you’re planning to spend too much time outside are high.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


So, carry a small bottle of body spray/ perfume or a mini deodorant and apply it when you deem it necessary.


11. Tissues


Tissues come in handy for winter colds, crying while watching sad movies, or showing kindness to strangers. Imagine crying when you lack something to blow your nose.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


There was this time when a lady seated next to me in a football stadium got some news that her husband had just died. She immediately started sobbing—talk about nose and mucus coming out. I felt bad that I couldn’t help and watched helplessly as she messed herself. Had I carried some tissues, I could have at least saved the day!


12. Identification Card


Having an identity card—be it a passport, driving license, or national identity card—is essential, especially in these days of mistaken identity, among other issues.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


Remember to carry your ID, whether it’s for your current femme self or your male ID. I understand that sometimes you may want to conceal your male identity. But, always remember that encountering some situations without any form of ID is worse than simply providing your male ID.


13. Some Change/Bank Notes


Although we’re moving towards credit and debit cards—most things are swipe, swipe, swipe—it doesn’t hurt to carry some cash.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


First, you can find yourself stranded in a place with no ATMs. You might also experience unexpected credit and debit card issues. I saw in some YouTube Vlog where a woman was stuck in a foreign country because her card was rejected and her bank was unresponsive.


Have some 50s stashed somewhere as you move around—especially if you’re leaving your place for the night.


14. Shades/Eye Glasses


Do you know what? I never leave my house without sunglasses, whether it’s raining or shining.


We all know how sunglasses can give us the perfect disguise. Not that we don’t want to be seen, but sometimes you might not be in the mood for some chitty-chat with some people.


14 Essentials for Crossdressers to Carry in Their Purses


Also, sunglasses can prevent you from overly squinting, especially on sunny days. Be sure to carry yours always.


I know they’re many other things that, as a crossdresser, you should carry in your purse, including makeup, moisturizer, and sanitizers, among others; however, based on my analysis, the 14 essentials are the most important. So whether you choose to add others, that’s up to you.


That’s it. Be sure to carry these items as you move up and about to look and feel feminine. Do you like what you’ve read? Feel free to share with members of our community.

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