5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Crossdressing isn’t a piece of cake. It requires several years of practice to master how to look like a beautifully transformed woman. While I have been in this industry for several years, I have also had my fair share of not-so-good experiences that revealed I was a crossdresser!


And believe me, they definitely helped me get better at it.


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Let me share with you five fatal errors that will reveal you’re a crossdresser!


Such signs have something to do with your wigs, fingernails, accessories, and more!




Read this blog to learn more about the physical signs you should avoid to ensure your crossdressing sessions go smoothly.



1. Wearing Unappealing Wigs for Crossdresser


Yes, having beautiful hair is essential!


We all know how men differ from women by having shorter hair that requires less styling.


That being said, you will need a stylish wig to match your crossdressing outfit.




I did not know how important it was to have a killer wig initially.


I would simply buy a wig I see in boutique shops, not bothered by its finish and how it looks on me.


Only when several people noticed that my wig looked unattractive, did I start to do my research on good-quality and beautiful wigs.




To further help you, these are good signs that show your wigs are appealing and look like real hair:


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


  • The wig is easy to manipulate. You can perfectly wash and heat it using your straightener without the hair strands falling apart.


  • Your wig can be worn every day while maintaining its quality.


  • It’s easy to style the wig. You can even put different hair products and other accessories.


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


The best wigs are those that appear natural while being affordable and worth your money.


I recommend buying wigs at Roanyer because they are definitely high quality and aren’t too pricey. You can check them out here!


2. Ragged Fingernails for Crossdresser


Another fatal mistake I have learned to avoid over the years of crossdressing is not cleaning my fingernails.


I can still remember my encounter with a waiter at a restaurant near my house.


Forgetting to cut and clean my nails, I wore my crossdressing outfit and headed straight to the restaurant because I was in a hurry.


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


When the waiter handed me the menu and saw my hands, he instantly gave me a pair of judging eyes.


That’s when I realized how important it was to make cleaning my fingernails a part of my crossdressing routine!




Since then, I have always made sure that my nails are always clean and dainty-looking!


I even bought different nail polish colors and stick-on nails to make my hands look more feminine and appealing. And you should, too!


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


It would be best if you always remembered to feminize your hands because they affect your overall crossdressing look.


Nail polish and stick-on nails are affordable and easy to find, so ensure that they are part of your outfit.


Additionally, it also helps to moisturize your hands to add to their femininity and attractiveness.


3. Cheap Accessories for Crossdresser


One of the few things that I learned from my female friends is how important accessories are to complete their looks.


With that, we must learn how to mix and match accessories during our crossdressing sessions, too!


These jewelry pieces will help elevate our looks and make us appear even more feminine.




When looking for any type of accessory, I suggest choosing simple yet stylish pieces that can go with any style.


I wear sophisticated ones to accentuate my crossdressing look; these pieces also add luxury to my overall appearance!


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Look for bracelets, rings, necklaces, and even clip-on earrings to make you look more elegant and expensive.


By the way, here are two basic tips you can follow when choosing the right jewelry for your look.


◆ Focus on Your Neckline


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


I enjoy wearing necklaces to amp up my look, and I have learned how important it is to know which necklace length suits my neckline.


So, I often pair chunky chokers or short necklaces with tube tops or strapless dresses.


For off-shoulder tops, I recommend thick and dangly necklaces.


◆ Simplicity is Key for Crossdresser


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


The fewer and simpler accessories are, the better they will look on your outfit.


If you plan to attend a formal event, I suggest wearing small stud earrings to give your attire more flair without being too overpowering.


4. Ineffective Tucking Methods


The proper tucking is just as important as choosing a beautiful wig or picking the right jewelry to go with your looks.


If you don’t master tucking effectively, it’s an obvious error that will let everyone know you’re a crossdresser, especially when wearing a bodycon dress or a tight-fitting skirt.




I use a good-quality gaff to help with my tucking.


Gaffs are affordable and can basically hide and tuck away everything!


When choosing the right gaff, you can base it on your underwear size.


Check out some of Roanyer’s gaffs here.


◆ The Right Way to Tuck for Crossdresser


Tucking the right way also takes practice.


Before we start with teaching how to tuck your private part properly, check that you have all the supplies you need:


  • Medical tape (optional)


  • Gaff


Tucking Your Private Parts


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Tucking your private parts can be uncomfortable and painful at first, so take all the time you need.


I recommend using medical tape when tucking to make it easier and less uncomfortable when you move.




Before you secure it with medical tape, don’t forget to ensure that you have completely removed all the hair in that area.


I swear, when you don’t remove the hair and pull out the tape, it’s really painful!


Wearing the Gaff


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


The gaff acts as the second layer to create a smoother and bulge-free surface.


In this way, you’re more secure that you have entirely tucked in your private part.




A gaff can also work if you prefer not to tape your private part; it can still perfectly create a smooth appearance of your pelvic area.


5. Poor Body Hair Grooming


It may sound like a time-consuming thing to do, but yes, proper body hair grooming helps with crossdressing.


We must remove hair from our hands, chest, feet, and face to pass as a woman.




When I was starting, I kept my crossdressing a secret, so I had to do all the hair removal on my own.


I even purchased flesh-colored full-body stockings, which I wore on lazy days when I did not have the drive to remove the hairs on my body.




However, it’s always better to trim and remove all your hair instead of wearing full-body stockings.


It’s also more hygienic and will cause fewer problems, especially when you’re out the whole day.




You must always remember that women generally have less hair, so regular trimming is essential.


This is especially important when you prefer wearing sleeveless tops and dresses.




When you love wearing open-toed sandals during crossdressing sessions, you also have to be disciplined in removing the hairs on your toes and feet!


I also learned that silicone breast forms would stick better on my chest when all the hairs are removed.




And the most important part is your face! It’s what people will first see, so you have to remember to remove your facial hair regularly.


Sometimes, I wear silicone face masks, but I still need to completely remove the hairs on my face so that the mask will feel comfortable once worn.


◆ Different Ways of Hair Grooming


There are different ways to remove hair from our bodies: waxing, shaving, applying cream or lotion, threading, and laser hair removal.


I have tried all of them, and below are a few tips I have learned that you can use when trying out each method for removing your body hair.




5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Waxing involves placing a hot or cold wax on your skin and quickly removing it to pull hairs from your body. Here are some facts and tips for waxing:


  • The result of waxing can last for weeks or even longer.


  • Waxing can be painful.


  • It can make your skin irritated and red for a while after waxing.




5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Shaving uses a small electrical machine called a razor, which trims and removes hairs on your body through its blades.


Take note of the following facts about shaving to get to know how it works:


  • Shaving doesn’t hurt as waxing.


  • The results don’t last long; there’s a need to shave more often to maintain a no-hair overall look.


  • However, remember that frequent shaving may cause skin irritation.


  • It would be best if you took precautions when using the razor because it can cause cuts, razor burns, and nicks.


Using Cream or Lotion


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Applying a special cream or lotion will dissolve unwanted hair.


Some facts about creams you need to remember before trying this method are the following:


  • Results last longer than shaving.


  • It’s the easiest and simplest method. All you have to do is apply the cream to your desired area on your skin, wait for a few minutes as


  • Recommended in the application directions, rinse it off, and you’re good to go!


  • Some creams can cause skin irritation, so I recommend choosing dermatologically-tested products.




5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


You need two twisted cotton threads with threading and roll them over unwanted hairs.


The following are ideas I’ve learned with threading:


  • Threading is only applicable for areas where you only need to remove unwanted hairs, such as your eyebrows.


  • It can irritate your skin, especially when your skin is sensitive or acne-prone.


  • You can’t thread on large areas.


  • The results of threading can take four to five weeks.


Laser Hair Removal


5 Fatal Errors That Scream “You’re A Crossdresser!”


Laser hair removal involves multiple treatments which destroy your hair follicle, prohibiting your hair from growing back.


This method is the key to all your hair problems when you’re consistent with the needed sessions!


Remember these facts and tips about laser hair removal:


  • Laser hair removal is expensive; your budget must be prepared to cover all the needed sessions.


  • It would be best if you were religious with the sessions. The laser will not be effective when you skip treatments.


  • While on treatment, you need to hide your treated area from the sun.


Master The Art of Crossdressing!


Crossdressing is a fun and exciting hobby, but it takes practice to perfect the art.


I have experienced different challenges that have helped me become an expert in this industry.




While some crossdress in the comforts of their homes, I know several of you love to go out and show the crowds how you look.


With this, keep in mind the fatal errors we have listed above to help you become a professional crossdresser in no time!




Have you experienced any of the mistakes I mentioned above?


Let me know how you overcame them in the comments below!


I’d love to hear all about them.

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