How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


Many of us crossdressers have this dream of how to look feminine and cute in women’s clothes.


But sometimes, it cannot be easy to acquire such outfits without coming out.


If that’s your case, I may have a solution.


I assure you, it’s still possible to look girly and feminine with some of your very own masculine clothes.


However, if you can’t keep feminine outfits in your house, chances are that you have little time to practice as well.


As a result, it may not be easy to learn new techniques such as this one.


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


By reducing some sizes and making a few bold combinations, it’s possible to create a more androgynous look.


A little bit of adjustment can even highlight a few feminine features, and the right makeup will complete your transformation.


A wig is optional but can also do wonders in feminizing your face.


Pay attention to the current trends, and try to adapt your outfit accordingly.


Also, be not afraid to use accessories in order to improve your femininity.




Experimentation is key in order to figure out what works best for you.


Yet, it would be best if you still learned how each technique works.


To help you decide, I’ll explain each one in-depth and give a bit of advice regarding them.


Make sure you try out the ones you find more interesting and practice whenever you have the chance.



1. Look Feminine-Reduce the size


In order to better outline your silhouette and curves, reduce the size of your clothes.


Buying stuff one to two numbers smaller than what you generally use might do the trick.


Well, that’s because masculine clothes tend to be bigger and may look oversized on women or crossdressers.


Reducing the size may result in a tighter fit that won’t hide your silhouette.


But of course, wearing shapewear underneath is recommended if you want to rely on that.


Layering is also a smart trick in order to hide shapewear and make the outfit look more fit, but don’t exaggerate.


If you wear too many layers, part of the effect you gain from reducing the size will be lost.


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


While this trick may work for shirts and coats, it’s in the pants that it really shines.


Male pants, especially jeans, may look quite feminine when the fit is tight.


Skinny jeans are the best kind of jeans for crossdressers because they can highlight the silhouette of your legs the same way as a pantyhose would.


Male leggings are also an option but maybe a little more difficult to find.


The only downside with this technique is that you may have to tuck.


That’s because your male “parts” are more likely to be visible through tight jeans or leggings.


With that in mind, make sure you practice your tucking before you try it out.


2. Look Feminine-Adapt what you have in your closet


If you can’t manage to buy new stuff right now, it may be a good choice to modify stuff you already have in your wardrobe.


In this case, you may not have well-fitted shirts to use in your feminine self.


But you can always improvise, and here, my goal is to teach you how.


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


In order to adjust your masculine shirts and make them look more feminine, you can tie them on the front.


There are a few different types of knots, but it doesn’t really matter which one you choose.




If you have some unbuttoned shirts handy, use a belt to cinch it.


However, instead of cinching it around the hips, as we would normally do, cinch it around your waist.


It helps to get a more feminine silhouette, resembling an hourglass.


This kind of technique can be boosted by the use of corsets and other kinds of shapewear, but that’s not mandatory.


Then, try to combine it with a kilt (a type of masculine skirt) or skinny jeans.


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


Another alternative is to customize old stuff to make them more feminine.


For example, you can cut part of an old shirt and turn it into a single-shoulder top.


3. Try to find masculine clothes that already look kind of feminine


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


Some outfits have a more androgynous or feminine nature by design, even though they are marketed to men.


Scoop neck shirts are a good example, and it’s quite common for the male public to use them in summer.


The same is true for shorts, and you can look extra feminine by using shorter ones.


Tighter shorts will highlight and enhance the look of your butt, no matter if they are made for women or men.




I want to encourage you to play with different fits and fabrics here to find the most feminine side of menswear.


It’s not so difficult to do so if you pay attention.


Tighter fits are more suited for feminine looks, yet nowadays, it’s easy to find some that were designed for men.


Make use of these new trends in order to justify your purchases as masculine outfits if someone ever questions them.


To clarify things, I’ll give you a few examples.


● Espadrilles


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


This kind of footwear lacks a consistent structure.


Most types of masculine shoes have a well-defined structure, trying to look more robust as square.


Espadrilles, on the other hand, are made of almost pure fabric beside their base.


This feature makes them more comfortable, but it has even more advantages.


It outlines your feet in a way that makes them look smooth and feminine.


● Long-sleeved sweaters and long T-shirts


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


They look soft, going the opposite way of what’s considered to be a masculine stereotype.


It grants them some feminine aspects, which can be used to your advantage here.


They do have a downside since they tend to hide your silhouette, but you can overcome that by buying a smaller size or using the belt technique.


● Knee-high socks


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


That’s more of an androgynous or “unisex” alternative, but also valid.


They are quite easy to find in sportswear stores, mainly in the golf section.


No one will ever judge you for buying them, and they come with advantages.


You can use this kind of socks as an alternative to popular feminine outfits with high tights if you choose a darker color.

4. Look Feminine-Focus on the makeup and body language


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


As you’re trying to make male clothing look feminine, you might have to compensate with makeup and other crossdressing techniques.


That’s because crossdressing consists of different aspects that need to be put together.


I mean, even if you wore a skirt and other feminine clothes, your transformation wouldn’t be completed, let alone convincing, without makeup.


In some cases, your face will be noticed before your outfit, and what people see there will determine how they perceive you.


What I mean is that having a feminine face will help to feminize you as a whole, even if you’re wearing a masculine outfit.


A good makeup tip here is to use bright tones for your lipstick and eyeshadow, highlighting even more the feminine features in your face.


It also helps to drive attention away from the rest of your outfits.


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


Although makeup is useful, it doesn’t end here.


If you want to look feminine in a convincing way, pay attention to your body language at all times.


If you dress up in male clothes but move and behave in a feminine way, your outfit will look way more feminine.


This kind of tip may sound obvious, but lots of beginner crossdressers, and even some veterans, seem to forget it quite often.


5. Feminize other aspects of your image


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


To make your masculine outfits look even more feminine, combine it with other feminized aspects of your image.


The first thing that comes to my mind in this tip is shaven legs and arms.


Tight shorts, for example, will leave your legs exposed, and if you shave them properly, they will look soft and feminine.


The same is true for your arms with one-shoulder garments.


It’s a matter of balance, where your objective is to compensate for the lack of a proper feminine outfit.


But it’s also a matter of knowing what to expose.


Masculine clothes tend to emphasize masculine features.


So what you have to do is hide such features or make them look feminine.


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


While shaving legs and arms, make sure to let the hair in your head grow strong.


I know girls with short hair are beautiful, and that’s quite trendy nowadays.


Long hair is easily associated with females, and this kind of feature is worth showing.


When I had long hair, some people misgendered me for a girl even while I wasn’t crossdressing – and I was far from passable in other aspects.


Growing natural long hair is difficult and takes a lot of time and patience, though.


That’s why I recommend long wigs, as they can make any outfit look more feminine.


6. Look Feminine-Use accessories to enhance your look


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


Following the same principle from the previous two tips, a few accessories can give you a more feminine essence.


Earrings are spot on, and it’s common for males to use them as well.


Necklaces and jewelry will feminize your appearance.


Multiple rings on each hand will neutralize any excessive masculinity.


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


Even though masculine and feminine clothes are designed for different purposes, we can adapt them.


Once we buy them, nothing can stop us from using them differently.


This way, it’s possible to create a variety of feminine outfits out of male clothes.


However, remember to express your femininity in a more accentuated way to help in the process.


Once you learn how to balance these things, you’ll be able to break the limitations of crossdressing.


Please leave your opinion suggestions and share your thoughts about this article!


How to Look Feminine in Masculine Clothing as a Crossdresser


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