Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy

05/21/2023 BY Tina Munova

Hello to you all, lovelies! I know that it can be hard for many readers of this blog to express themselves and get in touch with their feminine side. I know I had issues with it in the past! This is why I thought it could be useful for many to write about everyday routines to connect with our femininity!


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


Even though clothes help a lot in expressing our femininity, I believe it’s hardly half of it. And because many have found the courage to embrace their femininity later in life, it hasn’t been thoroughly nurtured. So keep reading to get in touch with this powerful energy and become the “goodest” of femboys!

What Does Being a Femboy Mean?


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


A “femboy” is a term used to describe a male who identifies as having a feminine gender expression, or a male who is attracted to femininity. The term is often used to describe individuals who present as feminine or androgynous. As you can see, femboys and crossdressers are closely related concepts. Femboy is a fairly new term that is gaining more daily users. The main difference between a crossdresser and a femboy is that the latter expresses its femininity more consistently. Whereas a crossdresser usually does so in a more “closeted” way covering their masculinity in a completely feminine way. While both are attracted to and love femininity, a femboy does not reject being assigned male at birth. At the same time, a crossdresser embraces a completely traditional womanly expression. Nonetheless, both break the worldly accepted dictate of gender expression, and we all should celebrate this!


Open Up Your Mind and Soul


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


The first thing we all must do is open up our minds and be non-judgemental about others and ourselves. If you have been being restrained by the traditional notions of gender and trying to be up to them, well, forget about them! Society can be quite demanding regarding what we are expected to become. Especially regarding gender norms and masculinity. Everyone’s gender expression is unique and should not be considered competition. If you feel you have been holding your femininity back due to social expectations, forget about them and connect with those feelings. Meditation and reflecting on those emotions is a fundamental first step. Recognize in yourself the feminine impulses and act accordingly to them. Needless to say, do so healthily and consciously!


Everyday Grooming


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


Most women spend more time grooming themselves than men. You can do this in many ways and take up little time once you have learned to embrace it and adapt it to your routine. Skincare is one of the things that may seem as out of reach for many. But in fact, it is quite achievable and adds up a lot! Moisturizing your body after taking a shower with a lotion is a must if you want to keep your skin smooth and silky. It is ridiculous how fast the results show! To do so, find a body lotion that fits your skin with a feminine fragrance, and I’m sure you will become addicted to doing so! Your sweet-smelling body will instantly affect your mindset and make those feminine feelings more intense!


Shaving or Waxing Your Body


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


To increase the aforementioned effect on your skin and mentality, shaving or waxing your skin will take it to the next level. A traditional notion associated with femininity is hairless skin. This can be done in various ways, and you can choose whichever you prefer or find more suitable to your lifestyle. Shaving removes hairs in your body and does a great deal in exfoliating your skin. Even though it achieves the desired effect, body hair grows quickly if you only use a razor to shave your body. Waxing is a far more effective method that will leave your skin smooth and remain like that for far longer. Also, in my opinion, it is a better option for connecting to what most ladies go through. Many other products, like “Nair”, can save you some time, but be sure to read its instructions before using them.


Engage in Girly Activities


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


One of the most effective ways to connect with your femininity and make it flourish is by engaging in traditionally feminine activities or hobbies. It is not a coincidence that many gender-bending icons are artists. Art is an awesome way to connect deeply with your emotions and bring them to life. Self-expression, individuality, and uniqueness have an intricate and direct connection with art. Any art form can deeply impact how you live and connect with your inner femininity.


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


Nonetheless, dancing is the best discipline you can do to enhance your girliness. It works on many levels, especially in helping you develop more feminine mannerisms, which can be hard to practice or incorporate. Thanks to the Internet, you can do so easily with video tutorials learning the steps to your favorite tunes! If you have the chance, I recommend doing so in an academy where you can meet like-minded people.


Healthy Feminine Mind in Healthy Feminine Body


Must-Do Everyday Routines for a Good Femboy


I have found that a great way to channel anxiety and my feminine energy is exercising. Besides the thousands of known benefits of working out, it can help you develop a more feminine figure. Targeting specific muscle groups can help you develop a more rounded butt and a more defined waist, among others. A workout that makes you feel more feminine and at ease with yourself will surely improve your wholesome feeling. I have found many people that find unhealthy ways to connect with their feminine feelings, which is sad and partly why I am writing this. Working out is quite the opposite of this, and you can do so while listening to a playlist full of girly tunes to help you keep inspired during training. Extra points if you wear a cute and feminine outfit while doing so!


And that’s all for today, sweeties! I hope this article has helped you find healthy and useful ways to connect with your femininity! Let me know in the comments below how you all connect with your feminine feelings daily! I would love to hear from you and what you think of this post!

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