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Hot/Beautiful Crossdressers from Different Social Media Platforms


Crossdressing is a norm as old as time.


As a social practice, crossdressing dates back to the 1880s as seen with Chevalier d’Eon by Gilbert exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.


And one undeniable aspect about Gilbert is that he was hot.


Reminiscing about Gilbert and his confidence as a cross-dresser makes it possible for us to appreciate some of the hottest crossdressers of our time.


 Hot Crossdressers  


Here is a list of some of the hottest crossdressers of our time based on their social media presence, engagement, fashion choices, cadence, and impact.





 Hot Crossdressers   


In the vast space of popular culture where everyone can win, sometimes what makes an individual hot is their ability to make others burst a bubble.


Macmillan-makeover, with over 800k followers on tiktok is known for his flamboyant style that incorporates African fashion and comedy.


With the cadence of a swan, he is not shy to experiment with varying looks that range from the Hollywood housewife archetype to the all-loud Nollywood maiden dressed ready to run to the market for some groceries.


 Hot Crossdressers  


MacMillan is a petite cross dresser with long sensual legs that he is not afraid to show off.


He possesses an athletic frame that contributes to his muscular build which he undoubtedly uses as a resting pad for his super-duper long hair.


His malleability to shift his persona from time to time, accompanied by his aesthetically pleasing physically attributes makes him a hot sensation on tiktok.


Lady Gaga


 Hot Crossdressers  


Some cross-dressers are immeasurably hot their presence on stage cannot go unnoticed even if they switched personas.


Such is the case with Lady Gaga who in the 2011 MTV Award wore a cuffed shirt with overt side burns to represent her masculine frame.


What makes Gaga hot as a cross dresser is her ability to switch gender roles making it easy on the eyes on everyone who sees her for the first time.


She has a foxy appeal enmeshes with her alter ego Jo Calderone making her a figure worth watching the while if one desires to see a masculine performance.


In what can only be described as feisty, Gaga makes cross-dressing as hot as the music she produces.


Billy Porter


 Hot Crossdressers   


Billy Porter is known for his authentic expression.


As an American singer, actor and mentor, he has been able to stir controversy with his fashion choices, especially as it relates to gender fluid fashion.


He also serves as an arm-candy daring anyone to take him off the pedestal of hotness.


For example, in 2019, he chose to wear a gown, instead of a tuxedo to the Oscars while accompanied by six bare chested men.


For a fashion choice that he considered personal, this outright expression of femininity and masculinity at this moment in time and space makes him one of the hottest cross dressers of our time.


In his Vogue interview, Porter asserts that his actions are meant to ‘make men play more’, and to push the status quo.


And of course, this makes him a notch bit hotter than his counterparts.


Todrick Hall


 Hot Crossdressers  


It should be illegal to line up the hottest cross dressers without including Todrick Hall.


Hall, a singer and choreographer came to stardom when he participated in the American Idol.


With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Hall earned his name as lola in Kinky boots.


His dedication to his cause makes him irresistibly hot to the younger generation who look up to the queer community to overcome the issues that they face.


He adorns his fashion with jewelry, make up and doubles it up with a snarly attitude that surely makes him stand out as the hottest crossdressers in Instagram.


Kota Kühn of USA


 Hot Crossdressers  


Kota Kuhn is an American influencer and cross-dresser.


Her style, for the most part, is hallmarked by cute pig tails that descend into a ponytail.


Hot, sassy, and sexy is the recipe that makes Kuhn stand out as a cross-dresser.


She is known for her raunchy, yet classy dress with underpin a Lolita theme to her dressing.


Often giving an innocent puppy looks in her pictures, her smokey eye makeup will remind you who she is; a cross dresser.


Her fiery display of peacock colors that start with his eye-shadow and match up with his feminine outfits definitely makes him one of the hottest cross dressers of 2023.


Dennis Karuri


 Hot Crossdressers  


The quote “Red is the color of rebirth.


Of beginning” by Allie Condie illustrates one of the hottest crossdressers that everyone should watch out for: Dennis Karuri. In 2023, Karuri hopped into Instagram with a bright red dress, a blonde wig and black heels hinting to his haters he is on “that new era”.


Indeed the red dress signaled a new era for the fashion and make-up mogul who has since gained momentum in the entertainment space.


What makes him irresistibly hot is his fierce persona which he uses to change his image to a hot babe from time to time.


If there is something apparently outstanding about Karuri is his prominent facial bone structure that lends him the credence of a model picture.


Accompanied by his lean body that he knows how to dress with the latest fashionable pieces, this list would not be complete without Karuri representation.


Tyler Perry


 Hot Crossdressers  


What makes Tyler Perry (male) a hot cross-dresser in his own right is his ability to embrace the black culture, carry it all on his back and make a re-connect to its image as a community on what means to be black.


As one of the main renowned cross dressers in America, Perry has earned his fair share of space in the cross-dressing community by appearing on films and movies as a woman.


Perry, through his role as a producer highlights the issues and joys that black women go through making him thoughtful and concerned about the women in his community.


It is this thoughtfulness that comes through humor, meticulous writing and effective dialogues in his films that makes him hot in his own right.


Putting yourself into the shoes of another to shed light on their plight is something any hot person should consider doing.


Jay Boogie


 Hot Crossdressers  


For someone who radiates braveness as a glow, Jay boogie is one of the hottest cross-dressers to watch out for in the entertainment space, especially in Africa.


Boogie who hails from Nigeria unabashedly flaunts his curvy body in women’s clothes notwithstanding his make-up which cannot go unnoticed since he has a habit of asking his followers “can you handle this?”.


One attractive feature is her rounded jawline which gives her a youthful appearance with or without makeup.


The confidence to wrap him as a feminine figure while contesting his followers for attention makes him deliciously hot.


He does not shy from his delicate side and this can be witnessed in the way she remains unbothered by her haters.


Katy Perry


 Hot Crossdressers  


Not caring what others think of us one way to earn a ticket to being considered hot.


And Katy Perry, for her 24th birthday, when she cross-dressed as Freddie Mercury of Queen, asserted that not caring what people think is what inspired her to create music.


 Hot Crossdressers  


Katy Perry with over 200 million followers on Instagram ensures that her fans are continuously updated with her unique experimental wardrobe choices.


For someone who can use creative and fun dressing choices to express her curvy body as she has stated in her interview before, Perry is hot.


Check out her fashion options on her Instagram handle.




 Hot Crossdressers  


Known for his adventurous spirit on his social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, Bobrisky continues to raise the bar for cross-dressers in Nigeria and across Africa.


Bobrisky embraces her natural aesthetic to advertise her title as the “mother of lagos”.


She refers to herself as ‘bebe’’mama’ on her Tiktok profiles.


She has a jiggy and bubbly aura on her social media platforms which can be seen with her inhabited dance moves.


If a name would be attributed to her as an award, it should be hotrisky because she owns her sexuality as a cross-dresser.


Dana Carvey


 Hot Crossdressers  


An honorable mention of one of the hottest cross-dressers in the history of mankind is often televised by Dana Carvey.


Dana Carvey who played the role of a church girl in Saturday Night Live (1986) unveiled the hypocritical roles that women sometimes play under the veil of being church girls.


Delivering the content as a man, Carvey struck a chord with the audience by having a full, yet bubbly display of what goes on in the world of women who are church lovers.


The role he served portrayed hotness in a realistic yet entertaining moment in film and television.




 Hot Crossdressers  


Cross-dressing is a social practice that is here to stay.


Its foundation which emanates from fashion and entertainment makes it possible for us to appreciate some of the hottest sensations in the cross-dressing domain.


All across the world, cross dressers make it easy for us to observe trends and appreciate the physical aesthetics and cultural insights that make this tradition worthwhile.


From the outlandish costumes, to unshakeable confidence amidst controversies, these hot cross-dressers will continue to reign the throne of cross-dressing for a long, long time.


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