Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


If you are a crossdresser who wants to show off your curves to the world, then it can be tricky to find stylish swimwear that not only shows off your curves but also a nice amount of skin.


It can be hard to find something that is both functional and fashionable.


Fortunately, swimwear made for crossdressers has been steadily increasing in popularity.


There are crossdresser swimsuits that are similar to bikinis; others are more like one-piece dresses.


Some even have accessories or other clothing options built right in.


You are sure to find a swimsuit that fits your needs and helps you feel good enough to take a dip in the pool!


1 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


The number one tip for crossdressers who want to try on women’s bathing suits is to find one that does not show off what you’re packing!


This is a good way to avoid staring eyes and any unwelcome advances.


These are typically one-pieces, though there are a few bikinis if you’re looking for a daring look.


Second, find a bathing suit that fits comfortably.


If you’re not comfortable, you won’t have fun.


Finally, focus on your femininity! If you’re going to wear women’s bathing suits, embrace the experience and go all out.




If you want to be your feminine self to dominate the beach or pool and get the attention of others, you need to wear the right swimwear.


If you are not sure where to start in picking the right swimwear, below are the factors that you should consider in choosing suitable swimwear for crossdressers.



1. How to find swimwear that fits


If you have a lean build and low body fat, you can easily pass in a bikini.


Most MTF crossdressers, however, have larger builds, so that a one-piece suit would be better.


2 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


For us crossdressers, it is recommended to take accurate measurements before ordering swimwear.


I’ve discovered that taking waist, hips, and chest measurements is particularly helpful in determining the swimwear that fits you.


However, waist measurements will mostly be unnecessary, unless it is much larger than your hip measurement.




Crossdressers who opt for a suit should know that it’s best to have a good fit.


A good fit consists of being tight when dry and not restricting movement altogether.


3 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


When shopping for swimwear, crossdressers should remember that most swimwear will loosen up once wet, so it is imperative to take note of this when you feel like you are between two sizes.


Another important aspect is to take note of the leg cut of the swimwear, as this affects your comfort.


2. What types of swimwear are available for crossdressers


Here are some of the most common types of swimwear you’ll find for crossdressers.


First, there are bikinis. These are two pieces of fabric that cover a crossdresser’s top and bottom.


Then there are tankinis which are pretty much bikinis that are a combination of a tank top and bikini bottom.


And lastly, there is one-piece swimwear that covers the upper body and bottom.


Any combination is fine, but make sure you find one that fits your body type.


4 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


To maximize your feminine curves, try these tips: Go for ruffles and ruching.


These style details are great for adding elasticity to parts you are lacking when it comes to curves.


Usually, padded bikini tops are the way to go since they give you more of a pair look without actually increasing your volume that much.


A skirted bikini bottom is helpful and adds even more shape at the hips, so if it is not too much, showing extra skin can be the perfect complement to a good bust line, too.


5 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


Avoid high-cut bikinis unless you are genuinely thin.


Instead, choose a swim top with wide straps to balance the proportion of your shoulders.


For example, halter tops are a great way to create a slimming effect across the chest and draw attention to your bustline.


On the other hand, bandeau tops create a horizontal line across your upper body, which will emphasize your larger-than-average hips, making you appear wider than you really are!


6 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


As we know, crossdressers should keep it flat in the crotch area to achieve that feminine look.


That’s why one piece with a gathered front tie-top and full bottom is recommended.


Having a built-in pocket for breast forms is ideal for crossdressers who are interested in displaying some goods.


Tucking rings can also help to pull back and keep you flat up front gently!


7 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


3. The best places to shop for affordable swimwear


When you need swimwear, you do not want to spend a lot of money, but you also don’t want to sacrifice too much quality!


Here are some of the best places to buy affordable swimwear.


8 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


Since swimsuit shopping is easier online, start by looking at a website like Amazon.


They have lots of options for crossdressers, and you can sort them by price, brand, or customer ratings.


If you need swimwear fast, Zappos will be your best bet.


They deliver quickly and have a wide variety of sizes, styles, and prices.


Nordstrom is another great place to look for swimwear.


They carry brands like Speedo and Calvin Klein, and you can sort by size and price.




Remember that swimwear is an item that you will be wearing for a long time, so purchase what you’ll be happy with for many swim seasons.


4. How to style your hair and makeup for the pool or beach


After lathering on the sunscreen, you can apply some light, waterproof makeup before you leave for the beach, with the finishing touches being some shimmery sunscreen lip balm.


While it’s not advised you go to the beach with a full face of makeup, when it comes to makeup, less is definitely more!


9 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


As a crossdresser, we probably ask ourselves some of these questions, too.


Crossdressing and swimming might sound complicated.


But how are we supposed to swim in wigs? What do crossdressers need to protect our hair from getting wet?


And how do you avoid your wig from slipping off while swimming?




While swimming with a wig on, crossdressers should make sure they have put their band in place to secure their hairpiece.


This can be accomplished by using a silicone band that will anchor your wig and keep it from falling off throughout your swim.


However, glues and other sticky materials are not reliable for this application, so silicone is the best choice if you want to take your chance in the water.


10 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


Another solution can be swim-cap wigs.


These are made of fabric and are designed to be worn in the pool or the ocean, but there are a few tips that you should keep in mind.


Firstly, they aren’t designed to be submerged in water for too long.


Secondly, keep in mind that these cannot protect your wig from harsh chlorine in the water.




With a top knot, your hair will be arranged so it’s neat and secure.


There are plenty of ways to wear a top knot, and the best thing about them is they work while swimming!


So rest assured, you won’t have to worry about your hairstyle when playing pool or taking underwater selfies with fellow beachgoers!


Not only that, but it’s super chic and can be worn with both a sundress and a bikini!


Another hairstyle is the ponytail.


Although the sleek pony may not be the most practical option for the beach, it certainly is a classic when it comes to swimming options.


11 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers



Braided ponytail with a loose curl – When you want to look glam without fuss, this is the perfect hairdo for you.


The best part is that it can be dressed up or down, depending on if you’re headed to a beach wedding reception or an evening pool party.


5. Tips for staying cool in the sun


Staying cool in the summer is difficult, but it’s important to stay safe. Here are some tips so you can stay cool while avoiding the heat.


12 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


You will want to bring sunglasses, a hat, a big floppy sun hat, and a tiny umbrella to protect you from the sun.


After arriving, it’s a good idea to apply sunscreen since you don’t want to get a sunburn on your first day.


13 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


Ice is great to have to cool down. It can be placed on your neck or on your wrists to cool you down.


The coldness of the popsicle can help cool your body down.


Drinking cool drinks is helpful, as well as drinking water; these can keep you cool and rehydrated.


6. Safety advice when swimming


14 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


Swimming is a great way to stay physically fit, have fun, and relax.


However, there are risks associated with swimming. It’s important to know how to remain safe in the water.


First, always swim with a buddy. This allows you to remain safe while you’re in the water.


In addition, it’s imperative to stay hydrated and to use sunscreen.


Finally, it’s best to swim in a lifeguard-monitored area.


This ensures that you’re well-guarded against any danger and helps you swim more efficiently!


15 - Swimwear Tips for Crossdressers


There are certain things you must remember to do when swimming.


First, there are policies in certain pools or beaches, so it’s important to abide by them.


Some people drown because they have been told to do something when they feel like they can do it themselves.


So remember to follow the instructions of the lifeguards, teachers, or even your parents.


Second, never enter the water when you see a sign that says “no swimming” or some variation.


Finally, if you’re going to be in a pool, make sure to pee before you get in!




When going to the beach and basking in the sun, crossdressers have plenty of options on what to wear.


They can choose from bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece suits.


However, it is important to take note of your measurements.


Of course, having a feminine look is what we want to achieve, so I highly suggest a one-piece with a gathered front tie-top, built-in pockets for breast forms, and a full bottom with a tucking ring.




Crossdressers must be comfortable in whatever style of swimwear.


Incorporating hairstyles and makeup also makes you more stylish, unleashing your inner feminine!

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