How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


Being crossdressers makes us special, for sure. But it has a few costs as well. Some cultures still struggle to accept us, and it has an impact on our lives. A good example is that nowadays it’s still difficult for us to find a job.


Crossdressers and trans people may find it difficult to get hired due to discrimination and other conditions.


It’s a huge problem, and because of that, many of us end up afraid to come out.


And not coming out may prevent us from living our lives as who we are on the inside.


Society is changing for the better, or at least I hope so. But crossdressers and trans folk still suffer from discriminatory unemployment.


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


You need to seek jobs and opportunities in places that are openly transgender or queer-friendly.


Meet up with recruiters, take part in job fairs, and be proud of who you are.


But remember that your safety comes first place, so you need to avoid doubtful offers.


Besides all of that, make sure you prepare yourself to gather references and a resume.


It’s a job interview, after all, so the basic rules still apply.




This article contains tips for you to find a job without denying your own identity in a workplace that is safe for you.


I hope you’ll find a place that accepts queer people without discrimination.


And after that, I’ll give you a few tips on how to prepare yourself to get the job you want.



1. Look out for a queer-friendly company


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


The ideal workplace for trans folk and crossdressers accepts and acknowledges their identities.


To make it easier to understand, we can call those gender identities that deviate from the normativeness “Queer.”


I recommend you to find a queer-friendly company even if you don’t plan on coming out.


The simple fact of being around people that you know respect you makes the environment more comfortable.


Your day-to-day shall be way more pleasant if you know your coworkers won’t hate you for being yourself.


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


But how do you know a company doesn’t stand for transphobic ideals?


Well, it may be useful to check out the company’s website and social media.


You can find this kind of information there sometimes.


For example, if you see some kind of statement regarding inclusion and diversity, it’s more likely to be free of prejudices.


Some companies that value respect and inclusion tend to discuss LGBTQIA+ issues on their social media as well.


Transphobic companies rarely care for these orks orks in order to avoid queer people seeking them.


If you are still unsure, try asking someone you know who works for them.


This kind of research gives you a better overview of said company’s ideals and a sense of its inclusivity.


2. Go to a transgender-inclusive job fair


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


Job fairs, in general, are great for those looking for a job.


However, a common practice in recent years is job fairs organized focusing on the transgender population.


Most companies that take part in this kind of event may offer a great environment for queer people, including crossdressers.


And by that, I mean an inclusive workplace that respects all gender identities with no discrimination and interesting people.


Attending this type of job fair is way more meaningful of an act than stating their support on a website.


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


You may find this kind of fair in most major cities in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.


But if you’re not sure where to look, type “trans job fair” on Google and hit search.


There, you may find the ones that are the nearest.


Also, if you feel like you need some reassurance about the company’s views, reach out to a recruiter and ask for an inside view.


This process may calm your nerves and prepare you for the interview process.


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


Another point to encourage you to take part in such events is that you’re more likely to be hired.


Companies that participate in fairs are generally in need of employees and are trying to find some suitable workers.


Besides that, by appearing at the event, you’re showing them how committed you are, which is a key value to be hired.


So, if possible, take part in a job fair as soon as possible.


3. Consider when (or if) you want to come out


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


If you plan on going to a trans job fair, chances are that you already came out.


But this may not always be the case. It’s valid to show up at a fair just to learn more about the company culture.


But after that, coming out is up to you, and you may take your time as you wish.


I just want to tell you to consider your safety before doing so, both physical and financial, depending on the laws of where you live.


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


My research led me to believe that trans people feel more comfortable at an interview if they have already come out.


In this situation, they point out their pronouns and are referred to in a way that reaffirms their identity.


In the case of crossdressers, this may not be too big of a deal.


Remember that you can disclose that in your resume during the interview or talk about it later with HR.


But that’s also ok if you prefer not to disclose it. The choice is yours, and there’s no pressure.


Do what you feel more comfortable doing, and respect your boundaries.


4. Update your references


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


When we try to get a job, it’s important to disclose our previous experiences.


The work you did before applying for a new one is quite helpful.


People with previous experiences and good references have priority in 90% of the cases.


So if you have any, it’s important to make it clear.


However, you may come across some problems if you did these works before coming out or transitioning.


If these works are tied to a name you no longer use, it may confuse eventual background checks by your new employer.


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


To avoid that, contact your references beforehand.


If possible, come out to them and request a name change in your previous contracts and signatures.


It’s also better if you manage to let them know you want them to be your reference.


This way, they won’t be surprised by a background check asking about you and will know what to say and which pronouns to use.


This extra confidence may convince your new employer, reassuring them of your expertise and experience.


5. Improve your chances of getting hired


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


This is more of a skill set anyone can benefit from, not only queer people.


But as the subject here is how to find a job being a crossdresser, they are still important.


Considering that discrimination puts you at a certain disadvantage, you need to excel at the interview.


It would be best if you made a good first impression. So, let’s start with the basics.


● Choose a proper outfit


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


Speaking of causing a good impression, you must understand that your outfit is the first thing that will be noticed.


You can step in dressed as either a lichê a woman, as long as you’re well dressed.


Avoid crossdressing lichês, though, and give preference for business outfits.


You can also aim for a gender-neutral look or combine elements of both male and female outfits.


Just make sure everything fits well and is clean.


● Prepare yourself for the interview


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


Talk to other candidates, practice a few common questions, and understand what the job is about.


You can get useful information by reviewing the advertisement for the job.


Research about it online and see what is expected of this kind of professional.


A good IPI is to answer common questions in front of a mirror to boost your confidence.


● Be patient with whoever talks to you


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


If the interviewer asks you some kind of embarrassing question about you, be polite.


It’s common for them to have some doubts about your dead name and your gender identity.


And invasive questions about your genitals and transition status may also happen.


If it happens, be patient and try to answer if you can.


Try to make everything as clear as possible, and point out that these factors won’t have any influence on your performance.


They shall hire you for your qualities as an employee, not for your gender identity.


How to Find a Job Being a Crossdresser or a Trans Person


Without a doubt, it’s still quite harder for queer people to find a job.


Prejudice and discrimination are big barriers for crossdressers and trans people.


But if you learn where to look, you may find reasonable, open-minded employers that support inclusion and diversity.


This way, you may end up in a comfortable and safe work environment where you can be yourself without being judged.


With that in mind, after a job opportunity catches your attention, you must do your best to grab it.


Update your preferences, and make sure your resume states your qualities.


Be polite and patient during the interview, and if you make a good impression, the job is almost yours.


You just have to wait for a call or e-mail from them. Have you ever applied for a job as a crossdresser or trans person?


Tell us more about your experience in the comments!


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