Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


Cross-dressing takes a lot of time, depending on your skill level and choice of techniques. In some cases, depending on how much free time you have, that can be a problem. Many cross-dressers often have to choose between different hobbies or dressing up. That’s because they don’t know how to spend their time while en femme.


Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


Here, my goal is to describe my experience and tell you how you can do other things while you’re dressed up as a girl. My main hobby besides cross-dressing is playing video games and doing other stuff on my computer. This is the case for lots of young cross-dressers as well, making it a relatable story. Because of that, you may find this article to be helpful.



1. Why did I decide to do it?


Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


To simplify, I’ll just say I’m in my last year of college. I had too many exams and essays to write, and I took part in research groups and other stuff from academic life. Besides that, I share my apartment with two other friends, and even though we share housekeeping chores, they still take time. Because of that, I have little free time to use for my hobbies or to unleash my feminine self. But this month, I decided to do things differently. After thinking for a while, I decided I could do both things simultaneously, to enjoy my vacations as much as possible. After all, having to choose was making me anxious, as I had been spending too much time making a decision. The plan was to do simple makeup and wear something comfortable, so I could do something else without being limited by shapewear. The hobby also had to be something simple that wouldn’t tire me, so video games seemed a fitting choice. This way, I could stand the efforts and enjoy both activities. The cross-dressing community itself somewhat influenced this choice. There are many gamers nowadays that are also cross-dressers. They often do live streams and discover who they are with support from the community. So, if they do that, why shouldn’t I try, right?


2. How things turned out


Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


Better than I expected, to be honest. The dressing up was more similar, as I used the same makeup skills. However, I chose to reduce the amount of shapewear, as less compression would make me more comfortable. I used a single waist cincher to reduce my waist and control top panties to lift my under region. It was a rather hot night, but I had an air conditioner installed in my room last year, so I could also wear my Roanyer breast forms and create cleavage. For my outfit, besides basic black underwear, I wore a grey skirt, black pantyhose, and a black v-neck t-shirt. I had also decided to use my favorite wig. It’s the one I bought when I first started to cross-dress, so it’s a bit worn out, so I ordered a similar one to replace it.


Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


After I became Elise for the night, I took a few selfies to register the moment, yet I didn’t want to spend a lot of time doing it. I put on my gaming headphones and booted up my STEAM app. I installed a few new games, such as “Elden Ring” and “Call of Duty: Vanguard.” I was undecided, so I ended up playing a little bit of both so that I could enjoy a varied experience. I also managed to play some good old “League of Legends.” I thought about streaming some gameplay inspired by Finn, a famous cross-dressing streamer. But my webcam is not that great, and I’m still insecure with my voice. I have a few voice-changing software on my PC, but they aren’t very convincing, and I don’t like to use them that much. Still, I managed to play those games quite comfortably and felt feminine all along. It was a good experience, although I learned a few things from some mistakes. I’ll elaborate on that during the next topic.


Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


3. What did I learn from it


It was a pleasant experience, as described, albeit not a perfect one. I had minor problems while playing, including some pain in my back. It turns out I hadn’t placed the waist cincher in the correct position, causing it to hurt a few places. Besides, I didn’t wear my glasses since I thought they looked too masculine. It proved itself to be a bad decision. My gaming pc has lots of LED lights, and the screen I sued to play on was huge and bright. All of that caused me headaches since I didn’t have my glasses on. Had I worn them, I would be able to stay en femme and play games a little longer.



Last but not least, I must talk about the wig. As most gamers do, I used my gaming headset as an audio output. Specific models are pretty popular among the LGBTQ community, and cross-dressers use them all the time. However, it may cause your wig to entangle if you move around too much, and I noticed it happen to mine. It was a minor issue, but doing it for too long could’ve caused some severe damage.


Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


I can say that I learned three main lessons from that experience. The first one is regarding shapewear. You must ensure that everything is well positioned to avoid back pain. This is especially true if you want to spend some time sitting while en-femme, as this movement can take your shapewear out of its place. Next, I must get myself some feminine-looking glasses or contact lenses as soon as possible. And last, it’s essential to ensure your headset stays in place, so it doesn’t damage your precious wig. I felt encouraged to try it since it was wearing an old wig with a replacement already on its way.


4. Tips for other cross-dressers


Playing Video Games While Dressed As A Girl


The most valuable tips for our sisters, regarding my experience, are the things I learned. But there’s still some stuff I can tell them. I’ll start by enforcing the idea that being comfortable is essential, so keep an eye on your shapewear. The  most important thing is to have a good time, so choose your activities with that in mind. If you do that right, you might improve your cross-dressing experience as a whole, expanding the possibilities. It allows you to be more versatile and opens a new range of options. If you want some inspiration, I’ll leave the links to the channels of a few cross-dressing streamers that may inspire you.



As you can see, it’s okay to do other stuff while en femme. Many like to do photoshoots and pose for pictures to register the moment. And While it does help with dysphoria sometimes, you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Cross-dressing has a lot to offer if you know where to look. Do you have something in mind? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

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