Signs That Say You Are a Crossdresser

05/05/2023 BY Marie

Every crossdresser experiences a love-hate relationship with crossdressing when they begin their journey, often due to a lack of self-awareness. Young and immature crossdressers may struggle to understand their own personalities and are often left wondering whether or not they truly fit into the category of a crossdresser. If you’re someone who has recently discovered a liking for feminine clothing but is unsure if you truly identify as a crossdresser, there are certain signs you can look out for.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


In this blog, I will be discussing some of the personality traits typically associated with crossdressers and the signs that may indicate that you are, indeed, a crossdresser.

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12 Signs You Are a Crossdresser


Sign 1: Like Feminine Clothing More than Male Clothing

For many of us who crossdress, our love for feminine clothing is a defining characteristic. The most common personality trait among all crossdressers is we like feminine clothes more than male clothes. If you’re someone who’s drawn to soft fabrics, delicate colors, and women’s styles, you can consider yourself a crossdresser.


Signs That Say You Are a Crossdresser


Don’t worry, your love for feminine clothing has nothing to do with your gender or sexuality; it’s simply a means of expressing yourself and exploring your creativity. Crossdressing is a popular fashion choice that appeals to a wide range of individuals around the world, and if you’re among them, congratulations – you’re a crossdresser.


Sign 2: Always Checking Mom’s or Sister’s Closet


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


Many crossdressers have experienced trying on their first dress from their mother’s or sister’s closet, often feeling nervous and fearful of being caught. If you find yourself constantly searching for opportunities to sneak into your female family members’ closets and try on their clothing, then you can consider yourself a crossdresser.


Sign 3: Feel Excitement in Women’s Clothes

Only the crossdresser feels excitement and an adrenaline rush while trying on feminine attire. This feeling is so strong and incredible that it quickens the heartbeat and creates a sense of euphoria throughout the body, that’s why they say crossdressing can be a really good therapy for crossdresser.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


I always feel the same level of excitement every time I crossdress and yes it does have therapeutic effects. Many crossdressers use crossdressing as an escape from their daily routine, allowing them to relax and feel more authentic and true to themselves.


Sign 4: Checkout Crossdresser & Trangenders Online


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


If you are constantly checking out transgender and crossdresser celebrities and influencers and aspire to become like them then you may confidently identify as a crossdresser. Many crossdressers also have a secret online presence because of the lack of privacy offline. Checking out crossdressers can help you learn more about crossdressing and you would be able to carry yourself well as a crossdresser.


Sign 5: You Have a Secret Feminine Stash


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


You can’t deny the fact that you’re a crossdresser if you have a secret feminine stash where you keep your wigs, dresses, makeup, etc. Keeping feminine stuff secretly shows your commitment to crossdressing and says that you can’t resist it. Many crossdressers take this one step ahead and they also keep breast form in their feminine stash to have a complete feminine look.


Sign 6: You Secretly Wear Feminine Suff

Many men who don’t have the luxury of privacy often crossdress secretly while still being in their male form. They usually wear women’s undergarments under their male attire to have a feminine feeling without getting caught.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


Some men also keep feminine accessories, makeup, etc to feel more womanly in public. If you relate to this point and partially crossdress in public then you’re most likely to be a crossdresser.


Sign 7: Want to Date a Partner Who Likes Crossdressers

It’s every crossdresser’s dream to find someone who can appreciate their passion for crossdressing without judgment. Coming out as a crossdresser can be a difficult and intimidating experience, especially if the people around you are unsupportive of the idea. For this reason, many crossdressers secretly fantasize about having a partner who they can confess and share their love for crossdressing with.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


If you also secretly fantasize about being with a partner who can love you irrespective of your liking for feminine clothing then you are a crossdresser. Let me tell you finding a crossdresser is not difficult at all. Check out our guide “How to Find a Partner as an Mtf Crossdresser”.


Sign 8: Like to Do Girly Things after Getting Dressed

Do you like watching girly rom-com after you dress up? Do you like to talk in female mannerisms while you’re all dressed in female attire? If you’re someone who does not restrict only to dresses and makeup and likes to adopt female mannerisms after getting dressed then you are most likely a playful crossdresser.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


Crossdressing should never be restricted to dresses and makeup only, in fact, the real fun begins after this when you start adapting female mannerisms and style in your body language.


Sign 9: You Know How to Do Makeup


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


Not every crossdresser knows how to do makeup but everyone man who knows how to do feminine makeup is most likely to be a crossdresser if they’re not a makeup artist. Makeup is the most essential part of feminine appearance and it becomes more important if you’re an mtf crossdresser to hide your male features. So, if you’ve done makeup to hide your male features then this means you are most likely to be a crossdresser.


Sign 10: You Have Autogynephilia

Autogynephilia refers to the experience of getting sexually aroused by the idea or image of oneself as a woman. It’s worth noting that not all crossdressers are autogynephilic, but based on many crossdresser stories and experiences, it seems that a majority of autogynephilic individuals are indeed crossdressers.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


It’s important to understand that autogynephilia is not a mental illness and is a completely normal feeling to have.


Sign 11: You Don’t Feel Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is the feeling of being uncomfortable and uneasy with one’s own gender identity. In some cases, this feeling can be so intense that individuals experience stress, depression, and anxiety. The only known cure for gender dysphoria is through medical treatments. People who have undergone methods to change their biological body often refer to themselves as transgender, which is different from crossdressing.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


Unlike transgender individuals, crossdressers do not experience any form of dysphoria with their biological sex. Rather, they simply enjoy the idea of adopting feminine fashion and behavior. If you’re someone who likes the idea of presenting as female but doesn’t experience gender dysphoria, then you fall into the category of crossdressers.


Sign 12: Read Crossdresser Stories and Blog

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a crossdresser yourself. Many crossdressers read CD forums and blogs to keep up with the latest trends and happenings in the community.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


If you have a profile on a CD forum where you share your own thoughts and ideas and read about the stories and experiences of other crossdressers, then you’re already well on your way in your crossdressing journey and can consider yourself a member of the crossdressing community.



The personality traits listed above are commonly associated with crossdressers. However, it’s important to understand that the spectrum of crossdressing is wide and diverse, and individuals have their own reasons for crossdressing. If you don’t identify with any of these traits, it doesn’t mean you’re not a crossdresser. Similarly, if you identify with most of the points but don’t feel comfortable calling yourself a crossdresser, that’s also okay.


Signs that Say You Are a Crossdresser


Ultimately, the choice of identity is yours, and you have the freedom to define yourself as you see fit. The purpose of this blog is not to impose strict rules about crossdressing or crossdressers, but rather to provide readers with a general understanding of crossdressing, so that they may embrace their femininity in a positive way.

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