Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


Hello, lovelies! Looking for crossdresser services in the UK?


Well, I’ve come today with a selection of the best sites to get for a full makeover and much more!


The British ladies are lucky enough to have plenty of these sites all over the islands.


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


There are many crossdressers around the world, and the UK is no exception.


But like in many other countries, it cannot be easy to find an accepting society for them to be free to express themselves.


But this is where these services come in handy! On these sites, you can go and experience a safe crossdressing experience at its best.




These places make sure you explore your femininity and feel comfortable all along.


If you can’t explore femininity on your own and need the help of professionals, you have to visit them.


Let’s see the best of them and what they’ve got to offer.



1. Crossdressing Services


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


If you live near the area of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, then you are in luck!


Founded and run by Kay, Crossdressing Services allows the opportunity for crossdressers to explore in a safe environment.


With the help of professionals, you can discover your inner woman privately and discreetly.


They value privacy, so you can rest assured they will take very good care of you.


With over twenty years of experience as a make-up artist, costume designer, and photographer, Kay knows everything about a good transformation.


With six different packages for you to choose from depending on what you are looking for.


From one-hour make-up lessons that will have you ready for a night out to the full experience where you can get all dolled up for eight hours!


You get to spend a day as the woman of your dreams, trying different outfits from an extensive wardrobe!


2. Femme Side Studio


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


This studio specializes in transvestite and crossdressing services for those that look for a personal and discreet experience.


Their experts have all the tools and knowledge to let the girl inside you flourish!


Book an appointment either by phone or email if you are near Syston, Leicester.


They offer different services, from make-ups & go to full makeovers of three to five hours.


Providing you with wigs and many outfits to choose from, including shoes and shapewear!


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


I recommend you take a peek at the photos of the transformations achieved in this amazing studio.


They are stunning! During your transformation, the artists will give you tips so you can use them on your own!


Tracey is the stylist who owns this place, and she has more than ten years in the fashion and make-up industry.


She welcomes you with something to drink so you can talk about what kind of girl you want to become.


A friendly place for every crossdresser looking for a full makeover!


3. Ms. Lola


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


If you are a crossdresser visiting Big Ben, you may want to take a look at this place.


Ms. Lola has been offering dressing services for over a decade.


Located in Central London, this place is run by professional make-up artist Zoe, who provides a place to enjoy your femininity at her store.


As is usual for these services, they provide full confidentiality for every customer, with a wide variety of services, including deportment lessons, make-up tutorials, and wig care.


Of course, they also provide the usual transformation session that can be two hours long to the full day!


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


There, you will have access to a wardrobe full of different outfits to choose from.


In addition, they offer girly outings with like-minded people so you can enjoy a safe experience going out en-femme in a supportive environment.


You can book an appointment through their website and enjoy your femininity to its fullest.


4. TransLife


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


With a “get to know your client” approach, the owners of this place will make sure you will be comfortable all the time there.


Run by a lifelong girl and her friend, they are experienced with nervous first-timers, and they provide a relaxed environment so everyone can enjoy their stay.


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


Their services range from simple make-up to an accompanied nightclub trip!


They also offer accommodation for a day and shopping trips to guide through the malls of the city.


The establishment is near the Brighton area, in Hove East Sussex, to be precise.


You also have the option to be transformed at your home or hotel room if you are near the city.


Here, you will find all the appliances and clothes you need to bring out the woman in you!


If you happen to be anywhere near this place, I’d make sure to contact them for an amazing crossdressing experience.


5. Antonia Wood


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


Antonia is the owner of this place, and she is a girl and knows first-hand the kind of challenges our community faces every day.


She is a make-up artist with over five years of experience on television and likes.


From the moment you contact her, she will make you feel special and comfortable throughout the whole process.


She is fully equipped with the best tools and high-quality products to make you look beautiful!


In a very personal experience, you will have the chance to meet her and know all the tips to let your feminine energy flow.


You can contact Toni through her website so you can talk to her to design the perfect experience for you.


From make-up and deportment lessons to full makeover transformations, done in a private, safe, and comfortable ambiance.


6. Chateau Femme


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


In Dorset, there is a fine establishment that offers from simple make-up lessons to 24-hour stays!


They offer the ultimate experience so you can live as the girl you wish for a whole day in an accepting and safe place.


With an exclusive private garden, you can enjoy a discreet walk outside while en-femme.


With a plethora of services, you can also enjoy being girly with someone else.


Or maybe you want to have some lessons on feminine deportment to improve your crossdressing.


Their bed services are very useful for those who want to make the most of this place.


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


They also offer escorted trips to events, shopping, clubs, or restaurants.


You can go out and relax back in your room.


Susie, the owner of this place, has been helping everyone who wishes to experience femininity to its full potential since 2004.


Saying she’s qualified for the job is an understatement.


7. The Girl Inside


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


The Girl Inside welcomes everyone who wants to wake up and enjoy their femininity in a safe place.


Many professional beauty artists work to make this a wonderful experience.


In the rural southwest area of England, this place has its door open in the beautiful city of Bath.


With a great selection of outfits for you to wear and professionals to help you in your transformation and look your best!


There is also a whole photo studio with a photographer to feel like a model!


You can stay here overnight and enjoy a private trip in the fields.


If you are a visitor, you can enjoy an escorted tour around the city and get to know restaurants or pubs while en-femme.


It is a beautiful place to unwind and let your inner woman enjoy a country day!


8. The Boudoir


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


Another great place to go in East London, the Boudoir, specializes in crossdressing services and has been doing so for twenty-three years!


They offer a private and safe space for clients to spend time enjoying femininity and feeling beautiful.


They have many services, so be sure to check their page for all of them.


Make-up lessons, transformations, escorted outings and shopping trips, and professional photoshoots.


These are only some of them, and the professionals take care that you enjoy the whole ride!


The owner, Jodie, can make your wish of becoming a woman true!


9. Drag Dreams


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


London seems a great place for crossdressers who are looking for services to help them in their transformations.


Thai drag artist James Adisai runs Drag Dreams with the purpose of helping you in your crossdressing process.


He also provides many tutorials and lessons if you are interested in learning anything about drag.


In a safe and private environment, you can change into outfits that you choose and feel the femininity in your body.


Of course, you will be assisted by a team of beauty professionals to bring out the woman inside you.


10. Femesque


Best Crossdressing Services in the UK


In the city of Aldershot, Hampshire, this studio has been open for business since 2008.


This place has the tools and experts to help you feel your feminine energy bursting out of your body, from head-to-toe makeovers to lessons in feminine techniques.


Here, you can learn how to buy the perfect breast forms for you, as well as bras and wigs!


If you are looking to embrace femininity and are ready to live what you feel inside, you should take a look at their site.




We can see that there are many crossdressing services in the British Islands, and these are just some of them.


Every single one of them will make sure that you enjoy your transformation in a discreet and private environment.


If you don’t have the tools, place, or knowledge to enjoy your crossdressing as you like, you can visit one of these studios and let them take care of it.


Do you know a place with services like that should be on this list? Please write it in the comments below! See you all very soon!




Written by Tina Munova.

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