The Top 8 Support Groups for Crossdressers


Like others amid their journey toward uncovering their authentic selves, crossdressers must find stability to stay on their path.


This is where the significance of finding like-minded people who understand your circumstances comes in.


Support Groups for Crossdressers


These groups are crucial pillars to which people who identify and express themselves outside the norm can hold on for much-needed assistance.


Continue reading below to discover support groups you can check out today.



Importance of Support groups


Support Groups for Crossdressers 


Support groups do one thing: support. However, support means many things.


In Rainbow Town, support comes through many highways.


One that tops all is breeding a non-judgmental environment for trans, crossdressers, and other gender non-conforming participants.


A safe system lets you freely share your experiences and inner thoughts to reduce isolation.


They are grounds to foster genuine connections and friendships to boost your self-confidence and acceptance through mutual support.


Aside from arranging a sheltered space, support groups are at the forefront of disseminating information about crossdressing, gender identity, and related topics.


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Here are other advantages and benefits you can get out of being in a support group:


You feel connected to others: Realize you’re not alone as you relate to stories of others facing similar challenges and triumphs.


You’ll connect with a diverse range of individuals and expand your perspectives.


You learn from others’ journeys: As you hear other people’s experiences, you’ll gain insights into navigating various situations that reflect yours.


You receive encouragement: During self-doubt or societal pressure, you’ll have a group to share your burdens with and get motivated.


You will progress towards self-discovery: You’ll find it easier to practice self-acceptance and cultivate personal growth.


Top 8 Crossdressers’ Support Group 2023


Support Groups for Crossdressers 


Ready your pen and paper and choose the best support groups for your personal needs.


Transformation Journeys Worldwide (TJWW)


A self-proclaim “Transgender-Focused Inclusion Training” that focuses on trans issues and other matters, including crossdressers.


It’s an organization that urges others to continue conversations that will nurture an inclusive culture for trans and non-binary individuals via consulting and diversity training.


A triumvirate of headstrong individuals leads TJWW:


Gabrielle Claiborne, a trans woman and speaker

Linda Herzer, an author, trainer, and ordained minister

Dionne Ketti, HR specialist and presenter


The organization aims to assist other establishments and companies to create an environment that embraces every gender, including yours.


This is done through a 5-step process:



Policy Development


Facilities Update

Community Engagement


TJWW’s services involve seminars, training, and consultations that point out how old operating systems should be updated.


It also pushes continuous education and community engagement.


What it is: A consultation and diversity training institution


The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE)


Support Groups for Crossdressers 


The IFGE is an all-around institution that promotes welcoming all people, no matter what gender expression they attribute themselves to.


As per its page, here’s a list of the groups they advocate for:







Gender Queer


Two Spirit



Drag King

Drag Queen












The organization was founded in 1986 by Merissa Sherrill Lynn.


It’s very involved with conferences and other significant events concerning gender identity, workplace diversity, and gender education in general.


It also shares news concerning gender identity and expressions.


Recent news concerns prominent figures, gender identity news, and awards or nominations.


What it is: A non-profit advocacy group intending to subdue trans bigotry


Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)


Support Groups for Crossdressers 


The media is littered with stereotypes about the LGBTQ community since anyone can remember.


This rampant misinformation in the press was then promoting fast lanes for people to hate lesbians, gays, bis, trans, and queers for just being themselves.


GLAAD highlighted the media’s accountability for the consequences of what they portray.


GLAAD’s mission since its foundation in 1985 has always been clear: showcasing genuine, real-life LGBTQ experiences.


The organization opened many eyes to the reality of being in the pride community, including the difficulties of merely existing as humans.


GLAAD’s authentic narratives displayed in mainstream media led to dialogues that soon became a cultural change critical for protecting LGBTQ folks.


GLADD is a very active group with many programs to further its reach. Some of the programs include:


Social Media Safety Program

News Media & Rapid Response

Communities of Color


20 Under 20 Program


What it is: A non-profit media group encouraging fair, accurate, and inclusive LGBTQ representation and acceptance


The Beaumont Society


Support Groups for Crossdressers 


The Beaumont Society is a community run for and by transgender people.


It’s a UK-based support group that has been in existence since 1966.


Its members welcome everyone in the gamut of transgenderism, whether post-trans surgery persons or casual crossdressers.


The Beaumont Society’s goal is to educate the general public on gender dysphoria and other vital subjects affecting the transgender and transvestite communities.


Support Groups for Crossdressers 


Moreover, it has a social networking site called Pink Butterly, created for transsexuals, transgenders, and intersex individuals to know each other, get advice, and be friends, all through a safe channel and healthy discussion boards.


What it is: A support network with a quarterly magazine and website standing up for everyone within the transgender spectrum


Crossdresser Heaven


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Crossdresser Heaven tells the story of a transgender individual, Vanessa, who was spurred by their desire to help others on the same journey.


It’s an excellent resource for everyone in any stage of self-exploration, especially those conflicted or curious about their authentic selves.


Crossdresser Heaven, with its more than 35,000 members, encourages open conversations not only on sexuality and gender expression but also on other sensitive areas, like religious implications.


The website has articles on keeping a healthy mental state, experiences on being a trans and crossdresser, and recommended crossdressing products.


What it is: A website embracing the crossdressing journey and offering support, encouragement, and love to those who are on their transgender journey


Trans Lifeline


Support Groups for Crossdressers 


Just like what its name suggests, Trans Lifeline is a crisis hotline tailored for trans people with their specific needs in mind.


Unlike other hotlines that may disregard important factors of transpeople, such as outing them unwittingly, Trans Lifeline promises never to send emergency services the caller didn’t ask for.


The Top 8 Groups for Crossdressers 


The organization’s goal is to collect and allocate funds, provide community support, and share assets with trans people to give them a better life.


Some of its resources include:


A Place for Marsha is a relocation and housing program for trans and non-binary individuals.


Erin’s National Informed Consent Clinics Map shows which centers offer specialized healthcare for those transitioning or planning to transition.


ID Change Library contains directories and other finder tools for trans people who need help modifying their ID documents.


Trans Lifeline also has articles that trans and crossdressers will find valuable.


Recent articles include tucking guides, questions about gender identity, and explanations of terms in the trans community.


What it is: A tactful crisis hotline and advocacy website for trans individuals who need support


The Trevor Project


The Trevor Project 


The Academy-award-winning dramedy titled Trevor spearheaded the creation of The Trevor Project.


The short film shows how Trevor, the protagonist, gets rejected by his friends because of his sexuality, which leads to his attempted suicide.


The need to safeguard young minds who might be fighting the same dilemma points the filmmakers to an astounding discovery: no resource exists for these vulnerable people.


Fortunately, in 1998, just four years after Trevor was introduced to the world, The Trevor Project followed suit.


Today, it’s one of the most well-known suicide and crisis prevention bodies, gifting the LGBTQ community with 24/7 information and trained counselors you can contact anytime.


What it is: A suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth


Grand Rapids Pride Center


The Trevor Project 


As per its page, Grand Rapids Pride Center is “A safe and social space for Crossdressers.”


It’s a group that underscores the importance of showing off one’s feminine side and having a supportive environment to flourish.


It specifically requires its visitors to be in a fem dress attire and of 21 years of age.


GR Pride Center is in no way urging anyone to denounce their masculinity.


Quite the contrary, it encourages blending masc and femme features to live a happy and satisfying life.


Above all, it’s a lead educator of welcoming gender non-conforming persons.


It provides training, programs, and services to grow an inclusive LGBTQ community.


What it is: A social and support group educating others to create a nurturing environment for crossdressers, trans, and other gender non-conforming individuals




The Trevor Project 


The existence of these support groups makes one thing clear: Crossdressers, trans, and other minority groups, especially youths, need assistance.


You need support.


You require protection and pillars to persist in your course of self-realization.


If you struggle with the same issues these groups advocate for, don’t be afraid to call them for aid.


Take advantage of everything they offer to be a better you.


FAQs about Support Groups for Crossdressers


The Trevor Project 


What is a crossdresser support group?


It’s a group that welcomes and assists crossdressers in every way possible.


Usually, support for crossdressers comes in the form of letting them network.


Crossdresser support groups aim to foster understanding and unity within the community.


Why would I consider joining a support group as a crossdresser?


Aside from having a sense of belonging, you connect to kindred spirits.


These groups offer a judgment-free space to share your thoughts, feelings, and questions.


Additionally, support groups can provide guidance on crossdressing techniques to refine your style.



How can I find a crossdresser support group?


You can start by searching online.


Go through crossdressing social media platforms, forums, or specialized websites.


Local LGBTQ organizations may also host such groups.


Consider reaching out to LGBTQ support groups in your area or inquire within your social circles for recommendations.


Are support groups only for adults?


No. Although many exist for adults, there are groups designed for younger individuals.


These youth-oriented groups connect adolescents facing similar challenges and questions.


Parents and guardians can also find groups tailored to answer their concerns.


What happens in a typical support group meeting?


Generally, participants engage in open and respectful discussions about various aspects of crossdressing.


Topics can range from personal experiences, self-acceptance, and coping strategies.


It may also include fashion tips, makeup tutorials, and advice on coming out to loved ones.


It’s a confidential space where everyone can speak and receive empathetic feedback.




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