The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


During crossdressing, I think you will all agree that every detail counts – from the body shapers we wear to match the female bodies, make-up, and accessories to choose the perfect handbag.


The right handbag complements our entire outfit, making us look more feminine and attractive.


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


With years of crossdressing, I’ll share some of the best tips I have learned in choosing the ultimate handbag to cap off your sexy crossdressing look!


Let’s talk about the factors that can affect your handbag of choice and its best features.


These factors include the size, length, style, and more!




Read this blog and discover how to elevate your crossdressing sessions by owning the best handbag you could ever ask for.



Factors Affecting Your Handbag of Choice


Below is a list of factors I have compiled that you must carefully look into when buying a handbag for your crossdressing.


1. Length


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


It might be a small detail, but the length of your handbag can accentuate the body part where it falls right next to!


I know our hips tend to appear straighter than women’s, so using hip pads is common in crossdressing to make them appear curvier and rounder.




And if you want to maintain that shape, I suggest going for bags that fall right next to your hips!


With this length, your hips will look wider and fuller, creating an illusion of an hourglass shape – the ultimate crossdressers’ desire!




Another tip I learned from my stylist is to choose a waist-length handbag if you want your waist to look more snatched or tightened after wearing girdles or corsets.


Additionally, I’ll share an important piece of advice to avoid handbags that fall too long near your knees.


They are way too manly and certainly would not complement your sexy feminine look!


2. Size


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


Female handbags come in various sizes, and the bag you choose must be in sync with your body proportions.


If you are on the taller side like me, avoid tiny bags that will make you look even more manly or stockier.


Similarly, avoid big handbags if you have a short height.


Remember, your handbags should only accentuate your outfits and not completely distract and ruin your look.


3. Shape


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


Yes, the shape of your handbag matters, too!


My pro tip: bring your female friends with you when you choose from the dozens of handbag shapes at the store.


You’ll be surprised to see how many available shapes there are for your perfect crossdressing bag!




My stylist says rounded or slouchy handbags are the best shapes because they can create curvy illusions of your body, making you look sexier and more feminine!


They hide the straight body shape common in males and magically make you look like you have an ideal hourglass shape!


4. Style


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


While we commonly only have a bag or two to suit any look, women are entirely different.


Each female handbag is styled uniquely and differently to complement the owner’s individuality.


However, one major no in handbag styles is choosing one that’s either too formal or too casual for your crossdressing outfit.




Remember that your handbag is only an accessory or an additional detail of your look.


It should not overshadow your outfit, ruining your feminine look.


My personal style favorites are structured handbags.


They’re versatile, flexible with any outfit, and longer-lasting than the slouchy and saggy-styled ones!


5. Color


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


I know we’re used to handbag colors only ranging from black, brown, gray, or white.


But trust me, female color choices are much more than neutral and plain ones!


A pro tip from one of my stylists: don’t be afraid to mix and match and go bold with bag colors.




You probably heard the old saying that your bag and shoes should match, but fashion trends constantly change.


Step out of your comfort zone and try brighter and more vibrant colors during crossdressing!


My favorites are dark blue, burgundy, and forest green because they’re versatile colors that make me look more sophisticated and stylish!




However, neutral colors are still the way to go if you’re more on the minimalist side.


Brown or black bags are classic and can match your casual look or even a night out with your crossdresser friends!


6. Function


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


When we go out, we only need our phones, wallets, IDs, and a few other essentials like tissue, alcohol, and a pen.


However, when we crossdress, we certainly bring so much more!


During crossdressing, you need your make-up for retouching, additional accessories you might need, and other female things that you might also find useful.




With this, you must learn to choose a handbag that can fit all your belongings.


Imagine bringing a handbag with nothing to fit in it, a hassle and an inconvenience, isn’t it?


You have to ensure that your handbag and its compartments will work for you.


Features of an Ideal Handbag


Personally, I was not used to prioritizing what handbag to bring or which bag to match my outfit, not until I started crossdressing!


Over the years, I learned that more than the perfect style, the bag I choose should also serve its main function – carry all my crossdressing essentials!


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


With my years of experience in crossdressing, I have worked with several stylists and fashion experts, and they have shared the best features of an ideal handbag for styling and serving its purpose.


7. Single Large Pocket


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


Of all the features, this is probably my favorite. Imagine a handbag with two similar zippered compartments, and you have to get your cellphone, wallet, or anything you need.


Now that you’re bringing far more stuff than you were used to, isn’t it a hassle and a complete waste of time having to guess which is which?




However, if your handbag only has one large pocket, you only have a single place to look for what you need, making it very convenient!


With a single pocket, you can place your phone, money, accessories, and even your make-up for crossdressing.


And if you need to get one of these, you pick it up from that pocket, and voila! You’re good to go.


8. Zip Closures


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


Now that we’re bringing way more essentials for crossdressing, it’s certainly important to keep all of them secured and safe in our handbags.


You would not want to experience all your stuff flying everywhere when the car you’re riding suddenly steps on the brakes, would you?




Choose bags with zip closures to prevent your things from spilling out and getting messy!


Zippered compartments also ensure that your essentials are well-organized inside your bags.


9. One Small Outer Pocket


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


Aside from the main compartment where you put everything, I suggest getting handbags with a single outer small pocket on one side.


It’s where you can put small things like your keys or even your lip balm or lipstick for retouching later in the day.


With a small outer pocket, it saves you from that momentary panic when you have to dig inside your bag’s main compartment to find that small item you need.


10. Standard Width


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


Before switching to female handbags, I was used to deep bags with a single compartment to put all my belongings, and they are certainly not good when you’re just bringing so much stuff!




My stylist suggests that the standard size should be a bag that can fit the dimensions of an iPad, about seven inches wide and ten inches high.


This ideal size ensures that all your things are still within your reach.


A bag that’s too deep becomes a black hole where all your essentials are a mess inside!


11. Good Rigidity


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


Crossdressing calls for more make-up essentials to ensure that we look fab and attractive the entire day.


With this, you must remember to keep all your stuff in your handbags organized and protected.


And what’s the best handbag that ensures the protection and order of your things?


I say it’s definitely a rigid bag that can stand on its own!




When a handbag’s rigid enough, it won’t slouch or topple over when you put it down while having tea with your fellow crossdresser friends.


It stays put and stable, regardless of where you place it.


12. Having Two Handles


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


When your handbag has two handles, there’s no need to drop it when you need to get something inside.


All you have to do is separate these two handles, get what you need, and you’re done!


Additionally, a handbag with two handles has a more feminine vibe, making you look more attractive during crossdressing.




Another bonus tip: choose handles that are at the same level as your waist to make it look smaller, or until your hips to make them look curvier!


13. Lightweight When Empty


The Guide to the Ultimate Handbag for Transgenders/Crossdressers


You’re wearing your favorite crossdressing outfit paired with high heels, and you’re on full-on make-up.


It’s time to choose a handbag that matches your look.


I don’t think you’d want to carry something heavy that can strain your arms, do you?


It will certainly ruin how you look and, worse, your entire crossdressing session!




With this, I suggest choosing lightweight handbags even before you place your essentials inside to prevent your shoulders from getting tired easily, especially when you’re wearing silicone breast forms.


Lightweight bags also allow you to enjoy your day of crossdressing with friends without feeling any discomfort.


Choose Your Handbag Wisely


Handbags not only carry all your essentials, but they also add to your crossdressing style, making you look more feminine and appealing.


I like mine structured, hip-level, and vibrant colors to give an accent and create an illusion of fuller and wider hips.




What about you, how do you like your handbags? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I travel the world so have gone with a cross body purse. It sets at my hip level which unknowingly til reading this article helps in making the hips look rounder. It is large enough to Have my heels, Or when wearing my heels, my tennis shoes and a few other essentials, small brush, makeup mirror and touch up make up as well as wallet, passport room key and cell phone. Keeping the crossbody purse tight to me in crowds is much safer than at the end of my hand or straps hanging from my forearm. I am 180cm tall and 80kg so a medium sized purse fits my body better than the small ones. Also in a pinch the bag can be used as a deterrent with enough weight and the long strap makes a decent weapon. One need make sure it does not get lost as the cell phone and wallet/passport are essential items of safety while traveling abroad. Never have had to use it but it is a comforting thought. Neatness in the purse is essential and to make sure you know where all items are. the inside side pockets to keep things reachable like cell phone or wallet or if questioned by Police as to who you really are….passport and then if you get back to your hotel room to not be able to find your room key and to try to convince the front desk you are Mr…. that checked in two days ago. All avoidable without the panic. I also try to make sure the zipped closure is closed and knowing which side is which when i open to delve inside. then take a few extra seconds to insure you put all back in like credit card into wallet and wallet into inside left pocket of purse then there is no looking for the credit card while in the back of a dimly lit taxi. The habit of putting these things in their rightful places can make the difference between a perfect night out where you were the Diva of the night to come crashing back to panic of oh no i lost my credit card. Incidentally my crossbody purse matches my Dress and shoes. Complimenting my mature elegance quite well, I’ve been told. One of my last outings I noticed some wear and peeling from my bag. I inquired as to it being able to be repaired and alas the answer was no. I looked for a Medium Blue purse for the better part of three days in a central business district, aka downtown, but never did find what i wanted. Yellows and greens with the standard black and brown or some white but nothing in the facebook or lighter twitter background color blues. So still looking….

  2. im a transvestite who loves carrying handbags and its always a nice pink one or a red shiny one . im such a sissy and im in uk and love girly things . anyone who wants to chat im ps ill even give you my real name its bernie broedriek but call myself bernice

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